THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • MarioKluserMarioKluser Website User Posts: 126

    I don't know it this already has been mentioned. But there are two fixes that really should be made imo:

    • The viewer always stops playing when I hit a key on the keyboard, adjust the volume or click somewhere  in the program. This is utterly annoying and Hitfilm is the only program I know that does that.
    • There should be the possibility to lock a track on the timeline, so that it is safe of being changed unintended. 

    I believe that this two functionalities are very basic to every NLE software. I use Hitfilm 4 Pro and am very surprised (to say the least) that they are not available.

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,882 Enthusiast

    +1 on both the playback not stopping and track/layer/clip locking.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,034 Ambassador

    +1 on the playback stopping and track locking--I know both HAVE been mentioned before, but another +1 can't hurt.

    Also, another +1 on markers. Markers are good.

    I also +1 myself for a "Clean Unused Media" function. Last night I broke up a large project to export just a few elements I intend to re-use, then had to go through tediously manual deletion of over a hundred (now unused) media assets.

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,882 Enthusiast

    +1 on "clean unused media". I used that all the time in Vegas.

    One other project cleanup item that can be useful is a remove all proxies in the current project function. We have a remove all proxies everywhere function but to cleanup a single project you have to scroll through everything looking for the proxy icon and remove each manually.

  • MarioKluserMarioKluser Website User Posts: 126

    Another big thing (for me) would be being able to add text in the editor rather than having to make a composite.

    In my example I have a scene in my film where the actors speak Dutch and I want to add subtitles to it. In every other NLE it's possible to do this on the timeline. It would be amazing if simple things like that would be available in Hitfilm as well.

    I can b.t.w. understand that developers are focused on the more complicated and exciting features and overlook simple things like that.

  • OnixartsOnixarts Website User Posts: 120

    As I mentioned few post earlier it looks like the render effects (lights, blurs, shadows) in preview window do compute each frame when I simply jump in another frame in timeline. Now my scene grows up and it took about 10 minutes! to HF renders new frame. If I switch off effects, switch frame and enable effect it takes max 10 seconds.

    If You can't fix this, then please add a CANCEL button to break current scene rendering.

    Another nice feature would be a posibility to temporary switch off auto insert new keyframe into selected parameter. For example, I'm working on scene, where 3D knife is flying from afar to the camera positon. The knife is rotating and I have only two keyframes: one on start and on the end (behind camera). I want set exact rotation and position of the knife when it pass camera. Now I have to go at last or first keyframe and change values without seeing what my knife would looks like in the moment of passing camera. There should be a switch, which allow to tweak selected keyframe value while the timeline cursor is somewhere between keyframes. It is very often scenario. I remember that there was this kind of switch in sony vegas (now I'm not using it).

  • kevin_nkevin_n Website User Posts: 1,792 Enthusiast
    edited April 2016

    I would like an efficiency indicator, like the one in Adobe Photoshop for instance. If possible, I would love to see an efficiency indicator for the GPU, HDD, RAM, CPU. That way it would be much easier to tell what is too slow when editing or compositing.


  • ashguy1370ashguy1370 Website User Posts: 3
    edited April 2016

    Put in the ability to add pictures into the end credits crawl, like logos, etc...

    The ability to mix surround sound audio.

    Film Dissolve where the fades are like how it was on film with Highlights, then Midtones, then shadows. and the other way around on fade outs.

  • bonartbonart Website User Posts: 1

    Some features I would like to see added to Hitfilm Pro

    • Padlock on layers - To avoid accidentally moving a layer.
    • A user preset library - Download and Share presets within the software
    • Bones for character animation 2D and 3D
    • Simple 3D objects - Sphere, Cone, Cube, Cyclinder etc. Rather than importing these shapes from other software.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,034 Ambassador

    @bonart while Hitfilm doesn't really have a "library" it's actually already possible to create, save and share presets in Hitfilm. In fact, if you visit you can download a pack of Lens Flare presets. Once one has built an effect, right-clicking the effect on it's active layer allows you to save the effect (or multiple effects) as a preset chain which will populate the effects library and can be pulled from where Hitfilm stores presets and sent to other users.

