When adding clips to timeline back to back I am experiencing lag on the timeline. PLEASE HELP!

When putting imported clips on the timeline on their own, I am not experiencing any lag whatsoever. But when it comes time to add more clips to the timeline (right next to each other; no gaps in between clips) there is lagging in between each new clip. I have not added any transitions as I am just trying to jump cut. How can I fix this?? 


  • NormanPCN
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    You did not give much information, specifically about your media files and computer specifications.

    I'll guess that your media files are AVC/H.264 in an MP4 or MOV container file. AVC has a bit of decode overhead and with typical AVC, or any LongGOP format, seeking to a specific frame of the new upcomming event might take more time that Hitfilm is allowing for given the performance of your computer.

    Also it could be hard drive performance related.

    The best workaround the first item would be to transcode to an all I-frame (Intra) editing format like Cineform or DNxHD. With these Intra formats Hitfilm can seek directly to the necessary frame.

    Even with a transcode, computer performance issues can still show themselves. Remember, I am just guessing here.

  • Sorry about that. Files are mp.4. Had to run them through a converter (used Handbrake) because the media files had Sony Dolby audio, which the free version of Hit Film 3 Express does not accept. Though I am working on a laptop (HP ENVY) I have never had any issues with things lagging  or anything of that sort. I am new to this program as well, so my apologies. I will try to transcode all of my clips and hope that works, thank you!

  •  Could I trouble you for a link to one of these places to transcode?

  • NormanPCN
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    You can use the free GoPro studio software to transcode to Cineform. I am not sure if Cineform will work in Express.

    Many have recommended MPEG streamclip to transcode to DNxHD.

    If you want you can try some different settings in Handbrake to transcode to easier to edit AVC MP4 files. The default Handbrake settings will certainly cause more lag in seeking to a specific frame in a file on cuts. As for a quality setting you can try something like 16-17 which should be similar to your camera quality level. You might change the keyint setting shown. Use a value that is approx half the frame rate of your video. If 30fps then try 15. These things may or may not help enough on your machine. I have no idea what the specs are for an HP ENVY.

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    @amanda_zenitran Everything NormanPCN has said is good advice so take this as "in addition to" everything so far. Avidemux (it's free) should be able to take your clips with Dolby AC3 audio, convert it to something HitFilm Express understands and output an MP4 file without having to transcode the video. This might help in case some of the other programs have trouble with the AC3 audio too.

    Once you have it installed, open a clip. On the left hand side you have options for Video Output, Audio Output, and Output Format. Set Video Output to copy, Audio Output to either one of the AAC options and Output Format to MP4v2 Muxer. To save the video click the icon that looks like a floppy disc along the top, second from the left. This will convert the audio leaving the video untouched and output and MP4 file that Express should accept.

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    I would go with the @Aladdin4d option first. As long as the edit performance is fine, then it's always best to use the actual source files verses transcoding.