Promise Worth Keeping - A Short Film Project

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Hey guys. Yesterday we released our latest Atomic 24-hour short, 'Promise Worth Keeping'. We used the competition to test our first experience with the Canon C100, which was fun, and try out some new actors, and were pretty pleased with the final result. We won the Audience Award in the competition. (Though I think they're all getting tired of us showing up every year. ;) )
Check it out here:


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    I watched this last night. I really do like it, and while I cannot act nor direct (yet). I do feel like a few lines of the dialogue were weak in their intended dramatic effect. Mainly the "sweet, innocent, girl" line.  I'm not sure what I don't like about that line but it just seemed to turn me off a little.
    Otherwise I love it. The music is superb and fits the story well. The camera work seems good, and the pacing and editing was great and very engaging.
    Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks, Kahveh! Yeah- I tried writing something a little more monologue-y that shifted weight between the two leads, both of whom are actors we haven't used in such a heavy, dramatic capacity. I ended up pretty pleased with the performances overall- but yeah, I can see how some of it might feel weak or trite.
    Still, glad you liked it! Thanks for watching, man!
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    Great work, as always. I really liked the feel of this short.
    The story was simple, and interesting. The way you revealed a little at a time held my attention well. The flashback style that you guys have developed worked very well in this. For the most part I enjoyed the monologues. I didn't have a problem with the line about the guy's sister being "innocent" as much as I had a problem with the part about JFK. I can see where the guy was coming from, but to me it just felt a bit odd and out of place. Hearing it, I don't understand why he would think that the line would make the man he was interrogating talk. It just didn't work for me personally. The rest of his monologue, I enjoyed very much.
    As for the acting. I think everyone did a great job. I particularly like Skyler Holt in this. Even though he wasn't one of the two main characters, I think he played his character very well. His performance in this just stood out to me. The only bit of acting I didn't really like, was (spoiler alert) the death of the dealer. He seemed to let the brother get free, pull a gun, and shoot him without a fight. The way his character acted when facing death didn't seem to me to feel right.
    The editing was pretty good too. For the most part, I feel it was edited together well however I didn't like the final montage where (spoiler alert) Joshua's character shoots the dealer. It was very anticlimactic to me. I feel like it happened very slowly and without much action from either party. It appeared that the brother got free, pulled a gun and shot the dealer without any fight from the dealer. He didn't seem to react to any of it. Maybe that is how it was filmed, maybe that is how it was acted but to me, it appeared to be a pacing issue in that montage. It just lacked energy. It made me care a little less about the death overall.
    It worked together well. The cinematography, acting, directing, editing was all very good. The criticisms I have, are simply nitpicking at the short. It was very well done and I enjoyed it. It gets me a little excited for Hero Story.
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    Hey, thanks for the comments, Matthias. The thing about the JFK line was that it was actually the required line of dialogue this year for the 24-hour competition. Customarily, with the Dallas Video Race (which has run for longer than the international 48-hour Film Project) includes very 'broad' lines of dialogue and locations, but this year the quote was relatively specific (the Kennedy line) and the location was Dallas-based (the 'B_G' letters throughout downtown of the city). I think they were counting on people making a number of Lee Harvey Oswald noir thrillers or something, I'm not sure.
    Anyhow, that's how that line worked its way in there. Our competition mostly used Kennedy's recording, or, in my opinion, used the line very obtusely whereas I think we found a way to work it in there sensibly. It might be a bit awkward, but man, you should've seen some of the others!
  • MatthiasClaflinMatthiasClaflin Website User Posts: 674 Just Starting Out
    Knowing that the Kennedy line was a requirement, helps me make sense of it. I think, in the grand scheme of things, it was ok. It just didn't fit for me, personally. When I showed some family members they didn't even notice it as out of place, so it must just be me. 
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