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  • Triem23
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    To expand on @jsbarrett's idea--basically he's thinking of a Hitfilm version of this:

    I am unaware of any NLE or compositor that has a "Magic Wand" key, and the link above is the only third party "Magic Wand" keyer I can think of.

    For implementation, in many ways this isn't too much different than the existing color keys. It all depends on how hard it would be to pull pixel data (color) from a layer underneath a point's position. If possible, ok--then the hard bit is in generating a "contiguous" area on each frame. I'd not want to being pulling the key color from the point's position--key color is already keyframeable as it is.

    That said, if the devs have not read the thread jsbarrett links, the discussion starts with a user wanting to key a Rubik's Cube from a white background. The issue is the white stickers are too close in color/value to the background, and are caught by the color and/or luma keyer creating "holes in the key. The solution is, of course, a bit of roto around the white face stickers.

    A "Magic Wand" key might not actually solve this issue... As the cube sections rotate there are points at which the white stickers won't be occluded by the black plastic, but will intersect the background. Even a "magic wand" key with a contiguous selection will end up needing a roto repair.

  • NormanPCN
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    I'll +1 the frame blending options. Rate stretch and Speed *must* be visually compatible.

    I am going to go further. Speed has to go. I know it can't for backwards compatibility so it needs to be replaced by something useful. Yes, Speed lets you keyframe retiming. So, you can do it. Speed is so funky and annoying you don't want to use it. That is the issue. And then there is the performance issue with Speed, but let's stick with usability. Speed is too quirky in that you need the timeline clip that is using it be a different length than the actual frame that will be the result. Thus you need to put that item into it's own comp or if already in a comp just size the  specific layer longer than the comp. The later can have it's own usability issues.

    Then there is the issue of putting high speed media on a timeline and lowering the speed via the app retiming feature. e.g. 60p media on a 30p timeline with a retiming of 50%. This is intuitive in other editors. It is easy for one to think the editor should use all source frames in this senario. Others do. Hitfilm does not. The others are right. Hitfilm requires you to change the media frame rate in the media panel. Hitfilm offers limited choices here. So often you need to slow down too much in the media panel and then speed up (rate stretch, speed) to get the rate you want. Then this media panel adjusted media goes through a timeline conformance retiming as well before we retime it to what we want. It can be tiring doing backflips to get a task done.

    Retiming is best done at the conformance stage of the pipeline as it appears others do. You can do it faster, do it *once* and do it better because you have more info at that stage (i.e. source and target frame rate and retiming factor).

  • MRemple
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    +1 for markers. Essential for any sort of professional level editing.

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    I'm still for having a checkbox option for a orientation widget for 3D cameras. 

    And as always 1+ for markers 

  • Pixel_Husky
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    How about the ability to link multiple audio tracks to one video?

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    Pixel_Husky  If i understand you right, you can already do that.

    make  a composite shot 

    add your'e video file to the timeline 

    add your'e audio  track (or tracks) layer them underneath the video on the timeline 

    drag them around on the timeline until they line up with the video the  way you like.

    Hope this helps

    P.S. I see you are a new user. i would strongly recommend watching some of the introductory Hitfilm tutorials. I know, because i didn't for a long time and so,  didn't end up doing much for a long time.

  • headshinsky
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    - please add the option to render a transparent file in the .webm Format

  • Triem23
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    @headshinsky this is unlikely to happen. Even according to webm's own developers webm is based on VP8 (which doesn't support transparency), and adding alpha channels to webm was tricky to do. Webm alpha channels are only supported in Chrome and require a Chrome extension.

    From Hitfilm you can render a PNG sequence or ProRes/Cineform video with alpha and use FFMPEG to transcode to webm, but it's unlikely Hitfilm will have webm support any time in the near future. 

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    Probably been discussed before, and probably wishful thinking, But hay!  its a wish-list! I was looking at the add-on packs and found that for lots of the effects, i didn't need the entire pack, i needed ' an effect from here, an affect from there. etc...etc..' 

    But my thought was, what about build your own add-on pack?