  • OnixartsOnixarts Website User Posts: 120
    edited April 2016

    +1 padlocks for layers and composite shots - especially when it has proxy, moving something by accident cause proxy to be deleted.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast

    @Pelzak +1 plusity plus plus on locks. When proxies are so slow to make that's a real pain in the bum.

  • TriFlixFilmsTriFlixFilms Website User Posts: 925 Just Starting Out

    Add *Wobble* commands and other type command functionality. Typing commonly used effects would save a great amound of time. I really just need the wobble effect... but the same principle could be applied to color grading, zoom, location, literally any generated effect or partical.

  • OnixartsOnixarts Website User Posts: 120

    Sometimes I need to track something in composite shot, but there is no tracker options. Let's say I've stabilized media in one comp 1, the I want to track something in other comp 2, on stabilized comp 1. Now I have to render comp1 to do such things.

  • johnnyjelkojohnnyjelko Website User Posts: 93
    edited April 2016

    Not sure if this has been mentioned or is already a feature I don't know about..

    But I use a lot of cross dissolves and fades. I think a quick short-cut to insert one between two clips would be. "select two and only two consecutive clips on the timeline" and press ctrl+1 or ctrl+2, etc. for different transitions(preferably programmable but know that's been mentioned)

    maybe there's already a faster way but that was just a thought.

  • AramMAramM Website User Posts: 154 Enthusiast

    Please, add me to the people who want native scopes for colour and luminance (is that the right word? Not a native speaker) correction.

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,882 Enthusiast

    Bypass Quicktime for MOV files containing AVC (H.264) video and PCM or AAC audio. The Quicktime AVC decoder performance is poor compared to the native Hitfilm AVC decoder and Quicktime has other baggage that can be avoided.

    Yes, we can rename the MOV file to MP4 to get Hitfilm to use the native decoders but why not let Hitfilm do for us instead of us doing for Hitfilm.

    This is not a unique idea. The Sony Vegas NLE bypasses Quicktime for AVC+PCM MOV files. Maybe others.

  • OnixartsOnixarts Website User Posts: 120
    edited May 2016

    Better work with keyframes.

    When working with many layers, effects and automate many parameters in different layers it is very complicated to work with keyframes. Take a look at particle emitter or atomic particle effect. There are a lot of parameters which can be automated with keyframes, but now if I make some adjustment in one layer then need to browse each huge parameter trees in other layers to tweak other keyframes. Pain.

    My proposition is to add some kind of keyframes editing mode to timeline, so we can show all keyframed parameters next to each other (pin user selected parameters and show only pinned in layer tree). It would be very helpfull when tweaking few different parameters when these parameters are far away from each other. No we have to scroll massive parameters tree down, then up to align keyframes for example. If we could pin interesting layer parameters and show only few of them on the time line it would be much easier.
    I think now, the show all/show pinned option should be seperate for each layer - maybe another motion blur button or something.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,034 Ambassador

    Axel notes: Exporting to a frame rate lower than your project frame rate will cause the footage to slow down, since playback speed is nothing more than the rate at which the frames are displayed. If you play back a 59.94 fps timeline at only 24 frames per second, then it will take roughly 2.5 seconds to get through the first 60 frames.

    Now, often this is the desired behavior when one desires fast or slow motion footage, but there may be times when one needs to render out footage at "100% speed" at a different framerate. Maybe a 60fps version is going on YouTube and a 29.97 on NTSC Blu-Ray. Perhaps one wants to render a "Final Draft" at half or one-third framerate to check final lighting/grading or as a scratch rough for review. 

    Perhaps a "Force Over/Undersampling" toggle on the video Export tabs? 

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,882 Enthusiast

    +100 this item. (export frame rate change resample option)

    I am a little surprised that Hitfilm does what it does. Having the export frame rate change do resampling is something I am used to coming from other NLE. I have had GoPro 60p projects that I wanted to render at 30p (internet) which is similar to Triem23's example usage. Trying to temp change the project/comp settings would be seriously tedious if you have many comps. If everything is on the NLE timeline is gets easier. An export option is super easy.

    One note. As implemented Hitfilm is a bit silly IMO. I tested an 11 second composite and exported at double the frame rate. The video was marked as 5.5 seconds as expected given Axel's description but the audio was still rendered at the original timebase. 11 seconds. I fail to see the logic in that behavior. It smells a lot like legacy since only recently has Hitfilm had the ability to adjust audio playback rate.

