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  • Having the ability to replace audio channels is a big deal to a lot of people.  It's preventing me from making the switch to HitFilm.  More info here:

  • Deweak
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    I recently had an issue when trying to animate a zoom from space to the ground :

    My idea was to start from the ground level map as a 3D plan, to put a higher level map just below and to scale it bigger to match the first picture, a third picture scaled bigger to match the second one, and so on up to six pictures.

    Then I'd have to move the camera back and forth to see all these layers. The farther the camera is, the bigger picture you'll see. The very first zoom level is actually my 3D earth model.  As the camera is heading to the final zone, with a little motion blur and clouds you shouldn't feel the transition too much when falling to the ground...

    BUT I found out that camera clipping is limited and I couldn't put all the zoom levels in one shot, because cliiping doesn't allow you to see very big objects from really far away, even if you can scale them to 100000% if you want :/

    That's why I couldn't have a smooth movement in this video. There are six zoom levels (plus the 3D model) but I had to make three composite shots to mix all of them...

    All this to say : is there a way to add an "unlimited" option to camera clipping ?

  • Triem23
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    @Deweak I can't comment on camera clipping distance, but I will say instead of doing your pullout as 3D it actually should have been (mostly) 2D. Create a point, scale it to something like 10000%. Parent your first image, scale down the point until you're ready to parent your second image, Scale point down for third image, etc., fading images out as they don't need to be seen anymore.

    You should be able to have a smooth motion all the way. Like so.

  • spydurhank
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    Ooh, I remember that shot, loved it then, love it now. :)

  • MohammadAli3D
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    * Support Arabic Language
    * Support Multi Sequences/Multi Ediotr

    *Support Multi-Cam

  • +1 for markers and editing during playback. I'm constantly making effects matching music in my videos and it is extremely tedious to add keyframes manually without the ability to use sound waves for effect parameters, but at least being able to press a key while listening would ease the pain. I'm trying VEGAS because of this.

  • Palacono
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    @DominoPivot, don't just try it, buy it at You've got 5 days to get VP 14.0 for $20 +whatever you want to add for charity.


  • Triem23
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    @DominoPivot, I agree. Get the Vegas bundle. Vegas is a fantastic editor, and is stronger in the kind of sliding around edits for music videos. You won't find any audio reactivate effects in Vegas, mind you. Vegas remains (in my opinion) a superior editor, but Hitfilm Express can easily do VFX and animation Vegas simply can't do without third party plug-ins far more expensive than Hitfilm Pro. 

    Nothing wrong with owning two tools and using the best one for a particular task. :) 

    But, as always, +1 on markers... 

  • bweasl
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    I'd also like to leave a +1 for the markers idea, especially if they could be added without interrupting playback.

    For the same reason (matching video to music) I'd give a +1 for an option to display bars and beats on timeline and define BPM. 

    Also +1 for the timeline playhead stopping when it reaches the end of the content area (rather than having to chase after it like an errant sheepdog, or see it floating off into space like a disconnected astronaut).

    And 'Animated GIF support' has already been mentioned here, ideally the ability to export as a gif.

    Please and thank you. :)

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    Once again +1 for the markers

  • Palacono
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    +1 for markers (again), but also +1 for everything else that would be required to make them usable. So: RAM preview in the Editor, and variable playback speed so you can set a marker accurately to match with audio. Also the ability to touch a key without Hitfilm stopping playback would need to be implemented. 

  • Stargazer54
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    What Palacono said.

    What makes markers useful is the ability to hit a key while the audio/video  tracks are playing.   Hitting marks on the fly is required for setting marks to the audio beat or on a visual queue.

    Even Newtek's SpeedEdit has markers on the fly.

  • Andersen01498
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    any possibility having export to vegas option? 

  • KTrails
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    Just arrived here to ask that the 360 viewer in Ignite be made to work in Vegas. Surprising to see this part of the thread focusing on it (Vegas, that is). I'll add that markers is certainly on my top 10 list for Hitfilm improvements. Associated keyboard shortcuts most go along with it.

    I tried my best for 2 years to stick with Hitfilm, but I just plunked down the money to upgrade to Vegas 15 pro (from 12), and will be returning to it for final editing. In the end, I just can't make it without markers and auto crossfades (among others).

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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     "RAM preview in the Editor, and variable playback speed so you can set a marker accurately to match with audio"


  • Andersen01498
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    Title safe/action  button option instead of adding an effect

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    Syncing audio with video in the composite timeline.

  • Hi, firstly I want to say how great it is that you've added the video transitions with push etc. I am making video essays and they are quite popular now. The push/wipe saves a lot of time. I suppose instant blur would also be nice -- now I have to make it in a composite. 


    But one thing I REALLY NEED, is a voice-over button with background noise reduction. Just a simple option. Now I sometimes need to record in audacity and apply noise reduction and do this 15 times and move them into Hitfilm. 

