Hitfilm 3 Express crashes after exporting

As discussed in another thread, I already tried to change settings to be more relevant with hf by using short tests of screen captured videos with OBS. I've used with different settings of x264 in OBS, but the problem is the same. It doesn't matter if GOP=0 or GOP=1 is used in OBS. I've already captured about 4 short (1-2 sec duration) of desktop capture using different configurations of x264 in OBS. Previously project with the same video files was crashing when OK button is clicked after rendering in export screen. Suddenly "Express has stopped working APPCRASH" with the same video files in export screen after exporting (by the way video file was created and rendered normally). However my files are h264 mp4, that may be a problem as mentioned elsewhere. But I was using only 4 short length files for testing purposes, with a 5 seconds of total duration, what shouldn't significantly affect performance of x264.


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    Do you have a typo in the setting you listed? GOP=0 does not make sense. Did you mean CRF instead of GOP? Try a CRF of around 15-17 and a GOP of about 15.

  • Results the same using crf=15, using cbr was already unchecked. I've tried using GOP,  that you suggested, about 15. Importing these files works normally as previously with another settings. But I'm not guaranteed, that saved project with these media imported, will open again. If Hf 3 Express is stopped working apprears, I cannot do anything. It happened about 3 times when loading different projects with different OBS captured files with same settings in one project and same settings in another. Files are importing normally in hf, editing performance is good enough, there is no significant lag,  bit also hf crashes in export screen. I could send a bug report, but its prompt doesn't show up in that case. It's appeared in the different case, but not for now.

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