THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • This may be a radical suggestion, but having Audacity as an actual embedded plugin (Like Mocha or BCC).
    This would solve several audio problems like the inability to change tracks between stereo, dual mono, swap and split L&R etc, as well as not having to remove audio from a video, load in in Audacity, fix it, load both clips in Hitfilm and re-sync. This is an impractical workflow for me as I use lots of different clips, often grabbed from several places.

    Another problem it would fix is that as far as I can tell, the audio "Noise-Reduction" plugin in HitFilm Pro doesn't work at all. I've never been able to get it to affect any audio clips, even after following tutorials. If anyone uses it all the time please tell me, as I would love to know it's fixable! - Winter

    PS      +1 for NormanPCN's suggestion of HitFilm asking if we want to propagate a name change

    PPS   It has been mentioned several times that this particular wishlist has taken on a bit of an excessive life of it's own, can any staff or mods confirm if this is still a good place to put feature requests? Or has it gotten so crazy that we should just wait for the next forum to be created?

  • NormanPCN
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    This is the place to put feature requests. It should not matter how long this list is. Don't bother reading the list unless that is something you want to do. It's good to monitor new stuff going in, so you can +1 as you see fit.

    Once a year, around Christmas , I posted my laundry list of suggestions. Since the wishlist thread is long that was basically me shamelessly surfing +1's. I don't think I posted that last Christmas.

    Bottom line. State your case for what you think is important. It does not matter if nobody or a thousand people have requested the same feature. Your voice  should be heard. Alone or in a crowd.

  • CedricBonnier
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    This is still the correct place to request for features. We do check it regularly. We know that it is not ideal but for now, that's all we have.

    The marketing/web guys were investigating other solutions and had made some progress but right now it's probably not a priority with Thanksgiving & Christmas around the corner.

  • Merge/Join sliced clips.

    Or at least Select all clips > Righclick > Create Composition Clip With Selected Clips.

  • @angelhdz12 Huge +1 for that. Also being able to unlink multiple clips at once, change the same property on them, etc. Multi clip function is one of the areas I would love to see HitFilm grow.

    @NormanPCN and @CedricBonnier Thanks for the encouragement y'all!

    The ability to select the beginning or end of a clip itself and nudge its length by one or 10 frames using hotkeys. or nudge any clip any direction. FCPX had this feature (for one frame at a time) and it basically replaced having to zoom in on the timeline most of the time, as you could make fine timing adjustments from a far zoom without having to switch to the ripple edit tool.

    Lastly, a drag button that would slow the speed of incremental changes, so for example when adjusting audio volume on the timeline, you could hold down a key and it would adjust in super small increments.

    Thanks devs for your hard work! I love HitFilm Pro!

    - Winter!

  • NormanPCN
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    @CedricBonnier "The marketing/web guys were investigating other solutions and had made some progress... "

    One idea that comes to mind is what On1 software does for their photo raw product. The short of it...

    User enter a request. That request can be voted on. 1-5 star. 5 star meaning you would use the feature heavily if it were there. People can comment on features kinda like a forum thread. The list is searchable (title and/or body text). The list is functionally categorized by staff moderation and/or user. Hitfilm categories could be things like transitions, NLE timeline, comp timeline, effects, 3D object, etc. The current vote average for a request is shown. Once an item gets a certain number of votes, of a certain rating, then staff looks at the request. Requests are also categorized by staff by things like, Declined, Launched, Under review, In progress. In progress is likely very loose. Like a 1 year timeframe, no time commitment. 

  • Ieuanam
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    Chromatic Aberration effect and Glitch effects like Premiere Pro has in their "Immersive Video" tab?

  • Deweak
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    Warping effects would be easier to use if they took account of masks. For instance if you're using a big picture, isolating only a small part with a mask and then try do deform it with a warping effect, this be applied to the whole big image, and for a corner warping it's not so friendly... Only solution is to mask in a sub composite but it could be done in the main one if warping was done on a quad surrounding the visible parts of a layer...

  • SirLewisFRostBite
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    Possibly an addition for 3D shapes to be implemented into HitFilm Express, perhaps with a few adjustable settings for the form and an option for images on faces?

