THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • TekGecko
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    Would be great to have a proper meshwarp for footage

  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,448 Enthusiast

    +1ing one of my old requests. ;)

    Option to turn OFF Frame Opacity interpolation in Speed Effect, because speed ramping can be useful, but looks messy when frames are combined.

    Option to turn ON Frame Opacity interpolation in Speed/Duration option / Rate Stretch Tool, because easier to use for simple speed changes and frame interpolation can look better for Timelapses.

  • Lazarov
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    edited March 2019

    I am apologizing for posting similar information again, but I have received a survey from the guys from HitFilm that I filled and I decided to post the information from the comments box at the end of the survey here.

    I am using HitFilm Pro for professional purposes. I'm a full-time filmmaker and my clients are usually hiring me to do corporate videos, ads, music videos, and short films. Most of the time I have to make something that has nothing to do with explosions, robots flying around, gun shots, etc. Yes, I use (heavy) VFX sometimes, but most of the time they are invisible. Having said that, I mostly work with simple video cuts, color grading, audio synchronization. This is what pays my bills and when I'd like it to be as efficient as possible, because it's deemed to be the bread and butter of every video editor out there. I don't underestimate the VFX and compositing power of that software. This is the main reason I prefer it for my projects.

    Here's a copy of my comment there:

    My usual process is:
    1) Sort the audio and video materials and find the best takes. That sometimes happens when I put videos in different folders (accepted) or removed from the media panel (rejected ones). Would be great to have some way to visually mark accepted/rejected.

    2) I don't use the trimmer for those kinds of videos, because I need to sync the audio and video and it's easier to do that first and trim the synchronized video second. Timecode support would be great so that I can either use the trimmer prior to adding the clip on the timeline or apply the auto-alignment on the timeline or in a composite shot.

    3) Synchronizing the audio and video doesn't always work with the automatic merge functionality. Sometimes it says it's successful, but it's totally out of sync. For that reason, I do that manually. In this case it would be great to have a nudge functionality or move clips with a keyboard shortcut such as command + arrows or something.

    4) A keyboard shortcut for "Fit to view" will be a great time-saver.

    5) When color grading the whole corporate video, frequently I use the same settings for a set of clips, but sometimes I step away from the computer and when I come back I find I needed to tweak it a bit. Then, I have to apply the same settings over that same set of clips. For 10 clips it's not that of a problem, but for a longer video it will be a time-saver to apply a composite shot or a grade layer that I can re-use, for example, on every odd clip while on every even I will use a different grade layer. In the same way, it will be great to re-use grade-layer-based composite shots by adding them on top of other composite shots. Example: I have a composite shot that has one or more grade layers. I insert that composite shot on top of the layers in another composite shot and I expect to see the grade layers applied. I'm not sure if the second one would work the way HitFilm is designed, but at least if I can create a "link" to a set of adjustments (Curves, Levels, Hue/Saturation, etc) that I can re-use on several places and to be able to adjust them from the original place I have created them, so that it takes an effect immediately wherever they were used.

    6) I'd like to be able to make finer adjustments when color grading. Nudging the control points on a Curves effect would be great, as well as nudging the Color Correction Wheels. Another technique that will compete with the DaVinci Resolve in a certain extent would be allowing to apply settings only to a certain selection. I can do that by creating a matte that isolated a certain region (by color, for example) and then applying the matte over a Grade layer and applying the needed effects there. It will be a great timesaver to have the Hue/Saturation and Curves layers to give us options to quickly isolate certain ranges of colors or brightnesses (similar to the way you can do that in Photoshop, especially for the Hue/Saturation layer).

    7) Naming the exported files is something that have always bothered me, especially when exporting something from the Editor timeline. It always goes to the Desktop (by default) and is named Editor.<extension>. I would like it to be named the way the project file is named. If the file was not saved yet Editor.<ext> is just fine.

    8) When working on VFX shots I'd like to see a preview without exporting, but the Preview functionality always wants me to be inside HitFilm. When I focus out it stops and I can't do anything else while it is building the preview. My only option is to run an export. If I want to export just a fraction, I have to change my in/out points temporarily, then click "Export > In/Out Area." There are two issues with that: a) I don't want to change my in/out points, because I may have had the best positions for export later; b) There's no keyboard shortcut for Export in/out area.

    9) Pausing the video when trying to make a change is a functionality that's there by default, but in some cases I don't want it to pause, such as when working with audio effects. I want to tweak them while the video is rolling.

