I don't think this deserves the Movie Wall but still wanted to post it

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So this was the first backpacking trip I ever filmed. Basically a Friday night - through Sunday morning. Hiked with a friend that I grew up with(hence weirdness) 

I filmed another trip I took a few weeks after this that I filmed all by myself. I kinda sprung it on my friend right before we went that I plan on documenting all of my trips from now on.

Anyway, I would love some critiquing for the next one I edit and futures I film. It is a little difficult with the gear I have, but I do plan on picking up a steadicam at some point. And I could have done better matching the quality of a audio/video between both cameras. One was sony handycam the other was a canon t3i. And now I will also be bringing along my new a6000.