Call of Duty Replay

SanmadjackSanmadjack Website User Posts: 3
A friend of mine wanted to upload a video of him and a friend playing Call of Duty. He used my capture box to record it from each players perspective, and was just going to switch between them during the video. I suggested he also get an aerial shot of the action, and we could try to do something with that. We're only about a third through getting it all together, but I thought it would be helpful to get feedback on the direction we're going with this. So far the whole video is being put together in HitFilm Ultimate.
There's a bit at the start without any motion, like I said, work in progress. Just skip to 14 seconds if it bugs you.


  • MandrewMandrew Website User Posts: 2
    Interesting idea, I like the different camera angles to give a bigger sense of whats going on. Now this is my personal preference, but when watching gameplay videos i want to see the what the player is seeing clearly, and thats a little hard because its in these small windows. So maybe make that bigger, or maybe have that the main focus, and have the overhead cam always in the corner. But i like it, it adds some new stuff to gameplay footage so thats awesome!
  • Sci Fi Ecstasy ChannelSci Fi Ecstasy Channel Website User Posts: 48
    I was entertained enough to watch all 3:06 minutes of the video... Good job!
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