    In that case you would need to charge more per effect  and so on, but for people in my position who only needed five or ten effects from different packs, it would be awesome.

    of course things like...

    • Particle Simulator
    • 3D Model Import
    • Mocha HitFilm
    • Projector
    • Puppet tool
    • ... And so on, would not be available for such a "cherry picking "system (because they are already like that ), and it would still have to be cheaper to buy the standard  packs.  

    Probably wishful thinking, and is going to make the 'dev's' hate me,

    But i just thought i'd push for that.

  • triforcefx
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    LiamMcM1 -  1+ I was thinking the exact same thing. I'd even pay a bit extra per effect if it meant I was getting the effects I actually wanted.  For instance, The Edit: Starter pack has 5 Effects for $10 (~$2 ea.) If I only wanted the Text effect then I'm paying $10 for one effect that I want and 4 that I'm never going to use. I'd happily pay $10 for only 3 effects if they were the ones I actually care about.

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    triforcefx  My thoughts exactly.

    For example:

    I want the 'Flicker' effect which is one of four in the first lighting pack for 20$. But i also want the 'Light rays' effect, part of the second lighting pack, also 20$. Those are the only two effects i want out of both packs, but i'll have to pay 40$ for them, that makes price of each 5$. I would be happy to pay a bit extra if i was paying for the ones i wanted. 

  • Langrave
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    Hi. I have a few requests for features, if they are not already being work on, mainly because I think I think they could make user experience better in the Hitfilm editor.

    I would like to request a metalogging feature to better organize and sort through clips. If you have tons of footage this could be a time saver.

    I would also like to request that we could import an already made folder and file structure. I started working on a documentary and it was a pain having to remake the file structure and manually import every video when all that was needed would have been to drag and drop.

    Lastly, I'd like to request a way to easily make multiple sequences and a non intrusive adjustment layer. Going the long way around you can make both in compositing, but it would be nice to have an adjustment layer option on the main editing timeline to apply across multiple clips at once.

    Thanks. I am going to buy the pro version in a few months when my adobe subscription runs out.

  • Triem23
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    @Langrave I've moved you requests into this existing Wishlist thread.

  • Langrave
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    @Triem23 Ah, okay, sorry for posting on the other one. I didn't see there was a wishlist posting

  • spydurhank
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    Hey @Langrave I'll +1 that import custom file structure again as it has been mentioned before, although you can create a file structure already in HitFilm. It is actually pretty nifty that we can do this. :)

  • BigDaz
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    A "Slice On Current Frame" hotkey.

    I'd really like to put the timeline on a frame and hit a key to slice it there. Selecting and moving the slicing tool seems unnecessary. 

  • colamanBS
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    Do you mean the shortcut Slice selected ojects/layers?
    cmd+shift+d on Mac / ctrl+shift+d on PC
    under file - options - shortcuts you can change it.

  • colamanBS
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    Composite Shot:

    Please add the option to insert clips without Audio, like in the Editor,
    or an Audio effect mute, or maybe both?

  • inScapeDigital
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    @colamanBS You can Mute layers in the Layer Properties.

  • tddavis
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    @ColamanBS I believe if you hold down Ctrl (on a PC) when you drag a clip from the media bin to the time line it leaves the audio behind.

  • colamanBS
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    @inScapeDigital Yes, but several clips at once?
    I add music and a lot of videos and want to cut them on the beat.
    Sometimes there are 60+ Layer.
    Add while holding alt to the Editor Timeline is without Audio,
    something like this for composite shots?

  • UnitheFoolGuy
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    How come Hitfilm doesn't have a Vibrato Effect, the Next Update should have that, and just Imagine amount of Silly Videos I could Make with that Effect, along with Distortion and a Customizable Reverb Effect would just Expand the Possibilities of Fun with this Software

  • Palacono
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    This isn't a new request, it's a few years old but as each new release fails to address it, it seems it needs re-adding to the list.

    For the Matte Cleaner Effect to have all of the effective ranges (but especially the Smooth parameter) expanded by about 25x, as they are way, way too sensitive at the lower end and bizarre at the top end.

