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    Triem23, thanks for clearing that up for me.

    Wheew, a Mocha Pro update costs as much as Hitfilm pro!   Hitfilm ,(or to be fair Davinci) is ample for the average non professional filmmaker.

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    @LiamMcM1 yeah, but there have been a couple of threads in the last week about object removal from shots  and if you need to do a hefty removal job  mocha will do it faster, easier and better than any other tool I've used. Sometimes it's a freaking miracle, where you don't even have to make a clean plate. If I have a simple panning shot and someone walks through the background, more often than not, I can track that person with a single shape and Mocha just pops 'em right out! Most amazing tool in Mocha! You could do it in Hitfilm with Projection  but would have to make the clean plate, define the removal planes in space (requires tracking) and go through a lot more setup to do it, and have to mask projector planes when they intersect something I wanted to keep! 

    Imagineer usually has one 50% off sale a year. Nice when you hit it. And that Remove module has saved my bacon more than once!

    Lens correction? I get more pleasing results from Hitfilm than my other tools. But, as you point out, Hitfilm Express, or Resolve 15 offers a level of power that would have been a million dollar system 20 years ago... Except the stuff that was impossible 20 years ago... 

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    Triem23  Yes! Hats off to Hitfilm, Imagineer, and Blackmagic Design.

      ''Hitfilm Express, or Resolve 15 offers a level of power that would have been a million dollar system 20 years ago... Except the stuff that was impossible 20 years ago... '' Thanks, You just gave me an idea for a short film?


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    Hi Support,

    Would it be possible for HitFilm Export persona to be matured or improved to become a media encoder ?
    Well, making it possible to encode with HitFilm by a simple drag-and-drop or add-to-convert queue will actually help many (me instead) to not install too much softwares and keep the focus on one solution that's is efficient and also it will make it interresting to recommand such software to a friend.

    Well, if you don't see obstacle please make it happen for us !

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 17,964 Ambassador

    @ArnaudMez you actually have that functionality with the current Export Queue. Highlight all desired media in the Media Bin, right-click, choose Export and all your clips queue up for batch transcode. 

    Note a dedicated transcoder will be faster than Hitfilm at this task, but you can do it. I would argue it's an error to try and cram all your work into one program. Something like MPEG Streamclip is better and faster for straight transcoding than Hitfilm. Certain types of files (VFR footage) transcode better in a dedicated transcoder where you can force a specific frame rate. Hitfilm tries to guess the correct frame rate but isn't always correct--in which case your transcode becomes a problem file...

    It's worth the extra minute to download and install a transcoder, and the extra minute to open and setup. That said, yes, you can transcode with Hitfilm.

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    @Triem23 "Highlight all desired media in the Media Bin, right-click, choose Export and all your clips queue up for batch transcode."

    I don't see that in the media bin, but it can still be done from the editor timeline, so it's only one extra step.

    @ArnaudMez the steps are

    -Highlight all desired clips in media bin

    -drag to timeline

    -right-click and choose "add to export queue"

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    I would find it convenient to presets of transform data in HitFilm [preferably in Express]. Create a kind of custom behaviors. Presetting what you can do with the effects.

    I would find that very useful, and that makes editing much easier.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast
    edited October 2018

    +1 to that, mentioned it a while ago. You can strip down a few effects to just use their transform properties and use them as Presets, but it's a bit limited. AE has a simple 'Transform' Effect to do this sort of thing.

  • DodgyDodgy Website User Posts: 4

    Ability to drag and drop folders of still images onto the bin to import image sequences in addition to the "Import Image Sequence" menu item.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 17,964 Ambassador

    +1 to drag and drop image sequence folders. 

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    Hi :)


    A tip for the looping function I'd like to share with you : with a grade layer using the clone effect, you can activate the frame loop option to play a short clip in loop or alternate mode. Just set the potition offset to 0 and the number of clones to 0 and here is your looping function :)

  • alaska_vfx_filmeralaska_vfx_filmer Website User Posts: 441 Enthusiast

    +1 to image sequence folders drag and drop.

  • AntonyAntony Website User Posts: 2


    Option to display bars and beats on timeline and define BPM. (Zuvuya)

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast
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    The ability to select some Effects as 'Favourites' (Favorites for Americans) and to be able to hide the rest of them on a Toggle Button.

