THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    Whereas I almost always use smooth. 


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    +1 For a default keyframe preference. Preferences are a good thing. Even if there are a lot of them.

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    Up-to-date documentation. As found out by some threads there are keys or procedures which are not mentioned in the documentation. If nobody knows about a feature it is useless and maybe frustrating to the developers because it is not used. Also it's not good for Hitfilm itself when things can easier be done but nobody knows.

    Also the docu between Ignite and and Hitfilm differs for the same effects (different explanation depth). Most newer things (version 6.1 and up) can't barely be found in the documentation.

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    +100 to that, but Axel's house did burn down, so he's a bit busy.

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    +1 on the Docs. Axel has been doing a good job on filling that out. A lot of stuff was added at Hitfilm 2017. Mostly on the app UI itself but there are still holes there. I've mentioned some but they are still there. The effects are sadly mostly undocumented.

    That is the big addition the DOCs need. A sentence or two on each parameter in an effect. Plus maybe a non obvious tip or two when they exist for an effect. A tip no tutorial. Like how to create a reflected gradient using the Radial gradient effect. Or draw with lightsword. Crush alpha and zoom blur.

    "If nobody knows about a feature it is useless "

    +100 On that and there is very recent example of such. A feature in the Media panel that Danny mentioned in a post. Added in Hitfilm 3 and nobody has ever known about it. It a tree falls and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound. If a feature is implemented and nobody knows about it, or how to use it, does it "exist".

    This forum is available for anyone to write up quick and dirty/crappy DOCs. At least then something exists at some level.

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    Suggestion to speed up Hitfilm with a simple option:

    Preamble: Imagine you have to comps, call them A and B and A ist nested in B and B is proxied. Any changes made to A will invalidate the proxy of B. So the code for checking dependencies is already there.

    Now add an option to a composite shot "Auto proxy when closed" which means: When that composite is not opened for editing this invalidation leads to the comp being queued for proxy automatically. In addition to that: When that comp is open for edit nothing happens (makes no sense to proxy while working in it). But when it is closed it will automatically be queued for proxy. I guess this will not be a lot of code to add.

    So any more complex composite or a cop with heavy computation in it can be set by the user to this option and this will speed up things fast without the users need to add the comp to proxy queue if any changes are made.

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    Regarding "auto" dissolve in editor timeline (as in Vegas e.g.):
    That has already been made as suggestion and there have been disussions about them. During my last project I came to an idea I'd like to share:

    In Vegas you can move two clips on the same track to overlap and Vegas automatically does a cross dissolve. In Hitfilm two clips cannot be on the same space. And thinking the Hitfilm way it makes sense - when I started with Hitfilm as a Vegas user I couldn't understand that I can't do it. Now when I do it in Vegas it feels weird. This shows: It is only a question of the point of view, there is no right or wrong in general.

    I suggest not to implement the Vegas way and make deep changes in Hitfilm but to automate something that can be done already manually:
    First add a property to video tracks in editor timeline, for explanation purpose I call it AutoDissolve. Now whenever a clip is moved on that track so that it overlaps with a clip on a track below the opacity is driven by that option from 0 zo 100 for the length of the overlap. The user can be informed by a colored area or just by slahes in the area of the overlap.
    The reason I choose an option for the track is that this way users who quickly want to assemble a video can do that with auto dissolve while adding a clip to a third or fourth track without that option still enables to make hard cuts. This way assembling can be done a lot faster than now. For develoiping that option the only need is to look to the layers below to see if there is an overlap.

    Edit: As a bonus the AutoDissolve option would not only be yes/no but the type of dissolve for that track. That makes assembling clips even more faster.

    Just a thought from view as user and developer. What do other users think about it? I would call it a neat and even more perfect option than the way Vegas does it.

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    @Juda1 Minor note--Vegas is the ONLY NLE that auto dissolves overlapping media. And that's so essential in my workflow that I'll probably stick with Vegas forever. Everyone else's way of adding dissolves is an inefficient timesuck. That one feature alone has saved me uncounted hours.