    10) Sometimes the client wants a few different-cut versions of the footage. In order to do that I have to duplicate the project and work on completely independent files. It would be great to have more than one Editor timelines. This is especially uncomfortable when I have to create trailers or teasers. I usually do that by working after the end of the official cut and exporting that part.

    11) When pressing Command+S in Mocha it's not actually saving the project, but something internal to Mocha. The only crashes I had so far (since the release of HitFilm Pro v12) were inside Mocha and I have to frequently close the Mocha window, save the project, and then re-open it again. I'm not sure if that can be changed somehow, and having that in the HitFilm preferences to save the Mocha project with the HitFilm project or something.

    I chose HitFilm mainly because it combines VFX, compositing, and editing, but I still think the editing part has to be more polished for 90% of the work professionals do. The clients usually don't have budgets for heavy VFX, sci-fi, and action films. 90% of our work as professionals is the things I'm talking about above.

    I want to congratulate the team for making HitFilm Pro 12 way more stable than it was before.

  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,448 Enthusiast
    edited April 2019

    An AutoScale Function, whereby when you stabilise something and need to apply some Scaling factor to avoid Black edges, for Hitfilm to whizz through the clip and calculate where the scaling needs to be to stop that occurring. Also adjust position further to minimise the scaling. It needs to take into account that you may have added keyframes or parented it to something to try and keep it inside already and to generally add some movement, and just go through the whole thing with that in mind. To work something like those effects that have an Analyse Button.

    Scrubbing through and doing it by eye does work, but is time consuming and prone to error when you can't view the image at 100% very easily and can have just one pixel creep into view at the side that you only notice on export, so end up increasing scale more than necessary 'just in case'.

  • jayspivey
    jayspivey Website User Posts: 2
    edited March 2019

    Some of these may have already been listed but here is my wishlist:

    1  - Hotkey or button to expand all key-framed properties

    2 - Built in 3D Camera tracker

    3 - Mask tracking

    4 - Adjustable mask feather edges

    5 - BRAW format import support

    6 - Grade Layer in Editor

  • triforcefx
    triforcefx United StatesModerator, Website User Posts: 1,183 Moderator

    A Timer effect. Somewhat similar to Timecode, but much more customizable, including fonts, colors, spacer type (: or ; or . or ,), increments can be turned on or off (hours, min, sec, milli). If a higher increment is off, then it counts it in the lower increment (ie. Displaying one hour as 60 rather than 1:00) Counts up OR down from the start time. 

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,584 Ambassador

    +1 to @Lazarov. Great suggestions.

    @Palacono also a good, if specialized idea. 

  • TheDavLab
    TheDavLab Website User Posts: 9 Just Starting Out

    Hi there.
    Just playing aroud with Radio Waves with last build of Hitfilm Pro and Ignite Pro, here a couple of suggestion to improve it, from my humble point of view.

    • Multiple sources
      Add the possibility to have more than one emitter in order to create complex effects. A very nice feature would be to be able to add interactivity between waves generated by different sources, it will simplify a lot the creation of ripple effects and will be top level of flexibility
    • Appearance > Color
      Adding the option to have gradient with more than 2 colors, selecting at which percentage between Wave Start and Wave End a user want to swap color
    • Appearance > Fade In/Out
      Add the same control but for single wave, so it is possible to fade in and/or out a single side of waves or not haveing at all in order to have solid waves without fadeing
    • Start/End Width
      Remove size limitation. Currently there is a limit at 200 px, but for 4K footage is quite small in order to do some  motion graphics.

    Thank you FXHome staff for your efforts on software we like :D

  • Dimipapa
    Dimipapa Website User Posts: 361 Enthusiast

    Markers similar to vegas for the timelines and trimmer

  • triforcefx
    triforcefx United StatesModerator, Website User Posts: 1,183 Moderator
    edited March 2019

    It would be neat to have at a transition creator for quick transitions that can easily be added to the Editor timeline. I imagine it would use blacks and whites to define where you see the different videos, and either layer can be parented or static (ie, Same comp shot, the white plane moves to the right and off the screen- Static: the top layer is removed with a standard wipe. Parented: the top layer moves off the screen with the plane). The ability to have a Background layer that is seen if there's any alpha channel would be nice as well (this should be definable, as most background layers will have blacks and whites.)

    If this was a feature of the composite timeline, where you could save it as a "HitFilm Transition" the possibilities would be endless.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,584 Ambassador

    @triforcefx to hash out the details of implementation here, what you're thinking of sounds like a variation of Set Matte that works on the Editor Timeline, correct? 