    I just really want to save the countless hours I'll eventually waste creating 2D planes trying to make 3D shapes in HitFilm Express while simultaneously having to do math.

    It wouldn't hurt to simplify it would it?

    Even if it's just shapes like squares, pyramids and polygons with no settings except transformative properties, I'd be happy with it.

  • Deweak
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    +1 for integrated 3D shapes. And why not using composite shots as textures for UVMapped objects ? Would be great to animate textures...

  • An option to disable anti-aliasing. I don't like anti-aliasing, looks very blurry

  • FrostDrive
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    I work with the audio from several people, and cut out hundreds of pauses. If I could LINK all three of our tracks I would be able to cut parts out MUCH FASTER. Literally would save hundreds of clicks and hours.

    Please add this. Thank you!

  • Triem23
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    @oscarlorak writes.

    "I often use plenty of text layers within a composite shot, and the more I add the more time it takes me to work because if , for instance, I want to change the font or color of my texts I have to do it for each one of them. I can't select all of them and make changes once for all. Copying and pasting attributes doesn't apply for text options.

    So the proposition is to add the possibility to make changes for multiple layers once that apply to all of the selected layers."

    Now that's not quite trivial. Copy/Paste (Attributes) covers most of this, but a "Paste Formatting" feature specific to text Layers/FX that copied Font, Color, etc from one layer to another would be a massive time-saver.

    Hi, Oscar. This is the Wishlist Thread Ben mentioned. 

  • GabrielTudor
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    An effect that would make text shift at different angles, so you can make it crawl on different walls of a building, on different faces of a cube etc. At the moment, you are stuck with doing it by using multiple composite shots, like I did here:


  • triforcefx
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    1+ for layer/text bending

  • Nolhan
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    can you do a more advanced reverb with more options ?

    like this one :(note : this is the reverb from lmms, a music software. just an example

     thank you very much.

  • Andersen01498
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     We need a way to quickly focus on the camera like z for focus on object.... because its very frustrating to try to search for the item in the viewport when working with 3d.  And speaking of camera PLEASE can we have real world camera units....AE has real world units.!!!  Doesnt make anysense to have numbers that kinda mean something but not really

  • Triem23
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    @Andersen01498 agreed that real-world values are more convenient. 

    That said, with a real-world camera, the size of the lens, the distance of the lens from the image plane and the size of the image plane all affect the field of view. For convenience camera manufacturers convert lens performance to the 35mm standard. For example, I have some security cameras that are labeled as "18mm" lenses. They're not, they're 4mm lenses going to a small sensor with a 90-degree field of view, which corresponds to an 18mm lens on a 35mm camera. 

    Hitfilm's cameras measure in pixels. Changing the size of a project/comp changes the size of the "sensor." As sensor size affects field of view, this is why the default camera in Hitfilm has different values at different comp sizes. A 1080p camera starts with a Zoom of 1886.67 and a 720p camera has a Zoom of 1280. Both cameras have the same field of view. 

    Ok, so, for reference a default Hitfilm camera is 35mm equivalent. 

    Otherwise this tutorial goes into matching a real world lens to a Hitfilm lens. There are two methods presented - the first is using a chart to visually find field of view and compare to a lens chart. This works, but it's fiddly with trial and error. The second method requires you to gather some information about your camera, but you plug those values into a equation to determine the zoom value. 

    The equation is easier.

    The tutorial doesn't go into f/stops, but an f/stop is a ratio of how "open" the iris is compared to the lens. So f/8 is only open to 1/8th of the area of the lens. In Hitfilm if you treat the lens as a square equal to the long edge of the project (1920x1920 for a 1080 comp) you can calculate the pixel value of the desired f/stop. 

    I intend on putting together a spreadsheet for a later/updated tutorial where you can plug in your camera sensor values and comp size and quickly generate the Zoom value, and equivalent f-stops. 

    So, yeah, real world values would be a great enhancement (I've asked occasionally since HF2), but there are accurate workarounds. 


