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  • @AxelWilkinson I already knew about slice tool, but I haven't yet mentioned that. Actually I was talking about adding new keyboard shortcut or maybe reuse current hotkey: ctrl+shift+d (reprogram that to make it function without selecting clips) to split all clips of all video and audio tracks at the current playhead position in timeline. It's "s" in Sony Vegas and ctrl+k in Adobe Premiere. Hitfilm is probably the only program that requires to select all clips before splitting. How about slice tool? This is an alternate method. I just want to use hotkey as it is in most software: Sony Vegas, Premiere and other.

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    @AlreadyTaken The Alt key is a modifier for the slice tool that slices ALL events regardless of selection.

    Unfortunately Hitfilm does not document it's keyboard shortcuts very well. They is no a single place in the manual a such a listing and the shortcuts panel in the Options dialog is a bit hit and miss in documenting fixed (not editable) shortcuts. Some yes, some no.

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    @NormanPCN Thanks for the info. Actually I was talking about selection tool. Slice tool is an alternate method. If nothing is selected, I suggested that splitting hotkey (in Hitfilm ctrl+shift+d) should split all clips without selecting them and without using slice tool at the current playhead position, similarly, as is in Sony Vegas and Premiere.

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    I've mentioned this once, but it might not have been in this thread, so I'm adding it here just in case:

    Redcode support. :)

  • I think it would be great if you made Hitfilm compatible with plugins (eg. Video Copilot etc)

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    @JamesWHitfilm3Pro Hitfilm Pro is already compatible with 3rd party plug-ins from NewBlue, RedGiant, Re: Vision and others that conform to the OpenFX standard. Adobe (Premiere/After Effects) uses its own custom render engine, so the chances of VideoCopilot plug-ins ever being Hitfilm compatible is tiny. That would be up to Andrew Kramer. Besides, why get Element 3D for Hitfilm when Hitfilm already does what Element does. Color Vibrance? Hitfilm already has it. Saber? Hitfilm has that too. 

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    I'd love to be able to lock things like transform (particularly position), or effects (more than once I've unintentionally dragged an effect off of one element and either into oblivion or onto another). I would like to see more abilities added to the Blood Spray effect (such as the ability to drip a bit after landing on the collision plane). It would also be nice to have some of Pro's particles in Express (even if there's no or limited editing, or full editing but limited types, to show what Pro can do in that department and entice those interested in particles to upgrade).

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    Never mind, have to test something again. :)

  • Please add playhead following behavior (scroll and page) in the next update if you can. This could be checkbox in options that would allow to select scroll and page behavior. This would be very useful, for example when it comes to cut a small fragment from a whole movie, when trimmer doesn't help much. Now playhead when video is playing is out of focus: there is no page/scroll behavior, when it reaches the right edge, it goes out of focus. Incidentally, I noticed that video/audio playing always stops when using zoom slider or ctrl+ hotkey in timeline. These things impedes the working realtime. It's perhaps a little detail, but it is somewhat important.

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    OK, I thought something had been fixed in HFP4 from HFP3, but it hadn't... ;)

    So my wish is: having markers (Points, tracking dots etc.) remain visible over the top of RAM preview footage when they are selected. As I'll RAM preview to see if something tracks smoothly, having to invalidate the preview by moving something before I can see anything other than the footage again is a huge waste of time, especially when I then have to RAM preview it again...

    Want to know what I'm talking about ? Track something, and Transform a Point. Select the Point, you can see the little tracking dots. Now move a few seconds into the footage and RAM preview a second or two. Then go back to the beginning of the footage and make sure the Point is selected and the track dots are visible. Now scrub, or play through the footage and at the point where the RAM preview starts the points are gone, then they'll come back as the timeline passes the end of the preview.

    Doesn't even need to be tracking dots. Anything that has a centre marker with the red/green (and blue, in 3D) arrows: text, other planes, models etc. will not show their position markers over a RAM preview.

    The weird thing is: in 3D the floor plane is displayed over the top of RAM preview footage, although toggling it on/off invalidates the preview. So is it actually part of the footage, or drawn on top afterwards?

    Proxy footage does not have this problem, but as it's a lot slower to produce than a RAM preview, and is almost as easily invalidated (not quite), I don't use it as much, except when I have to, because I want to see the markers. :)

    If you RAM preview some proxied footage: same thing happens, but toggling the Floor Plane on/off does not invalidate the proxy, but still invalidates the RAM preview, although the floor plane flickers slightly at the transition points between Proxied and RAM previewed footage; it's apparently drawn slightly differently.

