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  • Langrave
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    I'm an editor and cinematographer and I've been interested in the professional capabilities of Hitfilm for a while now, but have only barely used it. I switched from premiere pro to final cut a year ago (mainly because final cut was provided to me by Full Sail, and I hate pay for service software). My question is: How hard would it be to implement a keystroke cut? In final cut B switches to the razor blade, but cmb+b auto cuts right were the positional indicator is.

    Edit: Sorry, I actually read right after posting this there is a keystroke shortcut for this exact thing: cmd+shift+d

  • Dowen
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    Please... just make font use a specified folder, There is a hard KNOWLEDGE that make normal user know why **ttc** file is not wokring by default system. If you just install a .ttf font that already in the System/fonts, you will totally sucks, because Windows would know It's in one of the .ttc and optimizing. This is why FXHome sucks on ALL Asian region...  The only solution is to use command line and force copy to the folder.  So? How could normal user know this? I'm a software developer, and also know opengl, here is the only solution for hitfilm:

    1. Let Hitfilm use FreeTypefont 
    2. Let Hitfilm use an extra folder as Font Folder by user.
    3. Let Windows 10 users downgrade to Windows 7, Vista, Xp...etc.

    I don't know why for many years, FXhome have no better solution... There is a bunch of GOD useful thing in Hitfilm, but I'm going to leave It for Asian-Unfriendly... even If I give three solution by the case MHV-673336 four months ago... Truely, SUCKS...



  • immanueltony
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    Hi, I wish Hitfilm could group clips in the Editor Timeline like Vegas, Avid and Premiere. Thanks. 

  • CedricBonnier
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     @Dowen Which version of HitFilm are you using? Font do not have to be installed in C:\Windows\Fonts since version 11, where we have improved the fonts support quite significantly. Now all fonts installed on your system should load, we've corrected the kerning and all languages should be supported.

    If version 11 or later still does not work for you then please either create another thread or contact us directly, explaining what you think isn't working and what you would expect to see.

  • Palacono
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     The ability to use the on screen widgets to change the Rotation of a 3D object, rather than just the Orientation, because Orientation is the wrong thing to use when you are trying to keyframe animation, seeing as it locks at 360 degrees on each axis.

    Holding down any of SHIFT/CTRL or ALT (whatever's free) and having the 3D direction widget/indicator change colour to indicate you were controlling the Rotation of X, Y and Z instead (and it changing to the direction those axes are pointing in) would be really useful.

  • Triem23
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    +1 to @Palacono's suggestion. 

  • NormanPCN
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    +1 Palacono's suggestions.

  • CleverTagline
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    +1 to all the above +1s

  •  A way to select part of a piece of footage and clip the outside of the selection (top and tail edit) kinda like the range tool in final cut. +1 to @Palacono btw.

  • CleverTagline
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    @Langrave You could use the existing Ripple Delete feature for this. Use the Slice tool first to cut around the piece you want to remove. Select the middle part, then either right-click and choose Ripple Delete, or use the hotkey, which is Option-Delete on the Mac (check the hotkey section of the Options panel to see the Windows equivalent).

    That said, it would be nice to perhaps use HitFilm's existing In and Out markers to mark a desired section, then tell HitFilm to ripple delete everything between those points for the selected item(s), so I'll give this a +1

  • I'm talking about selecting a section of a piece of footage and if you press like opt + [ it will delete around the selection. This is why it's called top and tail, or as Sven Pape calls it "in late, out early".

  • CleverTagline
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    @Langrave I get the basic idea behind the top and tail thing you mentioned. Just pointing out a way to achieve the same result with existing HitFilm tools while waiting for this feature to be (possibly) added later on.

  • @CleverTagline tried it, and that actually works surprisingly well as a work around. I used the slice layer hotkey then the ripple edit hotkey so... 4 key actions. Be nice to cut that in half, but it works.

