Oscar Nominations

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OK, let's do this. Waddya think of the Oscar noms this year?


It's an interesting mix. Didn't expect to see Mad Max have so many (though I'm pleased it does). Nice to see Ex Machina get some recognition. Surprised Star Wars didn't get more, given that critics went off on a major nostalgia drive with that film. VFX noms are all very deserving.

I wouldn't like to have to choose between Mad Max and Force Awakens for sound design. Very surprised TFA didn't get production design, though.


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    I can understand why TFA didn't get a production design nod. Everything looked like a Ralph McQuarrie design from 1976. One thing about the prequels vs original trilogy is that Lucas's team really made the tech look different enough to show evolution of design. TFA had... Um... Slightly different Stormtrooper helmets and BB-8. It took me from the first teaser trailer to some point during seeing the film to notice the miniscule changes to the X-wings. TFA looked good, but I wouldn't give it any production design awards. The new Mad Max had the same junked up look at the 80's movies without looking like one of the 80's movies. 

    Incidentally, maybe it's my phone, but I only see one nomination per category. 

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    Well I haven't seen all of these yet but based on what I have seen I have to go with Bridge of Spies for production design. To me it's a case of the ordinary being more difficult to pull off convincingly than the flashy and it was done brilliantly. I haven't made up my mind about sound design yet I want to see The Revenant before I do and my personal picks for actor/actress are Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Lawrence.