    This would speed up selection both for Experienced users and Beginners. Beginners would start with just a few and add more as they become more familiar with them through watching tutorials. Nothing slows down creativity like having to try and remember what something is called and searching through a long list to try and find the one that looks somewhat like the name of the effect you think you might want.

    Also, allow English Spelling in the Effects search for all External Plugins. Currently if you type in Color or Colour you'll get all the Hitfilm Effects with Color in the name (which is nice...), but if you type in Colour, then as soon as you type that 'u', all the External effects, such as from NewBlue and Red Giant, disappear from the list.

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    This isn't remotely new, just bumping it ;)

    Solo of tracks and/or the ability to Lock tracks so you can't accidentally move something while randomly clicking on another layer can't Solo tracks.

    Either one would fix the problem.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast
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    Also an oldie but goodie...

    The ability to duplicate a comp and all its dependents, embedded comps etc. from the Media bin. Some CTRL+Duplicate or something that does the lot in one go.

    You can do it the long-winded bass-ackwards way of saving the entire set of comps (if you know which ones are all included in the lower parts of the hierarchy and you do it early enough in the project that you don't have too many to search through) and then reloading it in as a new Composite set when they'll all be in their own little folder.  Well, how about Hitfilm does the searching for you and makes a new folder with them all in?

    Especially an issue if you have some fancy Motion Graphics, or a Lower Third where you only want to change the one at the bottom of the hierarchy, i.e a line of text, or an image/logo, and have all the other bells and whistles re-applied to it, such as motion and other fripperies.

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    Personally, two things I would use a lot if they were implemented, would be a 

    -Warp stabiliser type drag and drop stabilisation effect that can be dialled up or down and/or in-depth controls

    -Better speed ramping  as the current method is clunky and I don't like how it affects the clip its used on (using the speed effect) 

    Those would definitely make my life a lot easier!

  • HillsideMediaHillsideMedia Website User Posts: 50

    1. +1 for @NormanPCN's suggestion about muting layers in a composite shot.

    2. The ability to insert a tranform keyframe while in the viewer (Without having to use the controls panel). I tried using alt T for this after making an adjustment but it didn't work. If I could do this it would eliminate the need for a Ken Burns effect, b/c I could just select the start position, insert the keyframe, hit PGdown, < (to get to the last frame), and move the media to it's final position, and PGdown to the next piece of media. 

    3. A keyboard shortcut for skipping to the last frame before the next edit (For the above mentioned scenario)

    4. have hotkeys for all of the menu options you get when you right click on a piece of media in the timeline (Speed, duration, etc)

    5. The ability to lock a layer (Like in old-school FCP6 ) so that the ripple tool doesn't affect it and isn't inhibited by it.

    Thank you to all of the Devs! - Winter!

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    @Triem23, BCC Type on Text has limitations. I just discovered this:

    Having a plugin working only for English people and other people speaking and writing in languages that don't have diacritics is horrible in the video editing business, as far as I'm concerned.

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    Add a frame rate option for each clip on the timeline, to allow true slow motion of sliced clips.

    (Currently it's done from the media panel, which is not useful during the editing process, while the current playback speed option produces flickery/jerky results.)

  • LeRoiLightningLeRoiLightning Website User Posts: 33

    Add a right-click option to show Properties for each clip on the timeline. This would show filename, dimensions, recorded frame rate, etc.

  • alaska_vfx_filmeralaska_vfx_filmer Website User Posts: 441 Enthusiast

    10+  "drag and drop stabilisation effect"??????????

  • alaska_vfx_filmeralaska_vfx_filmer Website User Posts: 441 Enthusiast
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    An official tutorial wishlist thread ? just asking/hoping

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast

     The Option to turn OFF the "Guess what speed some VFR footage might be" that was introduced a few versions ago.

    It gets it wrong too often and you have to transcode the footage anyway, but not until you've started editing and notice things are jerky.

    Maybe have it say "This footage needs to be transcoded because Hitfilm may incorrectly interpret the framerate" and a 'Continue to load anyway? Yes/No' Popup.

