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I just downloaded Hitfilm 3 express, and when I open it up to start editing.  The software opens up very small, and it is hard for me to look at all of the controls.  I am using a laptop with a 15.6 screen.  I am wondering why it is coming out so small.  Does anybody know how to fix it?


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    You can drag and pull and resize the windows inside hitfilm, not sure if thats what you are talking about. Also at the top left where the "File" option is if you go 4 icons to the right there is a little box with tiles icon. If you click that you can adjust what windows are shown and get rid of some of the windows you may not use at the time. That will also resize windows as you remove them. You can always get those windows back by clicking the same box with tile icon and rechecking the box for the window you want. Also to be noted you wont be able to get for instance the trimmer window to full screen or other windows to full screen. You will be able to get the program window size to full screen just the same way as any other program.

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    Hey thanks for helping, but none of that worked.  The minute I open the program it just looks tiny.  My timeline is so small I can barely see while trimming my clips.  I already tried adjusting my display setting on my laptop but know of them seemed to work.  

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    maddogproductions You can also float panels as well, which does allow you to take those panels to full screen. So technically you can float all the panels (tabs as I call them) then make them full screen and switch back and forth being you are on a smaller laptop screen. By doing this you right click on the panel.

    eg. Right click on the Editor tab and option of "Float Panel" will appear. Click it

    You will now have the Editor floating in the center of your screen like a separate window.

    You are now free to resize the Editor window to whatever size you want. Either manually or by clicking the maximize at the top right of the floating Editor window. To bring it back to regular size you click the "Dock" button just to the left of the "maximize"

    You can do this with any of the tabs so for instance if you were working on editing you might want to float the "Editor" panel and the "Effects" panels then you can size them to your liking and just click back and forth between the two.

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    @maddogproductions What's your desktop scale set to? If it's set to something other than 100% try setting it back to 100%

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    Finally figured it out guys.  I had my screen resolution to 4k.  That made the program for some reason scale down.  I turned it down to 1920x1080 and know it fits my screen perfectly.  Thanks for the help.

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