VFX greenscreen and tracking free sample resources

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I am following the VFX course the folks at FxHome have contributed to creating. Being impatient and wanting some things to play/work with, I did a simple Google and this is what I stumbled across. Google is your friend! I thought I would share this site in case anyone is interested. I link to a few specific pages but have a look around the site.

This page has downloads for tracking situations to work with.

This page has downloads for green screen keying work.

I've downloaded a few samples and they are typically larg(er) files since video media seems to be PNG image sequences.

 The site also sells/rents a course and this page, shows some samples of the DVD videos. The samples provided actually provide some primo information on certain topics and DIY ways to help yourself set things up for post to work or work easier.



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    Very impressed with the F-15 Flyover shot and the Receiving Shadows shot. 

    Those sell very well because they are subtle and not so in your face.  These are the kind of effects that help tell the story without screaming "this is an effects shot!".

    Thanks for the link @NormanPCN.  Cool stuff!

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    Yeah I got a few of those test plates from there. Good stuff and info on tips and tricks to get the shot right. Just keep in mind some of them are done in an image sequence so they need to be imported to hitfilm accordingly.  I been meaning to post that site especially since the Future Learn class is going on and talking about green screening and masking coming up. Thanks for beating me to it @NormanPCN :P

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    There is lots of interesting info. I watched the two videos on Grid Theory and camera moves. They used simple 3D model environments to illustrate the various concepts.

    I could not help but think of the upcoming @NXVisualStudio Hitfilm City. Those camera move concepts are useful to know if you want to use something like Hitfilm City. Useful for any camera movement, but the Hitfilm virtual camera is something within everyone's reach.

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    @NormanPCN   - Thanks for the links! I will definitely be checking these out at another time soon- got 'em bookmarked now.