THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    @Tyront , Thank you very much. :)

    A bunch here but they are really just demo type videos but be aware that my cgi vfx lingo is pretty lame and I was pretty scatter brained so sorry for my back and forth rambling. Lots of good info and compositing inspiration though, if you get past my jibber jabbering. Start at the bottom. You can turn the audio down and increase the playback speed if my talking doesn't make sense.

    These three tuts are better and to the point but I still need to do better.

    I'm doing my best to get better documentation completed while the official Blender 2.8 is still in Beta but it is a little slow going as I'm only one guy doing this but I do have a few Filmer beta testers that have been putting out some pretty awesome stuff and are even creating their 3D assets. :)



    Sorry forgot to mention, the first few videos in the first link may be using Blender 2.79 which is right before I learned to code Blender and Cycles. The rest of the videos are for Blender 2.80/Filmer

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    Another question:

    can Hitfilm get a transform effect so you can e.g. create transitions and save them/reuse them like in after effects?

    Or is there an option for that that I'm not aware of?

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    @Tyront ,

    You can stack any layers, effects and stuff and save a composite shot to reuse as a preset.

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     Thanks God we don't have to ask for 3d tracker and locked I'm asking for the ability to import psd and ai files.  

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    AE has a masking tool, I think it's called the rotobrush. It's this smart selecting tool that basically selects the edges, smartly. I wish something like that was in Hitfilm, it would make masking easier


    if anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about 

  • RobStilfieldRobStilfield Website User Posts: 67

    being able to use a 3d model as a particle deflector.    

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    @Triem23 Shouldn't the "Text In Editor" by NormanPCN be crossed out?

    I feel some of the wish list items need to get edited. 

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    Here's a request for the Fxhome wishing well.

    Ability to create audio INSIDE Hitfilm subclips!

    The fact that the audio sync feature will only respond given a particular criteria of timing means that we sometimes need to trim the audio outside of hitfilm before importing it to match footage.

    Can't we just trim the audio inside hitfilm and have the trimmed version exist inside the media bin? Would save us time. 

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    Hi all, I’ve seen lots of good things about Blender / Filmer here, it’s promising, thanks for the good work @spydurhank !

    Here are a couple of new ideas :

    - Layers grouping in folders, because sometimes you need to have allthe layers in the same composition and you can't use nested comps, and the display is full of tracks...

    - markers and grid snapping in the editor and composite shots

    - lines and splines as objects with path following and tracing options (no need to use masks and neon path to animate lines anymore)

    - neon path applied to contours traced by "outer glow" or other contrast-based effects 

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    Thanks @Deweak ,

    Glad that I'm able to do it. :)

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    I think this is the place for feature suggestions. I was thinking of many cases where a composite shot can be reused, but sometimes one would like to have a CS of different times with a start-and-end animation.

    Would it be possible to define in a composite shot a “position”, a frame, where at that very spot, the “timeline” could be stretched automatically to add more time?


    —A 3 second composite shot. 1 second animation at start, 2 second animation at end, nothing in happens in the middle.

    —Specify in the composite shot properties that a 1 second 1 frame the timeline can be stretched.

    —Using the CS in another CS or in the main timeline, one can “stretch” the CS length to 10 seconds.

    —HitFilm would automatically add the 7 seconds missing by stretching whatever is at 1 second 1 frame by 7 seconds.

    This simple hack would allow a new level of usability and flexibility in CS.

    Best regards!

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    P.U.T.S., or Preserve underlying transparency switch. It's just plain fun to say.

  • omenomen Website User Posts: 12

    Since you are adding some After Effects plugin support, please add Mister Horse support!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,673 Ambassador

    To comment on @omen's request "Mister Horse" is the company name, the product is actually called "Animation Composer."

    Omen, a few years ago I was guessing FXHOME would never be able to bring Ae plug ins into Hitfilm. I was wrong. Still, I'd guess this would be very difficult, possibly impossible to add support for. Animation Composer is largely a file manager to connect to premade templates, but those templates are all stored as Ae projects and precomp files - in this case you're not actually asking FXHOME to add compatibility for a plug-in, you're asking FXHOME to make Hitfilm compatible with Ae project files. This is much more complicated than making a procedural generator compliant with Hitfilm's internal architecture.

  • HealthWyzeHealthWyze Website User Posts: 43 Just Starting Out

    The ability to delete multiple gaps would save a bunch of time for me. This is a feature that especially comes in handy if you have to change the duration between multiple (touching) images or videos. If you change duration, you get gaps between the clips. Premiere has the feature I'm requesting, which is demonstrated in a ~5 second clip here:

    I know that most of the focus for Premiere is on effects and composite shots, but there are plenty of us editors out there.

  • omenomen Website User Posts: 12
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Yes I understand your point! So you'll have it done by next week ;-)

    OK better idea... Contact Mister Horse and ask them adapt their product to HitFilm!

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    I am not sure if I am overseeing this feature but I would like to preview timeline in real time. Right now in more complex scenes it jumps the frames and there is no way to check the composition before exporting the timeline to a file. Also fps indicator would be great.

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    +1 for @HealthWyze multiple gap deletion suggestion!

    I would like to be able to adjust any variable over multiple clips at once, including sliders in an effect.

    The ability to right click and assign a shortcut to absolutely any function (I.E. Create new folder).

    A keyboard shortcut for scrolling up/down in the media panel. I've been learning to use shuttling, etc to edit in the trimmer without having to move the mouse and it holds the potential to be really fast, but I still have to manually select the next clip in the media panel.