    Anyway, this is basically a bug, so hoping it can be fixed.

    Oh yes, can we also have a Turbo 'Make proxy' option, rather than just a 'background' one? It can take ages to make the proxy, even longer than it takes to just play through the timeline; so a way to use all the computer's resources (if selected) for faster proxy creation would be very handy.

  • Please fix these unconsidered things in Hitfilm workflow (these all about editor actually) if you can (first in Hitfilm 4 Pro because it's updated monthly, then add these fixes when Hitfilm 4 Express will be released or maybe on next Hitfilm 3 Express update). These all something between feature requests and bugfixes.

    “Multiple” annoyances chapter. (I don't know exactly how else it might be named):

    An accurate description: If more than one is selected, it affects only the current one.

    1. Moving audio level or opacity envelope should affect all selected clips (not only one is now as)
    2. Audio level setting (controls panel) should also affect all clips selected (in that case it would be possible for example -10db lower volume for 10 audio clips immediately)
    3. Unlink context menu option should be available if multiple clips are selected. Another thing: Also please add keyboard shortcut for link/unlink if you can (I suggest ctrl+u) and ability to customize it. Just for convenience.
    4. “Remove effects from selected clips” or “Remove clip effects” (name of that option may be truncated) context menu entry. It should work for both with video and audio clips in editor timeline. Another thing: add hotkey (I suggest ctrl+delete, because this seems a standard in most programs) and ability to customize it in options (it’s actually convenient itself).
    5. Similar case to the above. Transform controls should affect all clips if multiple clips are selected. Example: scaling video frame to 200 percent for 10 clips at once. How about creating composite shot then? Nope, it doesn’t help much. It’s really unconsidered thing.
    6. Dropping effect onto clips should highlight all clips that are affected. This is a little detail actually. I don’t know someone perhaps Surfaced Studio in their Hitfilm 4 Pro review had thought that it’s only possible to process each clip individually with effects. I know why they thought following. It is a bit misleading case. There should be as follows: One clip highlighed when dropping video effect, one clip processed. 10 clips highlighted, 10 clips processed. This seems straightforward.



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    Simple enough requests just for a better, a more measured and convenient workflow

    Hitfilm 4 Pro – Update #5 REQUESTS (list will be updated)

