THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    Or... KeyShot integration ;)

  • HitFilmer43967
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    Lock the bloody layers already! Why hasn't this been implemented. There isn't a day goes by I don't curse the lack of locking layers.

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    @Triem23 Thanks for the information.  I'm not sure I followed all that but I'll give it a shot and see what I can come up with.

  • TriFlixFilms
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    Reposting this from a seperate thread because I think place better suits it:

    • HitFilm is awesome and we all want it to be the best it can be
    • Well known fact, the editing playback is rubish
    • HitFilm needs to fix the basics before they attempt new/big/flashy updates (even though I do love all the big/flashy stuff you make)
    • HitFilm has a very limited selection of "functioning" codecs (it accepts many, but very few actually function smoothly)
    • Allow HitFilm to use and unlimited amount of RAM (I have 64gb but will gladly instal 128gb if HF will use it)
    • Give the option to enable live rendering (FCP uses this and yes, it takes up a lot of storage but for those that have HFP can probably afford a scratch 256GB+  SSD, I use a 1TB 850 EVO)
    • Their company is smaller than Adobe and deserves a bit of break when being compared
    • HitFilm charges a decent price for Pro (which I own) and they need to listen to those that are actually paying them before they listen to those that use the free version (no offense, it's just buisness... I love everyone!)

    This is written light heartedly as I do love HF and their Staff, but I want it to be taken seriously... the playback issues, live render, and codecs (h264/h265) need addressed.

  • MarioKluser
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    Yeah, I mentioned something similar previously and this is a workflow suggestion. Currently it's not the most important thing while basics in workflow not yet fixed. Keyboard shortcuts for switching between workspaces. Useful for macs (without pulling an extra title bar).  Since ctrl+1 to 4 are already used for switching between screens. Ctrl+shift+1 to 4 or ctrl+alt+1 to 4 could be used to switch between workspaces. For custom workspaces it's not necessary. Someone has already requested for something like this.

  • Onixarts
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    Mouse wheel in comboboxes!

    Using mouse wheel over comboboxes should change their values. It is very useful if we wan't to change blending mode, choose a light flare type or simply find a good font. Many times when I'm looking for a good value for this comboboxes I have to open multiple times and choose next value, and again, and again.. thirty times... ;). With mouse wheel I could just scroll and see the results.

    You can add a Ctrl key modifier to change that values, to prevent accidentially value changes when scrolling windows.

  • YzN
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    Sent me here ^

    I wish that Hit-film would support the Arabic characters for adding Text. 

    Also student-discounts on the pro version!

  • Deweak
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    Hi everyone,

     I'm a new user of Hitfilm 4 Pro (bought just two days after I discovered the free version by chance when looking for an After Effects alternative). I love the UI and the features, that's absolutely my kind of toolbox.

    I think some improvements could be done in the editor :

    - Free vertical dimensioning of video and audio tracks, one by one

    - Vertical dimensioning of audio waveforms inside the audio clips to make cue points searching easier

    - Sample or millisecond grid for audio moving, in order to perfectly sync imported mixed audio with video clips or other audio clips

    - Automatic cross fade creation when overlapping two clips, with handles to manually adjust cross fade length

    Maybe some or all points have already been requested, but these are the only things I found disturbing as a new user.

    Thanks for the great work and the nice tutorials !

    Cheers from France

  • Behind_The_Lens
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    Could you guys maybe add a tool to connect spliced videos? That way, file management becomes easier, and you can easily change/move an entire sense at once!

  • Palacono
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    And adding files to a group to keep them together?

    Basically, make the Editor do everything you can do in Sony Vegas 13 or Sony Movie Studio 12 (not SMS 13, they sh!t the bed with that version. :) )

  • MarioKluser
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    I think that it would be great if we could do in Hitfilm something like this:

  • Aladdin4d
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  • MarioKluser
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    Just had a look at it. It's layer only and there is no reference image to load like in Sony Vegas. I will probably have a closer look on it, but looks not very similar.

  • Aladdin4d
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    @MarioKluser Put your source image on a layer, hide it then select it as the source layer in the Grading Transfer effect. To apply it to multiple layers at once add a grade layer to the top of the stack and drop Grading Transfer on it. 

  • MarioKluser
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    Aladdin4d Cool. Will experiment with this. Very interesting.

  • MikeFSI
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    HitFilm should be able to handle MP4 with variable frame rate. The audio is not synchronized with video in some cases. Other software like Movie Maker, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, or Windows Media Player can handle it without problem.


    Warning should be shown that there may be problem with audio/video synchronization when user wants to edit such video.

