Question Regarding 3d Models and Rigging

Hello Everyone! I have a quick question regarding the capacity of Hitfilm 2 Ultimate when it comes to 3d models. We are working on a short film that would require the use of several animated 3d models. (A t-rex moves its head, for example) I've been all over the forums and internet but cannot find an answer, so I'll ask. Does Hitfilm 2 Ultimate have the capacity to work with rigged 3d models, (To animate them) or is a third party software needed?
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  • Robin
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    Nope, rigging and mesh animation is not possible yet in HitFilm. You can do some basic animation of several parts of a model like spinning a helicopter's rotor blade, but nothing that involves mesh deformation.
  • CMIvideos
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    Thank for the swift reply! Is rigging capacity somthing that is being worked on for version 3 of HItfilm? In the meantime is there some other software that is compatible with Hitfilm that has the ability to do model animation?
  • Robin
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    I'm not involved in the development of HitFilm so I have no idea, but from past experience nothing is impossible for the dev guys at FXhome  :D 
    A very good and free piece of software would be Blender. It's powerful enough to deal with every kind of 3D animation, and with a little plug-in you can export camera data from Blender to HitFilm, so matching the camera with footage made in Blender to place additional effects in it should be easy enough.