Can't import obj files

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I finally decided to really check out HF's 3D integration, and unfortunately, I can't import most of my OBJ files, more precisely some car models, but not exclusively. And they load in Element like a breeze..

Any idea why ?

I'm on a Macpro 5.1, OSX 10.10.5
Nvidia GTX 970 32 Go ram
HitFilm 4 Pro 4.0.0462



  • Robin
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    Could you upload one of the models that are not working anywhere? This way we can check whether it's an actual problem with the models or with your hardware (which seems fine by the way).

  • Mattlot
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    Hello Robin

    All the models import fine inside Element. Here's one simple example that doesn't inside HitFilm. In the folder there's a .3DS version that works fine, it's only the obj...

    Download sample file

  • Robin
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    Had a quick go at it, HitFilm couldn't open it either on my side, so that's not machine specific. Interestingly enough, I just pulled the model into blender which worked fine, and exported it out again as an obj from there, and that model now works fine it HitFilm, too. So that seems like a viable workaround, otherwise you'll have to wait for the devs to chime in to see if there's something they can fix on their part.

  • Triem23
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    Hitfilm seems less forgiving with obj than some programs. On the other hand, Element can't read 3DS and LWO

  • Aladdin4d
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    @Robin Did you try importing the 3DS version into Blender too? The obj is many many times larger on import than the 3DS version. 

  • Stargazer54
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    I pulled the object into Lightwave and I see some errant polys out in front of the bag in positive Z.   They look to be part of the grape stem material and there are other polys associated with that material scattered about where they probably shouldn't be.

    I was able to render it in Layout but while I was moving my perspective camera around, Layout locked up.    I have plenty of cpu and memory, so I suspect there is something sketchy with the model.

    If Element will let you write out individual groups into separate files (e.g. write out the apples to one file, the bag to another and so on, then you might be able to pull each in one by one into HF.   Then parent them all to a point to re-position, scale, etc.   If nothing else that would help you isolate the part of the model that has issues.

  • Hi,

    Have same issue. Can't get HitFilm Pro 2017 to import obj/3ds from Blender. Hitfilm crashes and asks to upload the dump file. Did that once, hope Hitfilm  guys will debug it. I use the last version 2.78c of Blender.

    3ds (exported from Blender) does not re-import in Blender. Obj does.

    I even exported only the default cube taking out the camera and the light.

    Still, Hitfilm crashes.

    I did that on an old i5 computer (W7x64), 16mb RAM,  ATI HD 4600.... but I can't believe the import has anything to do with this PC setup.

    Here is the obj file

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Stargazer54
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    Hmm... loads fine for me in HF 2017.  Materials come in ok, too.

    I was also able to load it up cleanly in Lightwave.  I don't see any modeling inconsistencies.  The model is pretty clean.  Each surface is a quad poly.

    You might consider triangulating it in Blender and see if that helps, but the model and surfaces look fine to me.

  • Aladdin4d
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    @Epicentrum The Radeon HD 4600 is below the minimum requirements for HitFilm. You need a Radeon HD 5000 series or better.

  • @Alladin: it may be. I intend to upgrade to a new system anyways next month and get a better video card. I'll comeback when upgraded.

    @Stargazer: triangulation didn't work. Think Alladin may be right.

    Thanks guys for your answers!

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