THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    - more More MORE MORE transitions
    - Ability to save presets, ALL THE PRESETS. Keyframes, Control settings, Transition duration & settings, Zoom, Pan, Masks and bla bla bla. EVERYTHING (just like Premiere Pro)
    - Ability to add multiple transition in one time! I love transitions and I use a lot of them but I have to use other programs like Davinci just because in Hitfilm I HAVE to add, with a drag and drop, like 20/30/100 transitions and then set the duration without the abilty to simply say "hey i want ALL the transition be 2 frame long".  PLS I can't spend 1 hour just to add and set transitions.

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    1+ on folder import.

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    Transitions have been brought up again so I'll repeat my prime requests on that topic. Shamelessly trolling for +1s.

    Transition resize should be symmetric. Who wants/needs/uses asymmetric transitions? Does any other editor allow such a thing? Resolve and Vegas are no. To backwards compat, asymmetric could be allowed using a key modifier like shift or alt.

    We should be able to Ctrl+Drag a transition and the action is just like a ctrl+drag with NLE clips. The item is duplicated and then we drop it wherever. A reasonably simple way to apply the same transition, properties and length to other cuts.

    Blur dissolve transition (dissolve with a blur component). Allow Iris transition to have a center property. Both of these exists in other editors.

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     For the HitfilmServer, and other IO files involved, that allow the integration of Hitfilm files with Vegas to be a lot faster. While it's useful to send over clips to be dealt with in Hitfilm, the crippling slowdown to about 1/5th of the speed on playback of the resulting clip when it gets back to Vegas is a major downer; even if you do literally nothing to it. Plus it messes up the colours on the round trip. Blame Vegas if you like, but if it's Sony's fault: talk to their guys and ask them to sort it out?

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    An option where you can set text boxes to fit the words you type

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    Ability to add a grade layer that effects all below layers in the editor. Final grade for video if you will.

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    +1 for grade layers in the editor timeline

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    Fix Matte Cleaner to not have those huge first steps from 0 to 0.01 or 0.1 that are the same size as the next 25 steps.  And work properly the rest of the time.

    It adds aliasing artifacts when trying to Smooth a Matte because it erodes semi-transparent pixels as much, or more than full pixels. It also produces a non-smooth edge where it was smooth before. So where the transparency on an edge at a slight angle might start out 5,4,3,2,1,0,5,4,3,2,1 it will become something like 5,3,4,2,1,0,5,4,2,3,1,0 with brighter edge pixels in the wrong places.

    Feather is worse, as it seems to actively target semi-transparent pixels and make them more transparent faster than it erodes solid pixels, then blurs things a bit. Choke works nothing like how AE implements it in either form: Matte Choker or Simple Choker and again seems to target semi-transparent pixels more than whole pixels, but without the blurring; so what was a blended, almost imperceptible, one pixel step on a matte edge becomes a jagged two pixel deep sawtooth. Adding Blur either side of Matte Cleaner helps a bit - with different results - but then the matte is too large, and you're back to  Set Matte>Choke (or Erode White>Choke; same thing) which aren't any use. Another Set Matte can't work, because the matte is smaller than before. Repeat for a while, then bang head on desk.

    Funnily enough, roundness adjustment on Masks works fine - until it turns loopy if you go too far - and it must be a fairly close cousin to Matte Cleaner>Smooth; and Feathering works fine too, so it should be possible for Matte Cleaner to work better inside the 'Hitfilm Environment'.

    If this needs to stay broken for 'historical reasons' then by all means add a 'Matte Cleaner Enhanced', or add an "Original Method" option switch to it when you fix it.

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    +1 on matte cleaner being wonky in ways and it would be nice if it was not wonky.

    Here is an example of feather. Setting of 25 to make it very visible. Small value, like 5, does the same undesirable thing but is not an in your face demonstration for the forum.

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    @NormanPCN Thanks for the confirmation. Never been able to use it for anything it's intended for and there are no obvious alternatives for some things.

