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Working on a short film I hope to have done in time to submit to a couple of local contests this fall and the 2014 TropFest.
Entries for all of these contests want credits at the end, and I am not sure how I should do this.
How do I go about listing credits if I am the writter, director, producer, actor, and editor? The only other person involved has been my wife, running camera #2.
HELP!!! I'm just not sure what I should include.....


  • B3NB4ILB3NB4IL Website User Posts: 74
    Could always just make it a simple image still, for example 
    Simple, to the point. Just an example for you. There's no shame in throwing your name over loads of roles in credits, especially for independent works.
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    That's fantastic B3N. 
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    Yeah, keep it simple like B3n suggests. One thing you definitely don't want to do is have a 30-60 seconds credit scroll in which each role is listed separately, each with you as the credit - that's just embarassing.
    Far better to do it in one go as in B3n's example. Also, don't feel you have to credit EVERYTHING - just pick the main things you're responsible for/proud of.
    You could also go with Robert Rodriguez's general credit on his movies, which tends to be something like:
    "Shot, cut and directed by Robert Rodriguez"
    Which basically covers it.
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    Thank you gentlemen!!!
    B3NB4IL thanks for the screen shot. Helps a lot!
    Simon, each credit to me, embarssing. Yeah thats how I felt and why I asked.
    I had also looked at several other shorties credit rolls for ideas.
    Eegadz, there can be a lot of people involved for a 2 minute film.

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