    Text window now shows a preview of a font if you hover over it which is FANTASTIC!!!!!!! but it would be so much easier if it was bigger and displayed faster. Bonus points if it actually shows the text you have entered instead of sample, and best case would be if just hitting the up and down arrows actually cycled through the fonts in your text window (Which it actually DOES in the text effect, and in BCC 3D text via arrows).

    The ability to lock layers so that you can ripple edit in more situations. I.E. freeze a carefully edited music bed so that you can ripple edit video clips in the middle of it without either disrupting it or the option simply being disabled. I actually think this function was available in the editor I started on, FCP6.

    The ability to make a composite shot out of the new in-the-timeline text layers, and have them function as a text layer within the composite shot. IE If you suddenly discover you want to use masks on the text layer as a transition (after already making the text what you want in the editor).

    Please bring back all of the functions of the alt button, including drag and drop duplication, and the ability to trim audio/video clips easily into J and L cuts!

    Loving the new updates to the software, it keeps getting better and better! Thank you, hard working, under-appreciated devs!! - Winter!

  • HillsideMediaHillsideMedia Website User Posts: 50

    P.S. Please bring back the little meter that shows where your cursor is in actual pixels on the viewer panel. That made it so much easer to accurately find the center of the window! Thanks! - Winter!


    P.P.S It might be a really cool thing to have a forum vote specifically for bringing back discontinued features, so we're not gumming up the wishlist...any more than we already have, lol.

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    +1 for @HealthWyze multiple gap deletion suggestion!

    In Media Import

    - Browse Media list with Up/Down arrow keys. (Like you can do in explorer for files)

    - Display Creation  Date/Time for each Media item, just below the name for example. (Also display this in Media properties window)

    - Sort Media list by Creation Date/Time. Quite usefull when several media are imported from several camera (different kind of names)

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     Not sure how hard it would be to implement, but I would like to see the ability to import / export xml, fcpxml, aaf data for roundtriping footage (if you chose to do it that way), and folder importing so you don't have to reset you folder structure. Oh, and maybe some collaborative features.... even if it's something as simple as adding a quick upload to Adding a collaborative feature to Hitfilm will 1up you on most NLE's.

  • arcionek22arcionek22 Website User Posts: 14

    Option to have light/shadow properties blend through onto other side. Like in my projects on hitfilm express I use 2d planes in 3d space layered between eachother to create parallax. But when it comes to doing shadows I can only do drop shadow only from one place, as if I put light on opposite side the shadows are being put behind planes, outside of camera view. 

  • panospcpanospc Website User Posts: 10 Just Starting Out

     Auto-save export queue.
    My workflow requires to create a really long export queue, if Hitfilm crashes in between, the export queue is gone. My workaround is to close and re-open Hitfilm offtenly to save the export queue.

  • AndyQAndyQ Website User Posts: 65 Just Starting Out

    Value graph in the editor timeline. That's absolutely crucial - why give me the ability to keyframe transforms and effects but then not let me edit the details? I can't even set the interpolation methods between keyframes (or am I missing something?) unless it's a composite.  Life would be so very, very sweet....

  • alaska_vfx_filmeralaska_vfx_filmer Website User Posts: 463 Enthusiast
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    Please! the good old (new) grade layer for the editor.

    I just stubbed my toe on that  last night

  • AndyQAndyQ Website User Posts: 65 Just Starting Out

    Lock the viewer magnification to your last selection - it keeps resetting to "fit". e.g.  if you set editor viewer zoom to 50% then switch to a comp then switch back the viewer has reset to "scale to fit". This happens with comps as well - you can't fix the viewer magnification. Doesn't this annoy anyone else? It's hard to tell, because this forum system is such a lemon....


  • AndyQAndyQ Website User Posts: 65 Just Starting Out

    Some keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of the viewer for peeps who don't have a "mouse" (eek!). Also, the default timeline "scale" (zooming) controls seem a bit odd - CTRL+"-" but CTRL-SHIFT"+" by default. I know that makes sense in that the plus character is a SHIFT accessed character on the keyboard (and minus/hyphen isn't) but for the sake of zooming in/out that becomes cumbersome. Yes; I have customised this, but a default would be nice.  If in doubt, copy Photoshop shortcuts as we all have to use that sometime or other, and/or other apps which mimic Adobe zoom/pan conventions. Resolve has the same shortcuts in this respect.

  • JavertValbarrJavertValbarr Staff Administrator, Website User Posts: 302 Staff

     @AndyQ "Value graph in the Editor timeline"

    Already possible; click the icon to the right of the pushpin in the Controls panel, then the Display Graph icon.

  • AndyQAndyQ Website User Posts: 65 Just Starting Out
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    Hallelujah brother.  I'm on an intensive "learn Hitfilm" session and it's hard to tell if I'm missing something or if HitFilm is. I give myself a few hours of searching before giving up and posting here... but I can point out that the interface is so different to the Comp version (with Value Graph button on the timeline and display expanding under the timeline) that you can excuse my oversight. Let's modify that request to "same interface as per comp" (!).  Cheers. 

    September 03: having spent a couple of weeks using the value graph and keyframe editing in the Edit mode and it's certainly not as nice as working with keyframes in the Composite timeline. The biggest problem is that I generally still need the edit timeline displayed, so I have to find space for another timeline (it benefits greatly with greater width) and the preview window. Not a deal-breaker but not as sweet as editing keys in the timeline itself. 


  • AndyQAndyQ Website User Posts: 65 Just Starting Out

    A paint system? I just wanted to draw some arrows from text labels to on-screen objects and can't find such a thing. I might be in the minority here but I'm trying to use Hitfilm more for motion-graphics type work. 

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