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  • whakan
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    Correct Luma interpretation, my lumix camera record 0-255 Luma levels, it records in mp4 h.264, every time I have to edit something I always convert them to DNxHD, and I noticed that the original mp4 footage looks clipped in sh and hl while the DNxHD thanks to quicktime keeps these part of the image.

    I suggest to:

    1. Keep DNxHD import with quicktime 

    2. Let choose on video property what Luma levels the video have

    This is one of the top issues with hitfilm that must be solved, if someday hf drops quicktime for all codecs, we need to know that our footage will be interpreted the way they were shoot.


    P.s. I own HFP6 and .mov h264/cineform videos are affected by misinterpretation too

  • NormanPCN
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    @whakan Hitfilm does interpret luma levels correctly if the file is properly marked as such. For AVC MP4 files Hitfilm does expand levels from studio to full range on import unless the file is properly flagged as full range. AVC supports such a full range hint flag. My GoPro and Canon files are fine. Other codec/container combos get expansion as well. MPEG-2 in MP4 and Prores MOV are a couple.

    As for DNxHD. DNx is by definition a studio levels codec. It does have an RGB levels option but the encoder still stores in studio levels and marks as RGB. The decoder then does an expansion when it sees the RGB flag when preset. Also, what a transcoder application does when transcoding to DNx can affect things. Does it do a conversion to studio as a part of the transcode or not.

    Cineform also has some options for encoding with regards to levels that can affect things. It depends on the transocing app.

    I have had for years a Hitfilm test project where I specifically construct files with full range data and test what Hitfilm does on import. It does work without clipping in the cases where I would expect such. Some cameras record 16-255, superwhite, levels and these always have issue since they do not mark as full range (since they are not, they are a hybrid). The test media is something like this.

    The Hitfilm levels expansion can get in the way if the media is not properly marked or prepared (the transcode app). Superwhites cameras are especially problematic with Hitfilm. You might be best off starting a forum thread and post MediaInfo specs on any file you have a problem with.

  • whakan
    whakan Posts: 73

    @NormanPCN thank you, I'll start a thread as soon as I have some free time.


    - when creating a preset in a composite shot, let it be applied into the editor window too, at least skip [layer only] effects, cause even if I create a grading preset (that includes just non layer only effect) I can't apply them into the editor

  • CedricBonnier
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    @whakan @NormanPCN thanks for your suggestion regarding levels expansion, have a look at the media properties dialog of the next HitFilm update ;)

  • sohaieb
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    - Calque Grouping 

    -Camera Projection (with projectior) on PNG alpha images and 3D imported Models

  • For the Timeline, I desperately need Hitfilm to have a function similar to AE's Keyframe Assistant-->Sequence Layers.
    I just asked about it on my own thread:

    I'd love for Sequencing Layers to be added to the list! Please Hitfilm team, and thank you!

  • Hey there - i would very much like an effect that allows for z-distortion. the current distortion effect only provides y and x distortion. 


    I would like to make a height map by making a distortion map underneath a picture of a real map, but i can not seem to get any kind of z distortion. 

  • Triem23
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    @Thegreatdane look at Parallax. That's the specific height map effect you want. There's also Caustics which is a height map combined with environment maps and refractions. Parallax is more "solid" while Caustics is more "liquid." Check the official Hitfilm channel on YouTube for "Realistic Water in Hitfilm." That's a Caustics tutorial, but, if you learn Caustics, you've also learned Parallax. 

  • tomkane18
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    I would like to see an auto dissolve / fade when 2 clips overlap each other.

    It would also be nice to apply effects across an entire track in the timeline instead of doing it clip by clip.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Palacono
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    +1 on auto dissolve (or user selected) transition automatically applied when clips overlap (if selected to do so in Options). Already suggested this previously, so I'm +1ing my own suggestion as well as yours. ;)

  • whakan
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    a suggestion for those who use multiple machines or have to share project files or just to organize works:

    • file -> export archive
    • a folder will be automatically generated with media files and the hfp progect
    • the hfp project will have in the media bin the remaining media only, end cleaned of unused files
    • media inside the generated hfp file are automatically linked correctly to the folder media files


    +1 to effects across an entire track

  • CleverTagline
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    I would be very happy if HitFilm would save the latest export path in the project file, and use that when I next open the project. 