    I'm not certain how I feel about your current suggestion. Honestly, I feel it would require as deep a change to Hitfilm code as the Vegas style auto dissolve, since it still requires some kind of automatic transition or opacity change based on overlapping media. Making it a track level opt-in/out seems to make it MORE complex to me, both in coding and in use.

  • Juda1Juda1 Website User Posts: 300

    @Triem23: I am with you. I also found it so useful that I stayed (and still use it) with Vegas for years. For most I did in the past - short videos for sports teams or for fun - is quickly assembling short seconds of source footage for 3-5 minutes using source footage 1-2 hours of length. And that cutting and reassembling in Vegas is so fast, no editor I tried since then ever came near to it.

    Thanks for your note, maybe my suggestion is not just fitting for my point of view. I do most cross dissolves in Hitfilm that way so I thought automate it could be a speed up for everyone.

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    Hitfilm could do an auto dissolve transition by using a key modifier with the normal timeline select tool. A modifier combo like say Ctrl+Alt which is unused.

    The modifier would alter what Hitfilm does when moving a clip. It would create a transition. How to show that to a user while dragging?

    One could ghost (opacity) the overlap with a tooltip showing the time overlap. It could dynamically show the clips as they would result with transition. Again with a tooltip showing the time overlap/transition length.

    The later could be easiest. Hitfilm certainly has code which does the display logic based on the clips position info. The drag would be faking the clip position data from actual during the drag. The overlap from actual determines the left/right edge adjust. Half the overlap for each. The transition being full overlap centered on the half overlap edge adjust. Then you have to flash/fake a transition box since the actual data currently has no transition. 

    Then there is all the tedium of the boundaries. Like when a transition already exists and you try a move and such. Decisions as to what to allow/disallow. I would be good with it very restricted. Only allowing movement when one would be creating a transition where none exists.

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     A drawable keyframed motion path.

    (I know it sounds like what we already have, but please read ;D)

    I am not talking about Action pro ether 

    The thing that brought this to mind was trying to draw a path on a map in Hitfilm alone.

    i know you can sort of do this already by frame-by-framing  a point and  using  FilmSensei's trick of using the lightsword preset for a draw tool  or by revealing a pre-drawn png. path with masks .

    My idea was that you could have a tool like  freehand masker, so that you could go to the fist frame and start it with one keyframe, and then go to the last frame and draw the rest of it, and  would be animated automatically and parent a point to it .


    i don't think this exists yet, in Hitfilm.

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    @LiamMcM1 so like a write on effect from after effects 

  • alaska_vfx_filmeralaska_vfx_filmer Website User Posts: 443 Enthusiast
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    I do not have AE, but you're probably right. Yes, a write or draw tool, with the ability of a point at the head (for parenting things to).

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    RAM preview on the editor timeline. 

  • alaska_vfx_filmeralaska_vfx_filmer Website User Posts: 443 Enthusiast

    1+ RAM preview on the editor timeline

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    Instead of this trickle of '360' versions of various effects with each release, can we have a "To 360" and "From 360" - or just one with a switch in it? - that can be applied to everything?

  • AlbusViaFilmsAlbusViaFilms Website User Posts: 29
    1. An audio scrubber in the trimmer:  Would it be possible to add a scrubber onto the trimmer for audio files? As in – can there be a line on the actual waveform in the preview. Most other (free) software I have used in the past has this and it makes it easier to match the start and end points to where I want it – rather than just guessing by ear, if I know which ‘audio spike’ I want the sound to start on, I can move the scrubber to that spike and then select the start point. Obviously with the video preview, you can scrub to the frame you want and you can see the frame you’re on, so you can find the exact in point you want. (tl;dr essentially, have the scrubber on the trimmer wavelength rather than on a bar at the bottom)
    2. In past software I've used, when you select a clip on the timeline, the trimmer displays that clip but with its in/out points - this is useful as it allows us to find out where that clip exists within its full file. 
    3. Allow multiple timeline assets to be made into a single comp - so say you've edited a small scene, and you want to apply comp effects to them all in one go, you can select, for example, three clips next to each other (either in the same layer and/or overlays), and make comp. Then the comp will be these assets in layer form, so they play the same. | In addition, this would also be helpful if you need to sync your comp effects to music - I've had edits where the last video, for example, needs an animation. The entire video is edited to music. So I select the last video and make it into a comp. But only the video goes into the comp, and the music which I need to time the animation to isn't. So I have to then copy that over into the comp. 
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    I'm new to hitfilm and would like to see a multiple editor sequences in one project. Also make it possible to edit audio and color correction without the video stopping. Kind of frustration trying to edit sound and play head keeps stopping. 

