Rise out of water

Anyone have a good idea for makeing something either crash into water or rise out of water?  I am wanting to use a 3d model like  the enterprise or godzilla and make it  look like its either coming out of the water  or crashing into the water. I have a blue plane turned in 3d space right now with a puddle effect. Just trying to figure out a way if I can make it look like water is dripping off my model as I raise it up out of the water.  Any Ideas?


  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,259 Staff
    My first approach would be to re-examine the scene and see if you can get away without showing the impact directly.  If you are really good at volumetric 3D animation, then you could animate the water that way.  Otherwise, using a combination of miniatures and live-action water plates is probably going to be the most effective way to do this, but water is a tricky thing to miniaturize.  So you want to keep it as large as you can get away with.
  • diabloogre
    diabloogre Posts: 33
    Yeah that is what I am thinking here is a test I did. the particles are too fast and I am thinking of putting down a plane to have the water particles bounce off of.