    Or, have the popup ask YOU what framerate you'd like it to be conformed to and use those values and not the "guess"?

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    No one answered this in a thread back in May, so I'll pose it as a wishlist. Make this work properly/better?

    "Why does changing the Anchor Point on a Layer change the X and Y coordinates in the Layout Transforms, but changing the Layout Transforms only adjusts the Position coords of the Layer, and not the same Anchor Point?

    Why doesn't any of Layout Transform adjust the Anchor Point anyway, specifically when you set the edge/corner positions? They only actually do anything when you adjust the Width and Height, not the X and Y positions, which in turn only affect the X and Y Positions of the layer and not the Anchor Point. As all of the little flip and rotate icons only work around the Anchor Point (put it in a corner and check: they all do the same thing, whatever 'corner/edge' you set), it seems a bit weird that it seems impossible to directly affect it.

    That was (one of ) the specific issues/omissions before: you had to adjust the Transform>Anchor Point, then readjust the Position to get the layer back where it was...and you still do.

    I know you can copy the Position values to the Anchor Point and negate them to get what you need, but it's a bit of a faff."

  • ColdamicColdamic Website User Posts: 29

    The ability to export audio as an MP3 instead of an MP4 with black video would be amazing. I tend to do some audio work in hitfilm, then use that slightly altered audio in audacity, then export in audacity and continue work in hitfilm, replacing the original audio with the audacity version. However, this presents a problem as hitfilm, to my knowledge, cannot export MP3 so I instead have to render the video, go into another program and convert the MP4 to an MP3. All in all, it's a very lengthy process that could be avoided in hitfilm if it only had an option to render as MP3.

  • ViRiXViRiX Website User Posts: 2

    This may have been suggested already, but the ability to link any control to an audio source would be great. You could control lights or the brightness or anything with audio.

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  • EsGee75EsGee75 Website User Posts: 31

    - Ow, and macros/actions. Like in Photoshop. Record some action and replay it by a defined key. 

    - and add a shortcut key to the viewer zoom % and scale to fit 

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast

    For a new Option - compared to what was in a previous version of Hitfilm, or no previous version at all if a new Hitfilm user- to be highlighted in menus/ options/ lists / anywhere that new stuff has been added, on the first time you open that menu/option/list and for a set period afterwards.

    Options >Export >Display Export Previews has been added, but you could easily miss it when looking for it and have to come to the forum to ask, especially as you don't even know if it exists in the first place. So many things that could have an Option for them, don't.

    So, how about: the item is shown in a different colour/with an outline/something obvious, if you've never seen it before. That means you might not open up Options and see it for months, but when you do, additions stand out. Thereafter a timer is set and it will stay highlighted for a week, maybe two, so you'd be able to go in and out of Hitfilm without immediately losing it again (brain fade). You'd then be encouraged to explore it, use it, and become familiar with its location.

    After the set time has elapsed (maybe make this user selectable?) it would reset back to a normal colour and new options might highlight themselves through new releases. E.g. User opens up Options and sees Options >Export >Display Export Previews. Timer starts counting down for a week. Meanwhile a new release comes out 2 days later and maybe there is an additional option on the Options >Export page and the User either does, or does not, open it up. If they do immediately, then the new option starts to count down and will fade-to-normal 2 days after the first. If not, it will wait until seen, when the other may (or may not) have already faded, and it will start its own countdown. If the user didn't open Options >Export  at all until after the new release, or even the next release, then all the additional option's timers would be triggered to start counting down together when they finally did open up that Option page.

    I.e. For someone opening up Hitfilm for the very first time, everything would be potentially highlighted, so it only needs to be done subtly, so the UI doesn't look a mess.

    Same could apply to when new effects are added to Hitfilm, a little like the highlight that Express users have on the effects list to show those they'd need to buy, but can still test. Maybe those the user has never actually dragged onto a timeline could remain highlighted until they are. This would encourage exploration.

    I used to do something similar on some tools I wrote a long, long time ago, so the team could find and explore new options quickly. I didn't have timers, just a spreadsheet and a set of arrays with colours in them to update on a semi-regular basis. That was a cludge, but was still better than nothing. Timers would have been better and automated the whole process, but I was being lazy.

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