  • Andersen01498
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    Please bring back the original viewport options....its an extra step to find the color channel in a drop down menu...hopefully im making any sese

  • pinthenet
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    edited November 2019

    Foundry Tracker: Multiple Track Point Selection

    In the original Foundry documentation and tutorials track point selection can be performed using the mouse to drag around several points to select, and/or shift-click to add/remove points. The Hitfilm integration only supports the drag option. Whilst this works in a lot of cases sometimes the pattern of required points does not allow such a selection. I though this may have been addressed after 13.0 but so far not.


  • phakerde
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    edited November 2019

    The visualization by markings of the files already used in the editor or in the composition. This is helpful if you have many movie files.


  • Mistery1307
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    Something like "Compound Blur" would be great for compositing bright VFX into rainy days, see this tutorial: Here they use a puddle map to blur the assets in the spots that aren't too reflective, to act more like glow, and not blur them in the "puddles".

  • escher303
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    Wish1:- Ability to copy and paste effects to the control panel of another clip when there are NO existing effects already there, paste is not an option until at least one effect is already added. So when setting up effects on one clip and wanting to copy those to another, similar clip, which does not yet have any effects assigned, I have to add an effect, paste the ones I want, then either untick or remove the first added one.

    Wish2:- be able to paste effects from the control panel on a clip to somewhere within a comp shot.



  • TheBenNorris
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    @escher303 you shouldn't be having these problems. With the first request, you should be able to paste effects in the control panel by ensuring the "effects" item is selected and using the shortcut or Edit -> Paste. You can also paste effects straight onto the actual item that you have selected in the editor.

    What do you mean by number 2? Paste the effect from the control panel onto an item in the comp? Or just onto empty space?

  • escher303
    escher303 Posts: 28 Just Starting Out*

    For 1) this is the behaviour I get:

    Left Screenshot, Effects already assigned right click on Effects, no option to paste

    Middle Screenshot, Effects already assigned right click on any existing effect, option to paste available (even though it is greyed out in this shot, it isn't when effects are in the clipboard)

    Right Screenshot, no Effects assigned, no option to paste

    The feature I would like is to paste effects in clipboard as per the right hand screenshot, i.e. with no effects already assigned.

    For 2. Yes. I would like to be able to paste effects from the editor timeline controls panel onto one element in a composite shot. e.g. the scenario is I set up the effects how I want on a composite shot in the editor timeline and then wish to switch them off at that level and paste them onto a single element inside the composite shot. When the effects are in the clipboard the Paste command is greyed out when inside the composite shot and trying to right click on the an effects parameter.

  • TheBenNorris
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    @escher303 you can paste effects onto that effect group, if you use the shortcut. Not sure why there is no right click option for it.

    For the second one you are correct, but I believe there may be an underlying reasoning as to why you cannot paste from the editor to the composition.

  • escher303
    escher303 Posts: 28 Just Starting Out*

    Ah yes so you can! That's very helpful, thanks.

  • Andersen01498
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     Several things.... 

    1.  The ability to import illustrator file format and Photoshop file format.   Many non adobe products have the capability of exporting to the illustrator file and photoshop file.  This would be a very nice feature to have.    Especially working with vector files.  
    2. More keyboard shortcuts the "U" shortcut was a very nice addition now please add the rest.  F for feather (mask properties)  S for scale and etc.... with many layers in one comp this feature would speed up artists workflow.  
    3.   Ditch OFX plugins personally just accept all After Effect plugins.  This would open the market more to After Effect users to come to Hitfilm.  I have been wanting to get the boris continuum products for a while but dont know if I should get ofx and Ae plugins because I dont know how "Future proof" the ofx plugin will be.  I dont want to be spending a lot of money.   I use Ae a lot.     It would just be nice to not have to worry about OFX plugins.     
  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    There's no reason to ditch OFX to support AfterFX plugins, that would make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    Plus there are a lot of stellar OFX plugins out there, and there quite a few people who don't subscribe to the Adobe suite who use OFX plugins instead of AfterFX plugins. That allows sharing plugins between Scratch, Mistika, Resolve, and HitFilm. 


  • NormanPCN
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    Most other hosts are using OFX. Maybe Adobe should support OFX. 

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