  • Jonas339955
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    able to add after effects plugins into hitfilm Pro.

  • @Jonas339955

    I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that the developers of the After Effects plugin have to create a Hitfilm version. Can someone else chime in on that?

  • NormanPCN
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    Yup, completely different plug-in format. Adobe uses their own plug-in format. Most other apps, including Hitfilm, use OpenFX.  Even if someone has an OpenFX version of their plug-in they still may not "support" Hitfilm. To support a host you have to test and tweak it for each supported host.

  •  While I was keyframing a video a thought occurred to me. I know I've seen people on here ask about markers.... and it would be nice to be able to have markers, but I have a work around that I'm positive people have already thought of, but just in case. On the Mac, holding command and clicking a section of video / audio places a keyframe. I thought... well, what do you know; makeshift marker points.

  • Triem23
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    @Langrave that's not a bad idea, especially since Hitfilm DOES have buttons to "skip to next/previous keyframe."

    I assume you're doing this on a "blank" track? Something like a plane the length of the entire edit? Then you could leave keyframes on a random property as markers without having unused keys in random video clips.

    Another workaround was detailed by Aiden Robbins in a video I'm not linking here. His idea is basically to create a "blank" track with a plane layer with a Fill Color effect. Split the plane wherever you want a "marker." Change the fill color as desired. This track could be scaled down to just a corner of the screen for quick visual reference. A red plane might indicate stuff past marker 1, a green plane for marker 2,etc.

    Another fake marker idea - this one is mine - is similar to yours and Aiden's. I use the Text EFFECT (in Express this is an add-on). The Text Effect can be keyframed so each keyframe has different text. So the text effect goes on top. The first area would be "Region 1," the next keyframe is "Region 2," etc. This even allows "labeled markers" since region 1 could be "Song Intro" and region 2 could be "Verse 1" and region 3 could be "Chorus 1," if I was doing a music video. 

    Anyway  I like just using a plain marker. Of the three methods discussed yours has the least identifying info (no colors or tect), but would be fastest to set up. :) 

    Good thinking  And now we have THREE ways to fake markers in Hitfilm. 

  • p13
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    I'm mainly a HitFilm Ignite user, using the plugins in Premiere, I use the GoPro Fusion 360 for some shots and like virtually all 360 cameras it's noisy in low light, there doesn't seem to be any 360 noise reducer on the market, so it would be good if FX Home could fill that gap by adding a plugin.

    As an additional note it would be good to see Ignite pushed more from a marketing viewpoint as it seems not to be all that well known, yet provides good value for money versus the cost of typical plugs for Premiere and After Effects.

  • Triem23 It didn't start out that way, but that's how I eventually set it up. Depending on what I'm editing I like to use the Walter Murch approach and "feel" the edit. It was a happy accident that I realized keyframe's could be used this way and it works for me because I don't like cluttering up the timeline. It's the same way in Final Cut. I don't even use all the extra features of the marker, just the marker itself.

  • Dowen
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    Thanks! I'm still using version 9. When changing to 11, the world changed! All fonts are working, at least, the functions I used to are expected now!

    Here is one more question, I'm wondering If you could spec me a little here, because I couldn't find the information in the changelog.

    Q.  >  "Font do not have to be installed in C:\Windows\Fonts since version 11,"

    What does this mean? Does this means .ttc format is working? or We could add .ttf individually for each project?  Or there is an another folder that we could put in?


    Finally, Thanks to Hitfilm Dev Team and Congradulations for Improvement! All non-English users would be very appreciated and join to Hitfilm instead of After Effect increasingly!


  • CedricBonnier
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    @Dowen just install the font using Windows and they should come up in HitFilm after a restart. Before there was multiple things you had to make sure before using a font but now it should just work as expected.

  • I wish HitFilm would have markers on Timeline. I have used Adobe and Vegas so far and both softwares  offer this.