    BTW, how do you get on with Bevel,Extrude and Rotate on text? I reported it broken at launch last year and have since tried it on 4 PCs with 4 different graphics cards and CPUs and an Apple Mac Pro.

    Equally, identically, busted on all of them but it had a tutorial where it (well, Bevel anyway) was not broken (or the only working settings/GPU/CPU/OS were found and used). Still no luck in latest Hitfilms for me though.

    Have a play:

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,880 Enthusiast

    @Palacono "BTW, how do you get on with Bevel,Extrude and Rotate on text?"

    I've mentioned this before. You have to use a certain/proper/expected order. Extrude first, then bevel, then rotate.

    In general I think Extrude first, then bevel, and finally any others (rotate, bend, hopefully more to come).

    As for matte cleaner, it has worked fine for me in the couple of instances I have tried where the alpha was generated by a key effect. Alpha generated elsewhere may be a crap shoot. The alpha on my example was generated by Quad Warp. It's an example I posted a few years ago.

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    @NormanPCN Ah, I missed your reply about this before. Yes, moving Rotate to the end does change the output and the flicker is gone, as well as the hiccup/flipout halfway through the playback. So....

    Also swapping the order of Bevel and Extrude produces different results. Is that "expected"? But just Bevel alone produces low poly lettering with the circle in the 'g' filled in and the 'd' with a double outline, so still no use. This is 'out of the box', so literally: New Project, Comp, Text Layer, "aksjgasjhddg", resize a bit, drag the Bevel effect on the default text and: WTH?  Change the text size to see it do even weirder things.

    I quite like the idea of Bend, just wish it could be applied to more things, such as Planes.

    WISHLIST ITEM: Be able to apply Bend to more things than text.

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    @Palacono "But just Bevel alone produces low poly lettering with the circle in the 'g' filled in and the 'd' with a double outline, so still no use."

    Given my history with New Blue Titler Pro I have seen beveling have lots of problems with various glyphs in various fonts. Some glyphs just cannot take much bevel (setting amount) without flipping their switches. Hitfilm is probably touchier on this than NewBlue. Bevel may be in the rear view mirror.

    "New Project, Comp, Text Layer, "aksjgasjhddg", resize a bit, drag the Bevel effect on the default text and: WTH?"

    The default bevel setting is too much for text of that size and thickness in your example.

    The bevel effect defaults to front and back bevels. Without at least a little tiny bit of extrude the front and back bevel is probably flipping it switches. With something that is still effectively "2D" (no extrude) a back bevel is kinda silly. Switching to front only and all goes okay. A default to front and back bevel is probably a bad choice given their code as is. Best to not have something flip its switches when a user just adds an effect. A back bevel can always be added. When they get crap from the get go you tend to just stop.

    The low poly thing is a problem. Boris gives you a poly count control and NewBlue just seems to choose/do something reasonable when making 3D geometry from 2D glyphs.

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    I think i have said these before. 

    1  Camera orientation toggle widget option (like older versions, except optional ).

    2 The option to use multiple points or (layers) other than tracking points for movement/orientation. 

    3 Multicam editing.

    4 Add-on Packs, - the option to buy single effects (at a slightly higher cost per effect of course).

    There! A short list from a Nobody-Express user, who probably isn't even worth considering.

    And of course, What other people want.

    5 Folder import.

     6 A designated 'Draw tool' add-on (although i suppose technically there is the 'Neon path').

    And last, but certainly not least no7, MARKERS. 

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    +1 to Liam's suggestion of Markers.  I know it's been mentioned lots before, but I do some motion graphics stuff and it would help BIG TIME!

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    Posted this over a year ago and...disappointed by the Mograph stuff we got, so The Super Point Effect, which is just a point you can use as an effect, so you can create presets instead of having to bodge it with other effects which only have half the parameters you need.

    Piece. of . cake to implement, so why don't we already have it?

