A-2 level DT Project: Ideas

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I am looking to make something to help improve the filming making proccess, for my A-2 level DT project. I decided to ask this forum, I would like to know what you film makers feel could aid you in making (short) films, from pre-production to post production and onwards.
Bare in mine that the product can not be something to do with software, it must be a physical object i can create in a work shop, made of materals such as metal, wood, plastic.
Feel free to comment anything that you feel could help you, it does not have to be very specific at this stage of my project.


  • jma
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    Depending on how complex you want to go, it's easier to make something for production, rather than pre and post. A pipe dolly is a relatively simple, but useful project, You could also make a strady-cam rig or a jib crane.
  • SimonKJones
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    How about a cheap, home-made Movi? :P
    Pretty much ANY kind of camera rig will work, from dollies to steadicam equivalents to cranes to sliders etc (or combos). If you can come up with something that can be cheaply made in a DIY sense but still work, people will lap it up. Particularly if you can make it into some kind of DIY kit that people can buy then put together themselves.
    If the project is a success, you can then run a Kickstarter campaign to fund its actual production and go into business with it. ;)