    Since Set Matte can define a layer's alpha based on a grayscale map, already, effectively, if Set Matte could be used in the Editor, then we have, more or less, what you want. 

    Another possible implementation might be like the Gradient Wipe transition in Vegas Pro. This uses a single - frame grayscale image as a timing map for a custom wipe  sweeping alpha along the black-to-white (this can be inverted) direction over the transition duration. 

  • NormanPCN
    NormanPCN Website User Posts: 4,062 Enthusiast

    "Another possible implementation might be like the Gradient Wipe transition in Vegas Pro."

    That is what I was thinking about parts of the suggestion. I think Premiere has the gradient wipe as well.

    I once downloaded a bunch of sample gradients for use in such things.

  • triforcefx
    triforcefx United StatesModerator, Website User Posts: 1,183 Moderator

    @Triem23 @NormanPCN Set matte in the editor would be great, and could help achieve quicker transitions (among other things),  though it seems like it would mostly only be useful for wipes and disolves. If I wanted to create a shatter transition where pieces of the top clip crack and break off, Set matte alone wouldn't help too much. That's where the parenting comes in.

    Though if there was set matte in the editor, what would it reference? An image, video, or composite in the media panel? I'm not 100% familiar with the gradient wipe, but it sounds like this would be close.

  • Jean_Phi
    Jean_Phi Website User Posts: 17


    Hi FXhome team,

    I'm starting my youtube channel and will learn a lot of thing. I discovered Hitfilm two years ago.

    I'm a process guys in industry and sound engineer for fun.

    Know, I have to move far away from home and I can't use my main server to organnise correctly my files. But my Cubase workflow, a well known audio software, gave my an idea for Hitfilm : export all the project with medias.

    When recording audio, you make a ton of wrong records. Cubase keeps everything. When mixing is done and finished, I LIKE to export the project to save only used audio files and project in a simple and single place, in a backup HDD at least. then, I can delete original folder if I want to free space.

    For Hitfilm, it can be very nice to export a project with all medias used in one folder. It will be the perfect way to backup projects in a separate HDD for example. Personally, my media are in various folders, videos with videos, pictures with pictures, etc. And save the hitfilm project, or exporting it to work on another computer will takes a long time.

    And it will avoid cataclysm if I rename or move a folder that contains used media !

    (Yes, I can make a folder for every project and copy every used medias into it. And I will do it. But it's more time to take that I can use better ^^ !)

    EDIT : same as EXPORT :  Add a Compile Resources option, to copy all necessary files for a project into a single folder, so they can be easily found or shared. (tron_808)

  • NormanPCN
    NormanPCN Website User Posts: 4,062 Enthusiast

    +1 for the project backup/archive feature. Project save and project media copied to a specific folder. Such a archived project would use relative folder paths for media even if that option is not used for the project being archived.

  • HiramWoki
    HiramWoki Website User Posts: 1

    I wish hitfilm add more shortcuts for faster editing like premiere, It's an amazing app, just put Ripple Trim Previous / Next Edit to Playhead: Q / W that is the only thing that i need guys anyways you did an amazing job congrats :)

  • Lazarov
    Lazarov Website User Posts: 57 Just Starting Out

    I would love to have a way to go in Full Screen mode for the viewer. Is there such a functionality in HitFilm?

    Many times the client asks me to show them the result on a bigger screen while doing a few quick changes and I don't want to run an export. In order to show them something bigger while in the HitFilm in the interface I have to start resizing the panels until I get a somewhat decent larger size of the Viewer. The client is happy and then I need to fiddle with the sizes of the panels until I get them back to the correct size. I can create a new workspace without panels and switch to it, but it's still clumsy.


  • triforcefx
    triforcefx United StatesModerator, Website User Posts: 1,183 Moderator

    @Lazarov My understanding is that you can only do this in Pro and only if you have a second screen. I would love the option for a full screen preview with only one screen. If it could come into Express as well, I'm sure that would make a lot of users happy.

  • CedricBonnier
    CedricBonnier Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,192 Staff

    @triforcefx what you are thinking about is the full screen preview which is available in Express (no addons needed). You need to have two screens and then in the viewer you can do Options > Set Screen > Screen 2.

    What @Lazarov is asking for I believe is a way to set the viewer full screen without having a second screen.

  • Lazarov
    Lazarov Website User Posts: 57 Just Starting Out
    edited March 2019

    I'm referring to the Pro version without a second screen.

