Make high-res footage looks like low-res?

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How can I make high res footage (like HD clips, 3D models,...) looks like video recorded by phone?

Even when phone's video is HD 1080 but it still looks like low-res with alots of noise, blabla, so high res VFX add to phone's video will looks so fail.

So is there any effects that can make my high-res footage match to phone's video?

Sorry I dont know how to explain my mind:3


  • Triem23
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    A phone will have a lot more rolling shutter because of the smaller sensor. Need to think about that... 

    Phone footage is usually shakier, so some Camera Shake might help. 

    Phone footage is recorded at a much lower bitrate--dumping out an mp4 at 10 mbps will introduce a lot of noise and genuine compression artefacts. 

    After that, start playing with everything in the grunge folder. 

  • PaulHesh
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    You might want to take a look at Red Giant's FREE tools in Universe.


  • Yeremyah
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    Looks awesome Hesh.

  • KoDuty
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     tks Triem, btw will rendering at low res option makes it looks like phone's footage?

    PaulHesh: Free? :O how can I download them? :O

  • Triem23
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    @KoDuty not entirely. Part of the problem with getting something like a DSLR to look like a phone is the small, wide angle lens and tiny sensor of a phone give it very wide depth of field. In camera you probably need to iris down to something like f/22, then ISO up to get wide DoF and some good grain. 

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    I think this will end up being a 2 prong approach. You can probably clean up the phone video a little bit and make it look it it was shot with a shallower depth of field and then add some ISO noise/grain to your "good" clips.

  • KoDuty
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    I tried but seems doesnt work :( I think the problem is not only grain, noise, ...

    I think video recorded by phone is very less details, It's something like Skin Retouch Effect or Denoise, Grain Removal Effect, which make our video less detail.

    This is so hard math, I still not find out how to make it looks like phone's video

  • ArriAlex
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    I went into my camera settings and set the resolution to Full-HD and my sharpening to -5 so I didn't got any details. But then in Post I oversharpend the clip because iPhone footage looks oversharpend. I did it this way that I looks like digital sharpenening. Didn't look so good with sharpened in Camera. Also I can recommend to over saturate.

    I also took a picture with my iPhone and let my Photoshop programm (Affinty Photo) interpret a LUT out of my iPhone photo and put it on my Dslr clip. 

    At the end I uploaded it to YouTube to let it compress it and download with the Creator Studio download tool. 

    Hope I could help, it worked for me.

  • TheBenNorris
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    @ArriAlex, thanks for your input, although this thread is almost four years old, so it is unlikely that OP will see it.

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