i am in need of a Transcoder for Odd Avi files ( Solved )

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Greetings, i am having issues with importing my video from my Camcorder, a Bell+Howell Slice 2 Dv7HD. it saves in compressed avi container files that i believe have weird codecs on the Video and Audio causing hitfilm to crash when imported. I think i need a Transcoder to convert the file into another container and codecs, but i can not find one that doesnt increase the file size by 100 times, or decrease it by 10 times. i have tried those mentioned here on the forums and a few others and cant seem get a workable file out of them.  Any advice would be welcome.  As and ending note i would like to leave my pc specs.  AMD Phenom II x4 985 processor, 8 GB Ram, and a Nvidia GTX 650 graphics card. not the best for hit film but its works for what im doing so far.


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    Can you upload a sample clip somewhere like DropBox or Google Drive? It's hard to give advice without knowing exactly  what kind of source files you have. As a general rule though all of the intermediate codecs talked about on here will make for MUCH larger files. The plus side is the larger files are much easier to edit. 

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    I can do so and will as soon as possible. i will edit this to have a link then.

    Edit: here is a link to my dropbox. its a 30 second clip of just the corner of a room. 

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     These are very odd. They are x264 AVC in an AVI container and despite the fact it can be done it's never a good idea. The first step is to get these into something more compatible because that'll make everything else easier. Avidemux is probably the best thing to start out with and it's free. Once you have it installed, import a clip, make sure  Audio Output and Video Output are both set to copy and Output Format is set to MP4 Muxer (Not MP4v2 Muxer, it won't work with these files) and Save Video (second icon from the left that looks like a floppy disc). This will go very fast because you aren't transcoding anything all you're doing is copying the streams to a much better container for x264 video.

    At this point I would try the "new" MP4 clips in HitFilm and see how it goes. If everything works ok then you're done. If not then you still need to get to an intermediate codec which is going to give you much larger files, there's no magic way around that, but you shouldn't have any problems making working files from the MP4 clips.

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    Thank you, Aladdin4d, i have implemented your suggestion and it works.

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    I use Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate myself for this:


    If you cannot afford to buy Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, you can try Format Factory which is freeware.


    Hope that helps.

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