    [Implemented HitFilm 2017]

    TITANGAMER Website User Posts: 1

    @MikeFSII want the same thing

  • Palacono
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    Being able to Track a Composite shot. Just because I've embedded something, doesn't mean I don't want to be able to then do some tracking/stabilisation to it...because I do. But I can't. :)


  • FilmTech
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    I don't know if this is already on here but... Could we get an audio sync like premiere? Where it looks the waveforms. It would help a lot with future projects.

  • NormanPCN
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    "Being able to Track a Composite shot."


  • SheepaKing
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    Grade Layers on the NLE? 

  • jinchoung
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     @TheAbstract - sorry, just saw your question.

    i've been trying to wrap my head around PRECISELY what deep compositing is doing and this is the gist that i've gotten:

    0. it primarily concerns the ability to generate depth data that can be used to separate out parts of an image based on depth. so instead of having a render full of bees and generating an alpha channel for every bee, you can render all the bees in one go and then in comp, separate particular bees (or bees at a particular depth) using the depth data.

    1. it matters primarily (or entirely maybe) with transparent pixels... whether transparent because of the nature of the effect (like mist) or because of anti-aliased edges.

    2. so with anti-aliased edges, normally a z-depth pass is generated from the DEPTH BUFFER of a render. but the depth buffer is NOT anti-aliased. that means that if i try to use that depth data to separate out a specific bee, i'll get a HALO eating into the bee or surrounding the bee (especially if i rendered a background with the bee that i wanted to get rid of using the depth data). i can try mitigating that by anti-aliasing the depth data... but that is a POST PROCESS on the depth channel. what that means is that it's blurring and smearing pixels in order to get an antialiased look... but that means that if my b.g. is at 100 meters and my bee edge is at 50 meters, the anti-alias step will create pixels that indicate they are at 75 meters! even though there's nothing actually at 75 meters. again, this results in a situation where you CAN'T use the depth data in a way that cleanly separates FG from BG or use it in a way to accurately pick out elements using depth.

    deep compositing allows for using and generating depth data that is not aliased but it generates the anti-alias data during render. basically, i think it's a kind of sub sampling so that you can get clean edges without ever needing to post-process anti-alias an aliased depth buffer.


    and again, the primary benefit of something like this would be to save time in something like a crowd scene.

    so instead of having to render out each person in the crowd and the bg separately in order to have separate elements to maniupulate in comp, you can render everybody in one go and still be able to pick them out individually, cleanly and accurately at the comp stage.

    further, you can accurately do depth based effects like immersing the crowd in a 3d, turbulent mist and have them recede into the mist properly and without any kind of halos.

    it's basically a "luxury item". it would be amazing to have but you could definitely still do all the work you need to without it. it's just more labor intensive.

  • NormanPCN
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    "Grade Layers on the NLE? "


    Something like a grade event/clip/plane that we put effects on and can size across whatever timeline duration necessary.


    a grade track that we can put empty/transparent event/clip/planes on to do the grade/adjustment thing.

  • zcream
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    Scene Detection alongwith the listed XML support. If I can export a file from another NLE, and Hitfilm can just split it into component scenes..

  • SheepaKing
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    Support for .c4d files into Hitfilm Pro?

  • SheepaKing
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    Track select Forward and Backward tools?

  • gregcopin
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    I'm working on a glorified slideshow with 100+ images and it would be very useful to have:

    • Icon(s) in the Media tab showing if each item has been used in the Editor or in a Composite Shot (or both). Maybe even be able to click on the icon and a list pops up showing links to where the item is being used.


    • Batch exporting [Implemented HitFilm 2017]
    • Shortcut keys for adding default video\audio transitions to clip edge(s) under the cursor.

    3D related:

    • Use a Composite Shot as a texture on a 3D object.
  • BluetheFox
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    There should be an option to allow hitfilm to continue playing when placing keyframes. For example, if theres a guy pretending to fire a pistol, and i want to add a muzzle flash that fades in whenever he jerks the gun upwards, it would be alot easyer to simply press the add keyframe hotkey every time he does so as it plays, instead of the current workflow where i have to tediously scrub nearby where each upwards jerk is, move one frame at a time to the right position, press the keyframe button, then repeat the process all over again every time. Would also be a good way to sync things with the beat of music, just press the hotkey everytime you hear a beat while it plays.

  • NormanPCN
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    "...just press the hotkey everytime you hear a beat while it plays"

    Something along these lines would be useful. In Vegas I dropped a marker (m) to the music sync points. Some marker were used to lineup an effect keyframe and some were used to position events. The marker being generic you could do multiple things with it.

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