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,879 Enthusiast

    +1 audio scrubber in trimmer.

    • show the in/out range as a selection across the waveform
    • show the playhead position with a vertical line across the waveform.

    This should be fine since the full length audio waveform is shown in the Hitfilm viewer. 

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    A fisheye camera or distortion to render equidistant 180 videos (up to 4096x4096) would be great! There are a lot of planetariums looking for affordable software!

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    Can you fix the composite shot zoom please? When I am in a composite shot and I zoom in with Ctrl+scroll wheel, it scrolls up and down and does not lock on the vertical axis of the scroll bar when you hold Ctrl. Am I doing something wrong here or has this been not been fixed?

    Its very annoying and frustrating to re-position what layer I was at when simply zooming in. This is an important fix for everyone.


  • lucxlucx Website User Posts: 1

    +1 markers - I'd also love to be able to add markers by pressing a specific key while playback so I could i. e. edit exactly to the beat of the audio or to put my sound effects exactly where I want them to be while watching the video.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast

    I also wanted than for that, but even if you did have markers, Hitfilm plays so slowly and jerkily, without the option for RAM preview, or to change playback speed, that it wouldn't be any use anyway. I use Vegas Movie Studio, where you can do all those things. 

  • TxH003TxH003 Website User Posts: 37 Just Starting Out

    As a new  HitFilm Pro user, my feature/improvement wishlist is stated below:

    • Timeline markers.
    • Option for continuous video play, in the timeline, while performing various actions, such as edits.
    • Multi-camera support.
    • Additional video and audio transitions.
    • XML support.

    Overall, I am not big on VFX usage, which I understand caters to the majority of HitFilm customers, but I hope to experience some NLE improvements over the course of my 12 month update period.

  • ToddGrovesToddGroves Website User Posts: 227


    I have to disagree completely that Markers are useless because HItfilm playback is slow. Markers are specifically for the purpose of timing and planning. They would still serve that purpose regardless of the speed of playback.

    What would be especially useful, is if we could label the Markers, or be able to double click them to open a text box to fill in information for the Marker. Which is a feature found in most NLE's that I know of.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast

    @ToddGraves I meant they'd still be useless as a means of trying to match cuts to music without other ways of making Hitfilm run smoother, and/or slower for everything to remain in sync.

    For other things: Yeah, you can already do that, although it's a bit long-winded.  Create some composite shots with text in them and use them as markers on a hidden layer above your video clips in the NLE, or just use coloured planes and give them meaningful names.

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    I'm new user of the pro version, I think this program has a big lack
    in the editor window: the ability to move all clips to the right or left from a selected clip (for 1 track or all tracks at once). For example if I want to insert an object in a long timeline with a lot of objects, it is not practical to make a selection of all the right clips that I want to move.

    And a performance improvement in 4k (it's very heavy, despite my powerful computer)

    (sorry for my english ^^ )

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    @Vlad_Zanbarbone You do not need to move anything. If you want to insert a clip hold SHIFT, click the Media and drag it onto the clip where it should be inserted. The underlying clip and all following clips will be moved automatically. 

    It's in the manual as well, take a look at "working with media".

  • Vlad_ZanbarboneVlad_Zanbarbone Website User Posts: 54 Just Starting Out
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    Thank you Juda1 for your answer.

    I already know this fonction, but it's not enough for me. And it cut all the tracks upside and down the insertion point!

    For example, if i want to increase the duration of un clip or a picture, how can i do? I also have "magix video deluxe" and it do it perfectly.

    it's so useful that i don't know if i can live without this ;)

    Pictures are better than words, let me show in this short movie:



  • ColinMasonWayneColinMasonWayne Website User Posts: 2

    Maybe a pen tool like After Effects. I would really like the ability to do a scribble effect in Hitfilm 

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