    1. “Timeline length” option in Project settings screen. Example: import 1 hour length movie in editor timeline, then delete it or use ripple delete. Timeline is now about 1 hour length. There is no way to shorten it (it seems). It’s really unconsidered thing in workflow. Arguments: I think it’s should be easier task than coding 3d features or whathever, so it might not take several years in order to implement this. Difficulty: Timeline length is set to 2 minutes, but editor content area is 5 minutes. It should delete all clips after 2 minutes area in timeline. Not a big issue, actually.
    2. Moving audio level or opacity envelope should affect all selected clips. Example: changing volume level for 10 clips at the same time. It’s time wasting to move each envelope individually.
    3. Audio level changes in controls panel should also affect all selected clips. Example: reducing audio level for 10 clips to -10db at the same time. Same as above. Now, processing each clip individually is the only way.
    4. Link and unlink context menu option should be available if multiple clips are selected. Ctrl+u link/unlink hotkey. Example: unlink and delete audio parts for 10 clips, change them with music. Now, individual processing is the only way.
    5. Transform controls should affect all clips if multiple of them are selected. Another thing: these unconsidered things are connected. Creating comp shot from multiple clips from timeline is not possible(media panel only).
    6. Create composite shot option should also be available if multiple clips are selected. Difficulty: composite shot currently allows one clip in one layer (20 clips - 20 layers inconvienient)
    7. Keep latest used preview, audio and video size settings in editor timeline. Example: starting all projects with small audio/video, thumbnail preview disabled.
    8. Hotkey for options dialog box. I suggest ctrl+, (comma) (ctrl+p not so convenient). Example: I’m often switching between “Play audio when scrubbing timeline” checkbox. Sometimes I need audio when scrubbing, sometimes I don’t need it. Very useful for macs, I saw everything is on the top toolbar (I’m windows user actually).
    9. Hotkey for rate stretch tool. I suggest “t” hotkey letter. Difficulty: too much “r” letters: ripple edit, roll edit? So it will not use the “r” hotkey. It’s forgotten thing. Not very annoying, actually.
    10. “Remove clip effects” or “Remove effects from selected clips” context menu option in editor. Ctrl+delete – hotkey for this option. Comment and arguments: It can be said that it's easier to reinstall Windows if something goes wrong, instead of fixing every issue. The same is true here. I think this adding context menu entry is easier than coding track audio/video effects for Hitfilm. Also it's easier than adding matching effects search in controls panel.
    11. Match content duration button in composite shot properties. Example: clip in comp shot timeline is 5s 12ms length. Comp shot timeline length is also 5s 12ms length. Using relink for that media file. It was replaced with another file, that is 10s 18ms length. It’s unnecessary step, I think. Comp shot properties, duration, entering 10s 18ms. Unconsidered thing, when replacing (relinking) a lot of footage, that should use same composite. Arguments: there is match timeline button in comp shot properties. Why not adding similar button to match comp shot content duration? I guess, it’s easier task than coding 3d stuff. Instead of entering the duration value each time, after relinking media, it would be a lot more convenient way. It should work similar to editor content area.
    12. Ctrl+e slice all clips under the playhead (add edit). In Premiere it’s ctrl+k. Arguments: more convenient, alternative way than using multiple steps each time ctrl+a and ctrl+shift+d. (slice tool and others are just alternative ways, please don’t suggest these - this also should work)
    13. Composite shot with grade layer should affect clips in editor video tracks below. (very important one) Arguments: very useful for color grading, instead of applying presets for each clip. Example: comp shot with letterbox fx in grade layer, affects video clips below. Comp shot with one grade layer should work like adjustment layers in Premiere.
    14. Hotkey for scale to fit in viewer. I suggest ctrl+alt+f. Arguments: a lot more convenient way, than using drop down menu each time.
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    What I miss most in my workflow is the RAM preview in the editor. It's very useful in the comp, but I have to export a test snippet of my video every time I need to check a transition between two comps, the scenes are just too complex to render in realtime.
    I also often need to check a specific part of the exported video for synchronization with the audio track, but the only way to do it currently is to set the in and out point and then export said part. Making proxies is not an option either, because it's unfortunately very slow and always needs to render the whole comp first. RAM preview on the editor would just make life so much easier.

    I would also love to be able to group layers like in Photoshop. With more than 20 layers in the scene I'm making, things have become pretty messy and cumbersome to handle. I'm aware I could put some of those layers in another comp, but I'd really not like to use this workaround, it splits up my scene artificially. Some layers also need to remain in the same comp because of layer blending.
    Layer groups would be great, especially to quickly hide/show and fold/unfold lots of layers at once.

    Edit: typos

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    It was one of my main problem. I resolve it with the DNxHD codec. Check out this thread:

    I hope the team can integrate into Hitfilm a better way to make proxies. You could see what Blender do.

    I notice proxies are larger than a HuffYUV transcoding! And it's so slow to create one.

    A suggestion for proxies

    • choose a fast intraframe codec (I think you know ;-) )
    • let user choose quality (for example: 25, 50, 75 or 100%, like in Blender). Quality could be the resolution or the bitrate (or a combination of both), depend which codec is chosen.
    • create the proxy file with a name like <OriginalFileName>_proxy_<quality>.<ext>
    • make the link between both in the project file.
  • One thing that I really miss is a "JKL" behaviour like Premiere and Resolve:

    -Pressing K+J steps back a frame at a time and K+L steps forward a frame at a time.  Adding SHIFT to this set of keys, it moves in 10 frame increments.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    @Ultradigital - In HitFilm that behavior is available, only you use the pointy bracket keys instead. Press < to move back one frame, or > to move forward one frame. Adding shift will  move in 10 frame increments.

  • @AxelWilkinson, thanks, I didn't knew about the pointy brackets behavior, although having it on the JKL, would be more useful!

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    @Ultradigital Hitfilm 4 Pro has JKL keys. 

  • @Triem24, the current JKL keys only allows to play forward, stop and play backwards, the behavior I mentioned above is desirable because you can do a lot more without having to constantly move your hand on the keyboard. It's simply not practical!