    I use a very specific folder structure for all projects, including a folder just for exports.  When switching projects, I've always got to navigate to the new project's export folder the first time I export anything new.  It would be so much easier if HitFilm would just remember where I last exported for each project so I don't have to manually switch every time.

  • ToddGroves
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    Allow the user to create an export preset for each project or series of projects. If I start a new project, I should be able to choose an export location preset from a dropdown list. So, when it comes time to render, I can choose the folder I'm exporting to from the preset once. So, it's stored with the project information.

  • Palacono
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    +9.653 to JS's suggestion. I don't mind navigating to the Export folder the first time I render a new project - I have to do that in Vegas and it's quicker than typing it - but then it's remembered for each project, so for Hatflom FlitHerm to do the same would be nice.

  • NormanPCN
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    +3.14 for jsbarret suggestion about each project having a unique remembered export folder. The last folder used can still also go into a global, as current, and be the default for new projects.

  • Andersen01498
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    We need a paint brush tool.  This would be really helpful if you wanted to circle something or write things.

  • A effect that can transfer audio levels into movement for point layers. A bit like "Trapcode Key" by RED GIANT.

  • MrChris
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    I got lazy to check all the 47 pages of wish list items, I just realised there's no way to record audio for voiceovers etc., directly in HitFilm.  I used Audacity but maybe with the new audio chops growing we'll see some recording?

  • rbuswell
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    Here's my current wish list:

    Rotobrush Tool (I know it's on the list, but I'm adding my two cents.) I see so many tutorials that require going to Photoshop to create clean plates or corrections to accommodate other effects.  It would be nice to be able to do it without leaving the program.

    Text effects:  Type-on effect.  Something easier than creating masks and manual keyframes.  One of the scenes in my film involved typing a text message, pausing, and resuming the typing.   I deliberately set the keyframes so the typing was not evenly paced.  Other places in the film I use title card text that typed on to simulate a computer printout.

    Text effects:  Write-on effect.  Something easier than creating masks and manual keyframes to make text look like it's being written by an invisible hand.  I've seen a tutorial for After Effects that does this.

  • Just started using Hitfilm 2018, here are some RFE:

    1. I'd like to be able to move clips around in the editor / compositor timelines with keyboard shortcuts 1-frame at a time ('nudge clip').  I'd also like the same shortcut with a modifier to move the clips arounds 5-10 frames at a time.  This makes working with music videos and aligning VFX much easier and faster - a mouse is not a precise tool, and not being able to nudge clips is frustrating

    2. I'd like to be able to multi-select layers in a composite edit and have control effects changes ( like opacity ) be applied to all selected clips - right now I can multi select layers, and then move to the Controls-->Transform->Opacity slider, but the change in Opacity is not applied to all selected layers - it's only applied to layer selected first with the mouse.  This is an unintuitive operation - either hide the controls that can't be used on multi-selected layers or, better, make the change applied to all selected layers.


    3. I'd really like auto-transcoding / proxy generation of imported media.  Being a FCPX user, I'd never fully appreciated the benefit of this aspect of FCPX - having to run another program like Handbrake to convert my clips before I can start using Hitfilm is a pain and an impediment to the workflow. If you could implement the background/idle rendering feature of FCPX that would be even better.


    4. Implement full menu bars - for a new user trying to find my way around Hitfilm, not having a full set of menus is an impediment - I can't go browse the menus to see what's available or what I'm looking for (or is similar to what I'm looking for) (Im on OS X 10.13.2)


    5. A visual indicator of rendered / proxied sections of the compositor timeline would be helpful.


    6.  Audio meters seem to be slow to update vs similar software - it's hard to gauge the hits/effects when the meters are lagging behind a touch.


    7.  In the comp shot panel, allow cursor keys to navigate the layers up/down to go up and down, and left/right to expand/shrink the currently selected item.  Mouse operation is slow - look at any code editor for examples on this.

    8. When copy and pasting attributes of one layer onto another, I'd also like the option to copy the duration of the clip.