  • ScottReidScottReid Website User Posts: 130

     "Piece. of . cake to implement, so why don't we already have it?"
    I always love it when we the users try to tell the coders that something we want is easy to implement.
    If that were true we'd have had it long ago.
    Just because some option exists in another program doesn't mean it's easy to implement or was even easy to implement in the other program.

    The folks at FXHome are doing an awesome job.  I am content to wait as they work their way through our ever growing list of demands desires. 

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    I agree. I think it even comes down to some cases that if they can write it down, than it must be easy to add.

    I have nothing but the highest respect for the people who code and build HitFilm to the amazing level it is at today. I think users telling HitFilm that a feature should be easy to add is insulting to say the least.

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     @ScottReid do you? Well here's more. ;)

    It's a piece of cake because it's Perspective Warp with half the parameters missing and a couple of other effects with more parameters missing, but that have useful ones not present in Perspective Warp that I made a MoGraph Presets video about over a year ago. It's simply a Point that's an Effect, which is what those other effects are when you dial down the bits you don't need. As all effects are essentially constructed from a drag'n'drop list of parameters added to a list, it's basically a tea break job. So, you construct some simple movement - just like you can with a New Point - but you're able to save it as  Preset with a sensible name and reuse it. Create once, use forever.

    Rocket Science it definitely isn't.

    I do it all the time with some hacked together versions of the Effects that we have access to already; so, swipe on/off, zoom in/out, spin on/off, flap horizontally/vertically by any size or corner, jiggle, wiggle, pop etc. etc. but it's a major bodge.

    So you place something - text, lower third, icon etc. - where you want it on the screen, then drop on a few effects Presets to have it animate on and off as you need. You can combine them, so a slide on can be combined with a zoom up, then spin off with all the little wiggles and bounces etc. that are expected.

    Piece. Of. Cake because it's already doing it. FXHome could even sell packets of premade animations. Instead we have the equivalent of typing with your elbows 18 months later. Disappointing is what it is. :(

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    Add speed ramping transition

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    Damn ! I'm currently working on a animation project, where the final resolution for the LED display is 15030 x 270 pixels. BUT no way to create that large composite shots, or stills or anything... I'm thinking about a workflow based on four cameras pointing on four parts of a big 3D composition, to create four synchronous files, but I'll have to export 4 files for each animation, and to find a way to stitch them into one quicktime animation file.

    It would be great (and highly appreciated by video mapping guys !!!) to break the 4K barrier (or 8K on machines with more VRAM) to allow working with larger assets, even if the final export has limits due to the codec used or the available VRAM.

  • kevin_nkevin_n Website User Posts: 1,785 Enthusiast

     @deweak15030 x 270 is 8x less pixels than 4k. What other programs allows you to do 15000 wide, and is it absolutely necessary to output at that resolution? 

    What about downscaling and letting the display upscale it, is that not an option?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,021 Ambassador

    @CNK in Hitfilm's case you can't create anything more than 8k pixel wide, no matter the pixel count. I've never created anything in those dimensions so I don't know if any of my software will do that. 

  • CleverTaglineCleverTagline Moderator Las Vegas, NVModerator, Website User, Ambassador Posts: 3,013 Ambassador

    @CNK @Triem23 My guess is that @Deweak is working on graphics for a ribbon board for an arena/stadium. Not sure if upscaling is an option for the hardware that runs those boards. Even if it is, I'm not sure I'd want to use it, because it would probably be obvious.

    I'm pretty sure that AE can handle stuff that wide. I've seen folks using it to make ribbon board videos at one of the stadiums where I occasionally work, and my memory is telling me I stumbled across an AE tutorial on YouTube some time ago that was specifically for ribbon boards.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,021 Ambassador

    @jsbarrett I MIGHT know if AE could do that if Adobe hadn't unilaterally deactivated my legitimate, purchased CS6, then, after we determined they'd deactivated my legitimate, purchased CS6 Adobe hadn't told me they were unable to reactivate my legitimate, purchased CS6, but I was welcome to "upgrade" to their rental program, for which they didn't try to offer me a discount to make up for them deactivating my legitimate, purchased CS6.

