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I was thinking, it would be good to see other Hit Film User's youtube channels/videos. (Not sure if there is a similar post but having them all listed in one spot would be like an easy to search directory)

So if you use Hit Film. List your channel with a brief description of what your content is about. Also why not tag your facebook posts, twitter posts and youtube videos with #madewithhitfilm when ever you post a video made with hitfilm.

 Maybe in this format:

Channel Name: 



Hitfilm Version


Best FX:


  • solosamuraiwhatchef
    solosamuraiwhatchef Website User Posts: 175 Enthusiast
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    Channel Name: WhatChef?


    Genre: cooking/comedy/parody

    Hitfilm Version: Hitfilm 4

    Description:  WhatChef? began as a parody style cooking show with my first series Cook it Now! with The Cookinator. Its about a robot sent back in time, to cook! Although it is a parody the recipes are real. More recently I have created a new series called "Aussie Foods Down Under" Where I review Australian foods, from an Australian's perspective trying to explain them to someone from another country. This series is still new and hopefully it will get better as I go. Of course I will continue the Cookinator series, but one episode per month.  I use Hitfilm for all my editing and visual FX. I have used iClone for animation but more recently I have been trying to learn Hitfilm for that too.

     Best FX: The episode of Pizza Lasagna is one my favorites, but each episode has been a learning experience with Hit Film, so episodes like Special Fried Pasta and Chinese Food episode also have been on my list as good ones. The one where i went over the top was Choc White Peach Delight


  • SteveKarstensen
    SteveKarstensen Website User Posts: 336

    Channel Name:  Modern Marvels Entertainment

    Link: Modern Marvels on the YouTubes

    Genre: Sci-fi, action, and comedy machinima

    Hitfilm Version: Hitfilm 3 Pro

    Description:   Shorts, serials, and full-fledged series (coming soon), made with Lionhead's "The Movies" and Moviestorm.

    Best FX : As we're still getting underway, the amount of FX are fairly limited.  HitFilm's cinestyle filter was used to give my most recent serial episode an "old school" touch, and there's a bit of color keying to merge various shots in the one currently in development.  I also did two proof of concept shots for the sci-fi series still in pre-production; a planet in space with some computerized text, and a particle system-powered battlefield shot with a green-screened transport flying overhead.

  • inScapeDigital
    inScapeDigital Website User Posts: 715 Just Starting Out

    Channel Name: inScape Digital


    Genre: Tutorial/Action/Sci-Fi

    HitFilm Version: HitFilm 4 Pro

    Description: I make VFX shorts, then a tutorial on the effects used. I haven't uploaded in a while because of school but I fully plan to get back into it as soon as possible.

    Best FX: I think my Doctor Who Regeneration is my best FX shot so far, I'm also really happy with how the Inky Title Sequence came out for the CreativeDojo contest.

  • FilmTech
    FilmTech Website User Posts: 388 Just Starting Out
    edited February 2016

    Channel Name: Film Tech


    Genre: Sci Fi, Travel Cinematography, Free Presets

    Hitfilm Version Hitfilm 4 Pro

    Description: I started off by uploading a little video I made for a school Assembly and it got fairly good views and ratings then a few months later I uploaded my first film that I made for a film studies project at school. I decided I would start uploading more films to this channel. I fell in love with Hitfilm and I started uploading Hitfilm color grade preset packs as a way to give back to the community! Now I mainly make films and travel videos. I try upload travel videos of New Zealand every week now and there has been alot of support. I love NZ and I hope to shoot a short film here soon.

    Best FX: Probably the lightning effect from Star Wars Trial By Fire I haven't really had too many effects in my most recent films but my next one which is in the making right now will have a lot more effects and more advanced ones too.

  • StephansBilderwelt
    StephansBilderwelt Website User Posts: 523

    Channel Name: Stephans Bilderwelt


    Genre: Tutorials, sometimes reviews

    Hitfilm Version HF 3 Pro

    Description:   Manly in German, but for HF in English (or at least I try to). Tutorials about FCPX, Motion 5, Logic, HitFilm

    Best FX: Don´t know, I am always happy if something finally works.....

  • FusionFiveFilms
    FusionFiveFilms Website User Posts: 63

    Channel Name: Fusion Five Films


    Genre: Short Films

    Hitfilm Version: Hitfilm 3 Pro

    Description: About two years back I started this when I decided I wanted to make films. I have learned so much since then and want to continue making films as it is a huge passion of mine. 

    Best FX: Muzzle Flashes, although I haven't exactly mastered them yet, they are super cool and fun to use when the SFX are brought in. 

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,970 Ambassador
    edited February 2016

    Channel Name: Triem23


    Genre: VFX tests/Sci-Fi/(eventually) Tutorials

    Hitfilm Version: 4 Pro

    Description:  This is the dumping ground for my VFX tests, a couple of short films, and, once I actually get the series done, watch for tutorials. Unfortunately, since June 2015, time has been way way too short to get done what I'm trying to do. 

    Best FX: Honestly, my favorite of my VFX are found in my short film "inTension" (not suitable for the forum... @KirstieT banned it. Content guidelines seem to allow graphic violence, but sex is a no-no. Kirstie, I tease.). There were these candles. Some shots certain candles either went out, weren't lit, or there were continuity glitches in lengths of candles depending on when a scene was shot--Hitfilm Ultimate 2 made it very easy to correct all the candle glitches, add back in cast light on walls and actors, and, generally, just make all that stuff totally  invisible. I suppose my most IMPRESSIVE effect is either a Camera Projection shot with some Daleks, or the "Strike Wing" shot which uses Hitfilm to create a fleet of ships along with thrusters, weapons fire and explosions from missile impacts and the shockwave pushing asteroids from a planet ring out of the way--all wrapped inside a single particle sim!

  • Messen
    Messen Website User Posts: 86 Enthusiast

    Channel Name:  C. R. Messen


    Genre: mostly Gaming

    Hitfilm Version: all :)

    Description:   It's my personal "gaming" channel with mostly Minecraft videos. It's a hungarian channel, so I'm sorry, but there are no videos in English. I'm using Hitfilm for retouch and minor effects.

    Best FX: In episode A mi Fánk :) I used a photo to create a demo for my girlfriend about the power of Hitfilm. It's a before/after video based on Hitfilm tutorials. In episode Chillcraft napok - 9 Green screen I used Minecraft to create a green screen set, and show the way to create a - very stupid :) - intro for my channel KTCH.

  • RossTrowbridge
    RossTrowbridge Website User Posts: 423 Enthusiast

    Channel Name: Ross Trowbridge


    Genre: SciFi CGI Tests Fan Films

    Hitfilm Version: 3 Pro

    Description:   Mainly short scifi tests,  Star Trek Fan Films, and club reports, with a few HitFilm effects thrown in.

    Best FX: a CGI render of the USS Reliant done in JJ Abrams style has over 67,000 views. Our Fan Film just passed 17,000 views.

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