Constant bitrate .wav causes a crash

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I noticed, that using constant bitrate wav in hf projects causes a crash after approx 3-5 min in different situations. However, this shouldn’t be a significant problem, because can change bitrate to vbr in Audacity after editing. There is no such problem if I’m using a variable bitrate wav in hf. But constant bitrate widely used in wav files and I need to know why I can’t use cbr wav in hf projects.


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    It sounds like you are using some compression codec in the WAV file. What is the content codec of your WAV file(s).

    WAV files typically contain uncompressed audio which are always constant bitrate. Actually you never specify a bitrate for PCM.

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    @NormanPCN It seems that the problem is that several wav files are in 24 bit. However, the majority of them are in 16 bit. All wavs are already using PCM. Several of those 24bit wavs are using 48khz sample rate. It may also make sense. Maybe this combination of wav settings caused multiple crashes in hf. I've converted all 24 bit wavs used in project to 16 bit and so far hf is working normally.

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