    As far as I'm concerned Adobe stole $2000 of software from me and didn't do anything to make it right. One will understand if I always badmouth Adobe as the immoral company they are - the "VFX Mafia" (Nice project you got there, shame if you were locked out of it).

    But, you know, fortunately there's Hitfilm, produced by the ethical people at FXHOME who do nice things for Express users, like eat upgrade/licensing costs for, say, Hitfilm Express 2017 users who upgrade to Hitfilm Express and have a Formats Pack carry over. ;-)

    @JoshDaviesCEO Thank you for being an ethical man and putting together such an excellent team. I am confident that FXHOME would never show such blatant disregard for the customer base, or, you know, turn to extortion because, you know, studios have decades of worked tired up in your product and will pay through the nose to not be, you know, locked out of their own archives. ;-)

    Not that I'm still rather annoyed eternally angry with Adobe. I'm certainly not tempted into language inappropriate for this forum, or anything....

    @Deweak FWIW Vegas Pro 15 ain't letting me make anything larger than 4k. Odd, that, since my GPU has 8GB of VRAM. Boris FX won't let me make anything larger than 4k either.

    @CNK on thing about upscaling. It's a very wide image, but at only 270 high, there's really not enough resolution to upscale. For sake of argument that's roughly 8k x 135 or 4k x 70. That's an issue....

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    @Deweak blender can do 15030x270 (I just checked), so maybe you could use that to stitch the pieces together?

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    I had a similar experience with Autodesk. Years ago when I first delved into 3D, I was trying out many different software packages through trial based software. At one point, I jumped into Softimage XSI, which was an excellent 3D program. XSI had a vibrant community and a hands-on development team that bent over backwards to keep the users happy.

    Then Autodesk came along and bought Softimage XSI from its developers in 2009. Knowing that they had a reputation for buying software out of the hands of their competitors, Autodesk insisted to the XSI users that they would take care of them and they had nothing to worry about. Autodesk promised the XSI community that they would keep developing XSI based on the community's input.

    Then it happened. In 2014, Autodesk killed XSI. The last version was "Autodesk Softimage 2015". Support for the software ended in 2016.

    I know Autodesk well. I became a visual effects artist in 2004. My first VFX software was Combustion by Autodesk. Of course, Autodesk eventually killed off Combustion because it's power started to encroach upon Flame. But, after the Softimage fiasco, I vowed never to touch another Autodesk product again. Additionally, I started using Mudbox, a 3D sculpting program. I really liked it. But, when Autodesk bought it, I immediately went to ZBrush.

    Autodesk is the Darth Vader of the software development world, as far as I'm concerned. I despise their business ethics. I no longer respect them on any level. Period.

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     @jsbarrett you're right, this job is for an exhibition hall with a wide led ribbon. Upscaling is not an option since with only 270 pixel high on the final media, texts and other sharp elements would look horrible if they are stretched from a 4 times smaller file, for instance.


    I'm sure After Effects could handle this kind of strange resolution since graphists we're used to work with use this software for these jobs, but the reason I'm using Hitfilm is that I didn't want to fall into Adobe's business with their silly subscriptions and multiple extra plugins to purchase. Hitfilm became my main VFX software and I even make my photo editing and flyers / visit cards with it.  Absolutely love Hitfilm (except for editing movies because the editor section is times slower than Magix Video Pro or Davinci Resolve, with my camera files...).


    @JMcAllister thanks for the info, I'll try this with Blender the next time I'll have to stitch multiple videos into on big Quicktime Animation file. Right now, the project is cancelled since the client asked a big media company to create the animations :/

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    Asked for years ago, so refreshing it again: the ability to Track composite shots; containing images sequences, animations, images distorted by effects, or basically anything else; just like you can do when you send the identical composite shot to mocha, which has no problem doing it at all.

    Hitfilm can serve up the individual frames for mocha to use, so why not to itself?

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