    When trying to use a green screen source, the difference between 0.00 and 0.01 is huge, then there is no difference at all between 0.01 and 1.00.  The range goes up to 125, and no one should need to use values beyond 5. If they do: use multiple copies of the effect.

    If you do try to use values beyond 5, then Smooth starts inserting a strange black background behind the subject, as in smoothing out the edge of the Matte it, it expands it into indented areas, such as between a head and a neck, while simultaneously cropping off the outside of the shoulders.

    Feather and Choke have slightly different ranges, only go up in increments of 0.1 and up to 128 (not 125?) but have similarly large effects before even getting to 1.0. No one should need a value above 5. If they do, again: multiple copies of the effect.

    Wispy hair is impossible to deal with, your choices are to either get jaggies and breakup, or give the person an unrealistic haircut.

    Below demonstrates the difference in the mask for the Smooth parameter value changing from 0.00 to 0.01, and the last : what happens at the top of the range.

    Looks like mice have been at the mask's edge in the second one. A similar effect happens with Feather increased from 0.0 to 0.1

    If not a bug then, for backwards compatibility: a "Wide Range: On/Off" switch would work with previous projects.

  • JMcAllister
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    another +1 for markers, they would make my life easier right now

  • Palacono
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     Just so it's where someone might make a note of it, or +1 or -1 it...

    Regarding the new Mask selection/movement implementation:

    Add a keyboard shortcut that will:

    a) Select all the points of the mask - as if a box was dragged around them all (new behaviour) - and
    b) Change the mode to Freehand Selection mode (if it isn't already)?

    That way the only extra overhead that also accommodates the current methodology requires just a single extra key to be pressed in advance and Path Keyframes will be created as before, but the new methodology is also available.

    Must be a key (combo?) free somewhere? :)

  • Palacono
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     I moved all Hitfilm caches etc. to a RAM drive (restarted it so they would work) and ran a tracking test. It was exactly the same speed, both playing from RAM drive and from the HDD

    Went into Resource Manager and watched what was happening as I dragged the playhead back and forth. To start with there was activity from the RAM drive, then as it all ended up in the Windows cache RAM (44Gb left after the 4GB RAM Drive) : no more activity from that.

    But, there seems to be some QT stuff reading and writing to a cache file (data_0 and data_1, I think) that seems like it might be a potential bottleneck and not the GPU. There is actually quite a lot of activity to the (slow) C: drive, but without some kind of profiling software, I can't tell how much of it is down to Windows or what is Hitfilm. The QT stuff is definitely Hitfilm though. If it's thrashing about with lots of teeny tiny reads and writes, that'll be slow.

    A request. The ability to redirect the path of more things (caches especially) from a slow HDD to either an SSD or a RAM drive to speed things up. This test would kind of explain why putting everything I could on an SSD (Hitfilm paths and proxies too) that was not the boot drive made sweet diddly squat to performance increases in Hitfilm. It did help for Vegas though. So while I could get another SSD to boot from: being able to relocate paths in Hitfilm would be more versatile for everyone who could maybe use a small one for current projects (as I do: just 128GB), maybe even over USB3 on a laptop? 

    tl;dr being able to move all caches and other things that Hitfilm reads and writes data to either a RAM drive or an SSD.

  • Palacono
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    I've been  bit slow to notice this Enhancement - as it was added in November, but it doesn't do what we'd need it to do.

    "Holding down the Shift Key now locks bezier control movement to the time axis in the Value Graphs and sequence envelopes allowing for completely smooth audio and video transition in the editor."

    That doesn't help if you are adjust the values rather than just sliding them along the timeline. If you don't use Shift they can still go any which way; if you do use Shift: you can't adjust the values, only the position. So only half a solution.

    I suggested this method before, and I'll suggest it again: The larger of the directions that the cursor is first moved when SHIFT is held indicates which axis to lock, X or Y.

