3D tracking & The Shatter Effect - help me maybe?

Hey guys!
I've just started diving into the finer functions and capabilities of the Hitfilm 2 Ultimate and have now come across the amazing Mocha and the Shatter! Problem is, I can't get either to work properly!
So, with Mocha I've tried to track a few outdoor shots. The tracking process looks alright to the eye, the solve completes at up to 98% and all is great. But when I import the Composite shot and put some 3D effect in it won't stay at all. It jiggles, jumps and twitches - alot! 
This is more than probably caused by my inexperience and I hope that you fine gentlemen could help me out! 
On to the next topic! The Shatter Effect. Also something I couldn't wait to get my hands on and it works just fine, except for one detail. When I try to make the shatter follow a timing map it won't work at all! It all just explodes anyways and no matter how slowly I try to replicate the tutorial found on YouTube I just can't make it work! 
Sorry for the long post, I hope some of you will be able to help me! 
Cheers and thanks in advance!