Real time render playback

BEEF Posts: 3
Love the software.  I have been a FXhome fan since 2007.  I was really excited to see a new piece of software that competes with AE while still retaining the fundamental simplicity of the old software.
However, I have a couple questions about the rendering/playback.
I see that there is no way to render the project while still editing--like you can do with the graphics card intensive set up in AE.  Currently, playback is far from helpful in HitFilm 2 Ultimate because it is choppy and gives a bad sense of what the effect looks like in real time.
-I am building myself a PC this summer with more than enough ram as well as a beefy processor and graphics card.  Will the Rendering be played back at real time with optimal PC specs?
-If not, this problem NEEDS to be fixed.  Being able to see a full rendered version while still working on the effects is incredibly useful and convenient.  Having to export a rendered clip each time is bulky and time consuming.
The HitFilm community is great, so let me know what you guys think and please share any information you have on this topic.