    If someone want to move left/right along the time line then they'll mostly do that, with maybe a little up/down by accident - which is why this feature is required. So you'd see that left/right is larger than up/down and you disregard/reset the up/down movement and thereafter you lock to X/left/right as long as the SHIFT key is held. Similarly if they want to go up/down on the value and not the position they'll mostly manage that, so you know to lock to  Y/Up/Down movement and disregard any left/right.

    I can't believe it would be any more difficult to implement than the current system and be much more versatile while also still working as it currently does - because no one who wants to move left/right is going to move a larger amount up/down. If they do: that's what undo is for and then they try again. :)

  • Triem23
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    I'll +1 the above. 

  • Davlon
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    Mograph grumble:

    The Hitfilm font engine seems to be ignoring the kerning data present in font files.  For the newbies, kerning refers to the space between characters.    Font files have kerning data for (most) every combination of characters.  The font designer sets up the optimal spacing when creating the font.

    Place this text with zero letter spacing:  "FANG   BAG  GAUGE".   Look at  the space between these pairs:  FA   AG   AU.   It's too wide.  Kerning data corrects this --   Every font has kerning data -- we should not have to manually adjust display text.

    But for the times that adjustments are needed, the current method of laboriously  selecting letter pairs and changing the font spacing is cruel punishment.  Photoshop does it right:  by placing the cursor between two characters, you can press the ALT key and then move the adjacent characters pixel by pixel using the arrow keys.  


  • NormanPCN
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    "The Hitfilm font engine seems to be ignoring the kerning data present in font files. "

    This seems to be common issue amongst most apps using OpenGL for text. At least in my experience. I include Hitfilm, New Blue Titler Pro and Boris into this OpenGL text classification.

    It should be noted that OpenGL does not support text. Therefore you have to use some third party code to read/decode the font files. These libraries can be kinda twitchy in my experience. It seems to have gotten better. The GL engine FxHome uses seems to be below that being used by NewBlue or Boris.

    Boris Title studio on HF8 does seem to be using font kerning pair information. The layout is maybe not as good as it could be but something seems used. I stopped upgrading NewBlue so I still have Titler Pro 4 and as of that version is still did not support kerning pairs. I bitched at them over the years about this from the first version.

    "Every font has kerning data -- we should not have to manually adjust display text"

    Very much agreed. Ignoring font data is just wrong. Period.

    "Photoshop does it right"

    Generally, when it comes to font support and use, Adobe is the gold standard. They invented Postscript, they develop fonts, and they care about font support/use/workflow.

    <rant on>

    I have a bit of history with type. In '87 my Aunt owned a printing business and I helped here with her computer setup. The original Corel draw and Ventura publisher (GEM). Even some (ahem) reverse engineering because the Adobe postscript font upload to postscript printers was slow and proprietary (thus the need to hack).  

    In that print shop experience I learned to care about type and how it looks. So to me, if font information defined by the font developer is ignored, that is frankly inexcusable. Period. The text only looks "good" if the information provided by the font designer is used.

    To me Hitfilm mostly does not have a text feature. By this I mean that if it cannot support a valid font that is legally installed, that every other flipping app in existence works with, then you don't have a text feature. Don't talk to me that in a particular constrained set of circumstances that things work, you you thus have a text feature. You can go to or and buy a $500 US fontset from the likes of Monotype/ITC/URW/Adobe (aka not a flaky font file) and it won't work in Hitfilm. Not good. I have a lot of purchased fonts.

    I should not have to convert a font to some other format  and/or be forced to install it a specific way to get things to work in Hitfilm. I do have a font converter program. TransType 4. I bought it years ago to work around issues that NewBlue Titler Pro had in my previous days using Vegas. The issues were mainly Font metadata issues so the actual glyphs were unchanged.

    I have tested font glyph conversion and I have seen some glyphs change in appearance ever so slightly (with no magnification).  I am not going to convert and test each font with the glyphs I am concerned with in some specific use case just to get things to work. Therefore, Hitfilm does not have text at lot of the time. Boris is pretty twitchy. Not as stable as Hitfilm. NewBlue, well, I stopped updating. Both have bugs with the Hitfilm timeline.

    "Finish" existing features before moving on.

    <rant off>

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