Fan Film Prologue Animation

RossTrowbridgeRossTrowbridge Website User Posts: 423 Enthusiast
We are starting to shoot our second Star Trek fan film this month. Besides acting as the DP for this one, I'm also the CGI department.
This animation is going to be used during the prologue of the episode. It will be inter-cut with additional material so it's not going to end up as 30 seconds of a runabout catching up, then passing, the camera.
The runabout was rendered in Electric Image Animation System as a png image sequence with an alpha channel. I then exported the camera motion from EIAS and brought it into Hitfilm in a new composite shot. The warp streaks are from a large, disc-shaped emitter well behind the camera location. The camera motion matched up perfectly with the rendered ship to allow the streaks to move properly in relation to the ship. It made it really easy to do the composite.
Two things kept me from doing the whole thing in Hitfilm. First of all, I'm more comfortable animating 3D objects in EIAS. And, my ship had multiple textures on several of its components (three deep in a couple instances).
But I'm happy with the final result. The people I'm shooting this with are happy with it, too.
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