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So I've been working on this one VFX breakdown for a little while, and it was almost finished last night, when my whole computer suddenly froze and made a beeping noise (this has never happened before).  I had to shut it down and reboot, and everything was working fine until I tried to open the project file again.  Anytime I try to load the project, the program sits there forever, as if it's loading, and crashes if I try to click anything.  When I checked the size of the project file, it said it was 114 mb, which is massive compared to any of my other project files, and they all load fine.  I know for a fact that it wasn't anywhere near 114 mb when I last worked on it, so this is really strange.  Any ideas on what could have happened to it?  Or how to fix it?

My computer specs:

Windows 7

64-bit OS


AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor

GTX 970 Graphics Card


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    Freezing with motherboard beeping indicates there was a hardware related issue. Based on the stuff in your other thread my first guess would be RAM corruption. I'm not saying your RAM is bad mind you, you just ran into data corruption somehow. This is the kind of thing ECC RAM is designed to avoid and that's why mission critical workstations and servers use it.

    It also sounds like the project file is corrupted and the increased file size could be for a number of reasons like it was in the middle of being written to when the freeze happened and now the size is being misreported or a bunch of garbage was written to it during the freeze. HitFilm project files are clear text XML files so you might be able to recover at least some it if you can open it in a text editor like plain old notepad or Notepad++

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    Another thing about file size--if this project has 3D models, the actual geometry is stored in the Hitfilm project, although textures remain as pointers to external files. I don't know if you HAVE models in the Project, but that's good information to know, anyway. 

  • @Aladdin4d  I was able to open the file in notepad but I'm not sure what to do now...

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    Well I think the first thing I would do is select all, copy and then paste in a new file, save it and compare file sizes. If it's radically smaller then it's file system type corruption and there's a very good chance for recovery. If it's the same size then I would scroll through looking for non-text characters. Everything should be human readable XML so non-text characters signal corrupt areas. There's another thread on here were some people are digging into the file structure and as soon as I find it again I'll update this and try tagging them to see if they have any suggestions. 

    Another thing you could do is upload somewhere for others to get a look at it. 

  • I really appreciate the help; if I were to upload it for others to take a look, where would you suggest I do that?

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    Ok found the thread I was looking for

    @EdMichalski and @Messen were working on it.

    I think any of the free cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive would be the way to go for sharing a file

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    Basically it's an xml, but it's an overstatement that I'm working on it :) But it's a hierarchical structure, so You can identify the comps and you can delete them one-by-one. This way you have a chance (not much, but a chance) to find the problem.

    The real solution for this problem is saving the project frequently. Hitfilm 3 and 4 has an option for Auto Save. If it's on default setting, you have a chance to find a previous version of your project there.

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