Can't buy packs. (Resolved)

ShepardBrosFilms Posts: 1
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even though i am signed in to my account, the website will still not let me purchase packs. it just wants me to download the software, even though i am signed in. what do i do?


  • Triem23
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    Silly question, but I just want to make certain you're using 3 Express? If you are using 4 Pro your software already has everything in the Add-on Packs and more. 

  • Ady
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    ShepardBrosFilms - In order to buy packs, you must have a compatible product, which in this case is HitFilm 3 Express. I can see from your account that you only have HitFilm 2 Express, you can get HitFilm 3 Express for FREE from the link here.

    Once you have HitFilm 3 Express, you will then be able to buy packs. 

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