My video has no sound and it's upside down!!!! HELP!!

Catfishowo Posts: 32 Just Starting Out*

I filmed my video with an iPhone 6s.

The video is ok everywhere else but in Hitfilm.

By the way its upside down and has no sound as a reminder.



  • karma
    karma Posts: 163 Enthusiast

    Rotate the video 180 degrees? Not to be a smarty, but I guess rotate it.  Sound-wise, if you play it in a media player on the computer does it have sound? If not, maybe a codec problem. If its really low in volume, normalize the audio with your favorite audio editor. I use Sony Sound Forge Pro or Goldwave.


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,288 Power User

    I'm wondering if it's h.265 not h.264?