Error when I upload footage from my GoPro camera.

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I'm new to this editing software and I use a lot of footage from my GoPro camera. When I drag clips or upload clips it says File Error and The media file cannot be used. Do I need to change the format of the clips or does it just not accept GoPro (.avi) footage? I am using windows.  


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    When you say GoPro (.avi) is sounds like you are trying to import GoPro camera mp4 footage that has been converted to Cineform AVI in GoPro studio. Am I correct?

    Are you using Hitfilm Express? Express might not be able to read this type of AVI file without the premium formats pack. I cannot test that specifically since I do not have Express installed. I can say that Pro has no issues with Cineform AVI at all.

    If you have Quicktime installed you should be able to have GoPro studio generate a Cineform MOV file and this should work in Express.

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    Yes i'm using Express. Is there a cheaper pack I can buy which would support the AVI format rather than buying the full Pro package?

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    As previously stated, probably the Premium formats pack $10 US, but I cannot test that directly.

    Or the Quicktime option I mentioned.

    Are using the GoPro studio software to convert your camera files?

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    @NormanPCN Early SD GoPro's used a Motion Jpeg codec in an AVI which can be a real pain to deal with. I don't know if GoPro Studio still has support for those early cameras or not but somebody else is having a similar problem in this thread.

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    @Aladdin4d I saw that in the other thread. I only go back as far as the Hero HD and that was a friends. I started with the 3 Black.

    GoPro installs an "importer" which can popup to grab stuff from your flash card. GoPro is setup to convert to Cineform and defaults to AVI on Windows. So if someone gets their video from the flash card via the GoPro setup, then someone might think that the AVIs are coming from the camera. The fact that very old GoPro's recorded to AVI only adds to the ambiguity.


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