  • EstevezHUNEstevezHUN Website User Posts: 84

    Wishlist + : Looped layers, keyframes. If it's possible.
    Now I'm trying to create a fluttering butterfly. I have to copy the keyframes many times, to move the wings. (maybe hitfilm is not the right tool to do this - do I hit the nail with a saw?! )


  • OnixartsOnixarts Website User Posts: 120

    +1 for comp/layer loops ;). I did some insect wings and ufo lights animation, know Your pain ;)

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast
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    Personally I never know which end of the bolt to hit with the chisel, but this is easy.

    Do it once, in a composite. Put that composite in another composite several times (10?).  Put that composite in another composite several times (10?). Put this single composite in your main project composite once.

    You now have 100 versions of the animation.  Want more? Add this 100x version to another composite multiple times then use that in the main project composite etc. etc.

    Once you've done that, make the one you insert in the main composite a proxy file so it doesn't have to do all the nested calculations all the time.

  • OnixartsOnixarts Website User Posts: 120

    You could do that in that way, exactly the same as You can track objects in video by hand ;).
    The project becomes a mess and let's say your animation is quite short, for example few frames and You have to make it 2 minutes long. Then go render that proxy - very time consuming if it is a heavy animation ;). Then try to fix animation, for example remove one frame of the animation loop - enjoy extra 2 hours spent on fixing that. Loop feature could render just what's necessary and simply play simple and short comp/layer many times. It is much faster and elegant solution.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast
    edited April 2016

    Well, you could do it with a "loop method", but ... there isn't one; and he's apparently trying to do the animation now; and three composite files is hardly a mess.

    One with 10 animations in, another with 10 of those in and another with as many of those as you want. Not very complicated.

    If the animation is heavy/slow it'll be just as slow repeated in a loop as repeated in composite files (they're basically manual loops) so you'd still want to proxy the loopy version.

    Proxy it once and never have to do it again.  or change it (either method) in one place and have it ripple through the project instead of changing hundreds of keyframes.  :)

    But yes, the proxy creation is ridiculously slow, needs a Turbo option for when you've got better things to do than watch a small dial slowly fill up and the CPU and GPU are idling along at 2%.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast

    I suppose I should put this here as well, as I shouldn't expect the staff to bother with my thread. My thread? Sounds posher than it is. ;)

    Imagine a video strip as a piece of painted rubber. Stretch it and the paint cracks and the rubber shows through, squash it and the paint cracks and bunches up.

    Maybe that hit on the head was harder than I thought...

  • effectstodieforeffectstodiefor Website User Posts: 56
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    Great software! But one thing I would love to see is the ability to have more then one instance of HF running at once... i work a lot in Visual Studio, and having multiple instances running is a HUGE help. To look up techniques used, cut and paste from one instance to the other etc...

    This would be a real big help


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,034 Ambassador

    @effectstodiefor That's come up on the wishlist before. Im fact, HF2U could open multiple instances.

    Unfortunately, due to the way the proxy system is currently set up, Hitfilm 3 and 4 are unable to run multiple instances. 

  • PurgebsPurgebs Website User Posts: 1

    INSTANCED EFFECTS. A lot of what we're asking for so far is the same functionality that After Effects offers. Something that AE doesn't offer so far (without scripting) is instanced effects. Would that be doable in HitFilm...? For example, if you set an effect on one layer and copy it as an instance to several other layers, then adjusting the effect properties on any of those layers would update all of them. 
    Other than that, I +1 almost everything else that's been suggested but particularly dynamic resizing of text layers and auto renaming them to contents. Currently not only do I have to write the same text as the layer name, but I cannot copy and paste the layer content text to the layer name.
    Having said all that, HitFilm is still an absolute bargain compared to AE so perhaps we shouldn't expect it to be quite as powerful.

  • kevin_nkevin_n Website User Posts: 1,792 Enthusiast
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    I would like to see a node based color system. It's very flexible, I'm talking about the system that's in DaVinci Resolve. That combined with scopes, I think would be an amazing combination. Then you'll have editing, VFX, some audio controls, and a even more powerful color system! :D


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