Star Trek: Exile

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Greetings fellow HitFilm'ers!  
Just wanted to invite you to the promo site for my upcoming Star Trek fan film, Star Trek: Exile.  HitFilm2 is being used extensively in the all-CG production.  In the teaser that's on the site, the only other software used is Poser for the character animation and Vegas for the final edit & audio mixing.  All composting, and non-character CG models are 100% HitFilm2.
A big thanks to the HitFilm team for enabling hobbyist filmmakers like myself to push the limits of home filmmaking.
- Kevin


  • Augustca1984Augustca1984 Website User Posts: 6
    Nice! After the disapointment with Into Darkness I decided to play around with star trek in cg. Cool to see stuff like this. Looking forward to the series.
  • RossTrowbridgeRossTrowbridge Website User Posts: 423 Enthusiast
    Looked interesting. It will be fun to see more. We're shooting live action stuff.
  • NeonNazgulNeonNazgul Website User Posts: 16
    I would *love* to shoot live action.  Unfortunately the scope of the project means that even the costumes and makeup alone are way outside my budget, even if we shot everything on green screen and used virtual sets.  Thankfully HitFilm was just within my budget :)
  • RossTrowbridgeRossTrowbridge Website User Posts: 423 Enthusiast
    We're trying to keep our stories fairly straight-forward. We don't have much of a budget, either. But it's a lot of fun to do. We'll be shooting in a "bomb shelter on Saturday. We're building another set on a stage owned by a local town in exchange for doing some restoration work on it.
    It's mainly being done as a group of friends doing something fun together. I have a small part in our current production, but I'm also principal cinematographer, CGI creation, and editor. Other friends are actors and crew. The core group gets together weekly to play role-playing games and discovered we had a pretty interesting group of skill sets. We had a costumer, make-up artist, master craftsman for props, some talented writers, a video editor/CGI hobbyist, and a director who wanted to get us working on something.
    Here's a link to our first fan film. It was more of a test run to see if we could pull something off than anything. But we had fun doing it, so we're doing it again.
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