The Edinburgh Short Film Festival is now open for submission for the 2016 edition.

We're screening the best in contemporary short film in Scotland's beautiful & ancient capital city in October 2016.

The best submissions for 2016 will also be included in our short film programming for other festivals across the UK and Internationally.

This year we're planning more exciting collaboration projects and we're working with Japan's biggest short film festival, Short Shorts Film Festival for our 2016 edition and we are also curating short film programmes for the the Sardinia Film Festival as well as Hidden Door in  May, Edinburgh's own, somewhat unique, arts festival.

In addition to that, we're working with the Rio Short Film Festival and bringing the  best Rio-made shorts to Edinburgh while we're also programming shorts for their 2016 festival!
We're also keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to take short films to the  Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival in September and on top of all that, we're also programming for the Scots Day Out festival in Australia in February! We're pretty much coast to coast this year!

If that's not enough, we're also now offering the Rising Star Award for the most promising film-maker with a cash prize, tickets to film festivals, offers of work and the Rising Star Trophy sponsored by the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund.

Any genre eligible, maximum length 20 minutes
Looking forward to seeing your films!

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