    I miss tapping "M" on the keyboard to mark a spot and then continue with my work then revisiting those spots to add sound effects or clips depending on what I named the marker as.

    Working on hour long videos, it is hard to rewatch for the final render only to discover you missed 4 spots where you had to add clips or images or anything else for that matter.

    Workarounds are time consuming and inefficient thus. 


    Almost been 8 years since it was asked by someone and I know it's on top of the list in Timeline, Adding it here for the bump as that does not seem like a hard feature to add. 

  • CleverTagline
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    @ChillTymeTV As I said in that other thread, the placement of a given item (e.g. being on top) doesn't mean anything. Those lists at the top of the thread are just a raw lists, not ordered by importance or priority or number of requests (to my knowledge).




    ...but while I'm here, +1 for markers ;)

  • Lazarov
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    I strongly agree with @ChillTymeTV on that one.

    HitFilm is a great software, but still lacks some of the basic industry-standard perks which are related to simple cuts on the timeline. I use HitFilm, because it's a one-stop shop for cutting + VFX, but VFX is probably 5-10% of the work I do professionally.  This is why things like (in that order)
    - timecode support
    - previews of certain frames when you need to color match them with the current position on the timeline
    - color tagging of clips
    - adjustment layers on the timeline (for color grading multiple clips at once and controlling the color settings from one place, not copy/pasting them every time you need to do a small tweak)
    - markers
    - bins for organizing clips
    are quite needed for cutting a basic video once you start using the software frequently for commercial projects.

    I still support HitFilm (purchasing a license each year) waiting patiently for them to implement those features and I hope this year we will get some of those.

  • WVgiant
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    +10000 on markers!!

  • Wolf17Awesome
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    My one wish is that HitFilm would support swifs.

  • tosvus
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    Having paid for the Pro version, I was really expecting to be able to work with a wider variety of video file formats/codecs. In particular, I'd really like to see HEVC H.265 support. This is used for the 6K "photo mode" on the Panasonic G9/GH5. Of note, while it is useful to extract frames for photos (and is of course more photo oriented than one could expect from HitFilm), that is somewhat bypassable by using the free potplayer (why free software can do this, but paid can't is beyond me - can't be licensing costs then?). However, turns out I can record video in 3:2 aspect ratio which is not half bad widescreen, and it does record sound, so this is a poor-mans "much higher than 4K" video recorder. I really think HitFilm Pro should embrace this, as it seems right in spirit with the whole indie feel I get from the company and its users. I get that it does require a hefty pc, but some of us have pretty beefy setups. (I have a i7 8700K, 32GB RAM, 1080TI GPU). Having to transcode using another tool before working with it, adds an additional time of compressing and introducing quality degradation.


    PS:If it is really a licensing cost issue, I'd be ok with it being a paid add-on.

  • mphtflm
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    I switched from using After Effects occasionally to to Hitfilm. There are a few things I miss very much (mostly keyboard shortcuts). I am not sure if those things exist already but since I cant find them I assume they don't.



    - Alt + Drag a clip from the media panel to a selected clip on the timeline to replace the clip (keeping keyframes and effects).

    - to be able to quickly change a layer to a layer mask (instead of creating compositing shot and using the set matte effect)

    - being able to deactivate the hompage so hitfilm starts in a new project right away (with a preset resoluton/frame-rate or like in AE that the composition takes over those settings from the first footage dropped into the compositing timeline).


    Keyboard Shortcuts (in Timeline panel):

    - UU to show only modified properties.

    - P/S/R to show only Position/Scale/Rotation property.

    - [ (left bracket) or ] (right bracket) to move selected layers so that their In point or Out point is at the current time

    - F to show only Mask Feather property

    - M to show only Mask Path property

    - T Show only Opacity property

    - A Show only Anchor Point property


    generally it would be great to add more of the AE keyboard shortcuts into Hitfilm to speed up work and appeal even more to AE users!


    thank you, keep up the great work!

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