HitFilm Pro4 crashes when opening or saving new file

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 I just recently purchased HitfilmPro4 as it was a much needed upgrade from Hitfilm Ultimate. After installing and starting the HF4, I noticed that I couldn't open any existing projects from the "File" menu. The moment the "open" window popped up and I tried to click anywhere, I would get a window saying that there was an error and I needed to close the program. The same thing happened if I tried to save a newly created project, or if I tried to export a new movie, essentially rendering the software useless, as what would be the point of spending all that time editing and compositing, if I ultimately can't save, open, or export any files?


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    Ok, well, just to check I opened up a couple of my old HF 2U projects in HF 4 Pro with no issues.

    A few things to check. Did you uninstall HF 2 U? This shouldn't be an issue, since I have HFU2, 3 Express and 4 Pro on the same machine.

    What are your system specs, CPU, GPU, RAM. HF 4 Pro is significantly more powerful than 2 Ultimate, but it ALSO has a higher minimum spec!

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    Also, what anti-virus do you use? Some AV software goes to crazy lengths to restrict the system, which can sometimes produce errors when other software (such as HitFilm) tries to do basic things like open file browser windows.

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    If proxies were a part of your previous software, delete all the proxy folders.

    I had the same problem and deleting them worked.


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    In addition to the tech specs requested above, what brand is your computer?

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