    Would save me probably an 30min to an hour in editing each video if I could just press a microphone button in Hitfilm. 

    I've seen post from 2015 where people ask for this option. Please consider it, it's a HUGE deal and is in increasing higher need! 

  • Enzo03
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     What about the new AV1-codec? I would appreciate it, if Hitfilm would support the importing  the exporting of AV1 files. AV1 requires less storage space and is royalty-free and I think it's the codec we are going to use in the future as long as there's no better codec. The only problem with AV1 at the moment is, it's a bit slow. It uses only one thread (maybe they "patched" it already when you are reading this).

    Kind regards

  • dgl_thrawn
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    I'd love to have the ability to create sub-clips to separate out different takes from the same source file. For example I'm presented with a mov file with 3 or 4 different takes of the same scene and I'd want to have those as individually editable clips.

    Also the ability to add notes next to the clips so I can put characters, type of shot, good/bad take, etc

  • Deweak
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    Many thanks for this tip, as usual you have a smart and easy answer to something I imagined complex... You rock, man, thumbs up ! ;)

  • Is it possible dat there will ever be an photoshop program from hitfilm/photo

  • MuuSer
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    I dream about subtitle files (.srt, .sub, ...) importing and maybe even exporting feature for newly introduced text effect that is awesome tool. :)

  • MikeCZ
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    Hello, I have been working a lot with HitFilm Express during last days and here is the list of features I would really like to have in HitFilm implemented. Some of them are quite easy to implement (and will be very useful) others are not but should be possible to implement.

    MP4 export:

    • Video DimensionUse source (now I have to set dimension manually)
    • Encoding mode – Constant quantizer mode to set Quality not the Bitrate

    To have the possibility to set default duration for transition effects. I am using Cross Dissolve a lot but I have to change duration almost every time when I use it. I would recommend implementing it on right click when I am in the Effect list.

    To have the possibility to apply transition effect between all selected clips. I have to do it one by one and it is very slow because when I apply effect it switches to Control panel so I have to go back to Effect panel and so on and so on and so on.

    Better optimization for preview playing in Viewer window. When I have two FullHD videos and I put Cross Dissolve effect between them the preview is horrible. When I click play button the CPU load is 20% and GPU 25% when it is playing the first video. When it enters the Cross Dissolve effect the FPS drops to 2FPS, the CPU load is about 65% and GPU drops to 2%. This effect is so easy to do on GPU so why it does not use it? I am using i7-4770K and GeForce GTX 1080.

    Warp Stabilizer – already in the wish list. I bought VSDC Video Editor Pro and it works so amazingly in it! Try it! I have like 1 hour videos I need to stabilize and it is impossible to use one tracking point technique that is implemented in HitFilm.

     And THANK YOU for new features already implemented like render queue etc.



  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    -Warp Stabilizer – already in the wish list. I bought VSDC Video Editor Pro and it works so amazingly in it! Try it! I have like 1 hour videos I need to stabilize and it is impossible to use one tracking point technique that is implemented in HitFilm.-

    I'm all for a new method of stabilization 


  • UnitheFoolGuy
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    Great Ideas, but can we get back to Audio Effects and Plugins for Hitfilm?

  • Palacono
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    For both the Speed Effect and the Rate/Duration option to have toggles for Frame Blending on/off.

    By all means default to what they are now for backwards compatibility, but provide the option to choose to select the opposite.

  • Triem23
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    I'll +1 for frame blending. 

    I'll ask for a Composite Shot's Active Cameras to add a checkbox for orthogonal rendering. This has some use in special effects (yes, I can think of times I'd want to render a 3D scene in an orthogonal manner), but is more about complex alignments during animation. Since the Top, Front and Left/Right cameras are orthogonal, it shouldn't be overly time consuming to add this option to the scene cameras?

    Implementation: add a checkbox in Layer Options for Orthogonal! Make it keyframable, what the heck! Someone will do it.

    More complex version--would it even be possible to add an "orthogonal slider" where 0 is full perspective and 100 pure orthagonal? I can seriously see that being useful for some really awesome transitions or "reality bending" effects. This, obviously, is more complex than a simple toggle for the existing orthagonal projection. I'd totally settle for a toggle. 

  • JMcAllister
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    +1 @Palacono 's suggestion about being able to toggle frame blending on/off

  • CleverTagline
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    Another +1 for frame blending when changing clip speed.

    Here's an idea that came to mind while reading this thread: a "magic wand key" effect.  In short, it would let you create an alpha channel for a layer in a fashion similar to what magic wand selection does in most image editing programs, only you would specify X and Y coordinates for the wand "source" (with a possible option to drive this position via a point or other layer), and be able to keyframe the coordinates over time as needed to keep it in the zone you want to key.  Most properties for this effect would be similar to those in magic wand tools in image editing software.

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