    9. I'd like to be able to drag a media clip or composite shot directly on top of an existing clip and have the media replaced, but have the option of retaining all attributes of the clip being replaced including the duration, opacity settings, layer blend modes etc.  This would allow to me update a VFX (or replace a media stock footage) with a modified comp shot of that footage and then quickly update all associate clips in the comp Im working on.  Unless I'm missing some quick step here, this is a very tedious process right now when you have a comp shot with many layers.


    10. Id like to be able to trim clips to the current playback head with a keyboard shortcut.  If I make a new comp, and it defaults to 10s, but I only have 0.5s of VFX in it - dropping that into the timeline results in a 10s long block - granted, there's nothing in the last 9.5s of the block, but it just detracts from the editor timeline and Id like to trim it.


    11. Maybe this is present but Ive not found it yet - Id like to be able to colorize layers.  Doing this is incredibly useful in comp shots when I like to colorize different types of effects or effects tied to specific characters / objects over time.


    In general, Im not wanting for more visual effects - I'm missing features that will let me utilize the existing VFX set more efficiently :-)
  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    the ability use points other than tracking points for image stabilization and orientation would be awesome. 


  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    Andersen i have used mocha before. and matchmover .

    my problem was that after my camera solve i wold parent my inserted object (a jpeg) to a point, but  as the camera would move my object would stand up straight up while the camera turned and moved etc. it did not look right. i thought about the trick of applying the tracking data from one clip to another to blend them. but you cant track points with the  point tracker when the camera is changing location.

    am i missing something?

    hope i make myself clear. 

    Hitfilm, sorry to start a conversation on the wishlist thread. pleas someone redirect me to a relevant thread (if there is one).


     {POST POST}

    sorry  this is a little confusing, it appears that not all of the new conversation has been removed. Andersens comment and my other comments have been moved  to another thread

  • A "fill left channel with right channel" and vice versa audio option. Where you fill both stereo track with either the left or right channel. This is especially useful in interview settings where you get a dedicated source (lavalier, report mic) on one channel and a general (directional) source as a backup on the other channel.

  • whakan
    whakan Posts: 73

    a companion app, like vegas connect would be really usefull for compositors, more precise movement and frame by frame scroll.

    an option: "fit the output ratio" -> the video will be scaled down/up untill transpared parts are filled with content, automatically matching height or width depending on the imput media and output aspect ratio

  • CleverTagline
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    @whakan HitFilm (both Pro and Express) already has the latter features, at least in the main Editor timeline.  Right-click on any clip in the timeline and look under the Transform section of the popup menu.  You'll find several options for fitting the footage to match the frame dimensions.


  • whakan
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     @jsbarrett I know about the presence of

    • Fit to frame heigh
    • Fit to frame witdth
    • Fit to frame (that deform the media in case of different ratios)

    but sometime is more quick an "fit the output ratio" so you can select multiple videos with different ratios and trough this option all clips will conform properly with the timeline aspect.

    Sometime I have to deal with:

    • 16:9 and 1.85:1 DCI video
    • 16:9 and 4:3 video
    • 16:9 - 1.85:1 and 4:3 video
    • 4:3 and 1.85:1 video

    and so on.. in the same timeline

    and changing the transform property clip by clip is a pain.

  • whakan
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    • a more complete LUT effect with at least intensity etc.
    • three R G B checkbox  specify per channel warp (like the lens distortion natron ofx)(all warp)

    I know these are doable in a composite shot


    • a tint slider in the color temperature effect
  • Andersen01498
    Andersen01498 Posts: 1,147 Enthusiast

    It would be nice to have an approximate time when the proxies would be finished...instead of having the progress bars.

  • CedricBonnier
    CedricBonnier Posts: 1,204 Staff

    @whakan you can already select multiple clips, right click any of them and select Transform > Fit to Frame ... Is this not what you are after?

    @jsbarrett It is possible to Fit to Frame a layer in a composition since HitFilm 6.0

  • whakan
    whakan Posts: 73

    @CedricBonnier yes but by clicking fit to frame, video will be deformed instead of cropped,

    Fit to frame width will extend the video width and 1.85:1 video will still have horizontal black bars

    Fit to frame height will extend the video height and 4:3 video will still have vertical black bars 


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