  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,448 Enthusiast
    edited March 2019

    @Lazarov you can set a Workspace where you Float the Viewer and set it to float in front of everything else and at about 95% of the size of the screen, leaving room to be able to select the top row of the screen to save it as a new Workspace as View>Save Workspace. You can then swap back to your normal workspace with View>Workspace>YourPreviouslySavedWorkspace.

    It's a bit of a faff and if you've changed things around since you saved your workspace, then you will lose those changes as it reverts back to the saved one, but it's better than nothing on a single monitor.

    Remember to save your current 'normal' workspace - if it's non-standard in any way - before you do this, so you'll have it available to go back to, rather than just the defaults.

  • Lazarov
    Lazarov Website User Posts: 57 Just Starting Out

    Thanks @Palacono. Yes, I mentioned that in my initial post that it's possible with workspaces, but it's a bit clumsy if you want to quickly check how it looks on a full screen and get back to editing. I'll probalby stick to that for the time being.

  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,448 Enthusiast
    edited March 2019

    @Lazarov Your initial post said you spent time fiddling with your workspaces rather than saving ones that would do what you need, even though you also said: "I can create a new workspace without panels and switch to it, but it's still clumsy."

    Yes, it's a little awkward, but it's better than what you're apparently doing now and I explained how to do it in case that was what was putting you (or any others reading this) off. It's not difficult and 2 seconds to switch to full screen and 2 seconds to switch back to Editing isn't a big deal and certainly looks more professional and organised to someone looking over your shoulder than the alternative.

  • Lazarov
    Lazarov Website User Posts: 57 Just Starting Out
    edited March 2019

    Yes, it's a good alternative, but I would more like to double click on the viewer, scrub through the footage, and then hit Esc to get back to editing. I need that on pixel-critical edits like masking out a tracking marker or other type of compositing thing.

  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,448 Enthusiast

    Have you room to add a second monitor so you can float the Viewer onto that? It's what I do, as I prefer that to the 'Second Monitor' output.

  • Lazarov
    Lazarov Website User Posts: 57 Just Starting Out
    edited March 2019

    No, I don't own a second monitor. Otherwise, I saw there was an option to do that on a second monitor, but wondered if that was working on one-monitor setups.

    Thanks for the help @Palacono.

  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,448 Enthusiast
    edited March 2019

    It's the closest you can get and you have full access to masking tools etc. while you are working in the viewer window. I had to do this when one of my two monitors expired and it worked well enough for a short time.

    OK, as this is the Wishlist Thread: ;)

    The ability to assign Key commands to quickly switch between Workspaces would be useful.

  • Lazarov
    Lazarov Website User Posts: 57 Just Starting Out

    That is true. I'm still waiting for the developers to fix the non-working keyboard shortcuts in the Viewer though (on a Mac). It's very cumbersome to work with masks right now clicking on icons every single time.

  • HillsideMedia
    HillsideMedia Website User Posts: 50
    edited March 2019

    Loving the new version, so cool!

    A few ideas riffing off of what y'all have done:

    1. The new text interface is SENT FROM HEAVEN. The only weakness I can see is that it's the only one of the 3 in the program (Counting the text effect and BCC) where you can't scroll fonts without having to open the drop down dialogue. I often just type something and then hit the down arrow key until I find a font I like, it would be great if y'all could add this feature (or if I can do it already, please tell me how!)

    2. The ability to make a text item in the Editor into a composite shot, in case one needs to add layer only effects retroactively (So you made a simple text, regretted it and decided to go old school, just right click and make composite shot and it's back to just being a text layer)

    3. The ability to apply labels in the media panel. This would make it possible to label all footage from a certain camera, or separate A and B roll, or sort by event. 

    4. The ability to right click and apply labels to a video or audio track in the editor. It would probably be an override type thing.

    Y'all are doing great, God Bless! Thanks for listening to the community! - Winter!

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,584 Ambassador
    edited March 2019

     About @HillsideMedia's,"2. The ability to apply labels in the media panel...."

    XML sidecar files for metadata tagging (easy industry-standard) and a switchable "Info" panel in the interface.

    Info could display metadata, exif (if any) codec, resolution, fps, bit depth, channels... As long as I'm dreaming, timeline instances. Example:

    Clip 001

    • Codec: ProRes
    • Resolution: 3840*2160
    • Fps: 60 
    • Bit depth: 10
    • Channels: RGBA
    • Metadata: Stock, ActionVFX, Prekeyed, Shout-out to Rody for no reason. 
    • Instances: Comp 1, Layer 7, Comp 1, Layer 3 (if on Editor, then "Editor >timecode<")
    • EXIF: if any. 

    And add Metadata Search to at least the Media Panel search bin. 


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