  • Triem23
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    @Ultradigital to devil's advocate here, Avid, Vegas, FCPX and Resolve do NOT follow the key behavior you've described above. Obviously many other software designers and artists obviously have found other layouts practical. Be careful to not confuse "Program X does A, therefore programs Y and Z MUST do A, or Y and Z are wrong." (Unless it's dealing with overlapping media clips on a timeline. Two overlapping clips in Vegas automatically crossfade. Overlapping clips in every other NLE truncates the first clip. This is about the only thing where I can say "Vegas is right and everyone else is wrong." But I am certain other artists would disagree with that.)

    Now,to end this with something useful--in Hitfilm go into the File Menu and select, "Options." From there, select the, "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab. From there you should be able to assign the existing frame advance/rewind buttons to your preferred settings. 

  • @Triem23, I don't use Avid, Vegas of FCP but I've been using Premiere and Resolve for sometime now and Resolve does what I described.
    I'm not saying that HitFilm needs to mimic software A, B or C, my request has simply to do with HitFilm making our lives easier while editing or doing any other type of operation that requires to move through the timeline. Having 2 different sets of keys to do something that should be grouped, it's simply not practical.

    What I don't understand is what is your problem with my request. If you don't find this useful (to quote you), you shouldn't say it because what isn't useful to you, it might be to others. Respect the opinions from others if you want yours to be respected.

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    @Ultradigital I absolutely respect opinions of others, since I ended with the instructions on how to get to the "remap keyboard shortcuts" options so you could change the keys to your preferred settings. :-) Thus ending a segment where I disagreed with you with an attempt to help. :-) After all, one could argue that the ability to map custom keyboard shortcuts is more important than what the defaults are. I do think you should be able to remap those keys how you want. And all is well. 

     (My own Keyboard Shortcuts have been changed away to Hitfilm defaults to a setup that works better for me--in fact, I have "J" mapped to left arrow and "L" mapped to right arrow, which puts those play forward/reverse buttons right next to the frame advance buttons "." and "," where my thumb can easily hit space for play/pause--eliminating a redundant "K" key--with timeline zoom mapped to up and down arrows. For my specific needs that's actually a better setup than JKL. Then again, my MMO mouse has a lot of these functions mapped to it's 19 buttons, and my Contour Shuttle Pro also has some redundant keymaps. Basically if my hand is on keyboard, mouse or jog/shuttle wheel, I always have transport and zoom at my fingertips.) Also, I was unaware that Resolve used those shortcuts, so thanks for the tip. 

    Now, in your exact case, I possibly over-reacted, because there often are persons who do toss out something along the lines of "Hitfilm doesn't do >pick a random keyboard shortcut or single effect<, and is therefore useless." 

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    @Triem23, thanks for clarifying this subject for me and for sharing your setup.
    Sadly I can't map the move 1 frame forward or backward to K+L and K+J.  I tried and HitFilm doesn't let me, hence my request. 

    I work with so many different pieces of software that I'd never complain about HitFilm not having a shortcut not being mapped to the exact same setup from another software and therefore being useless. I won't stop using it if the developers don't implement my requests. 

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    @ULTRADIGITAL I'm not saying this how I took your suggestion because I didn't at all I actually appreciated the information because I didn't know Premiere and Resolve would do that but sometimes that type of suggestion comes off sounding more like "OMG I have to shift my fingers over half a key and down just to do that? That's total garbage this software is junk and it needs to change right now or I'm never using it again!" Again I don't think your comment came off that way but it does happen from time to time.

    I haven't tried it but sometimes you have to clear several key mappings before you can assign the ones you want then go back and add the others back in. Just a thought and I'm sure your mileage Will vary.

    My suggestions to anybody either unhappy with key mappings or just wanting different ones are invest in a programmable gaming keyboard if you're desktop user or try something like ZenKey or AutoHotKey for laptop users. These days good programmable keyboards actually store your shortcuts and key macros in the keyboard itself avoiding software conflicts and overriding any default key mappings. Many can hold several different profiles and with a little work you can have universal shortcuts that work the same way across several applications. Software solutions like ZenKey and AutoHotKey hook into Windows injecting their keystrokes in the pipeline before they actually reach the application. They're more involved to set up and can occasionally cause a conflict but again with care and work you can end up with universal shortcuts. I don't know of any Mac applications off the top of my head but I'm sure there are some out there. 

  • @Aladdin4d, thanks for the key mapping software suggestion. It might solve some issues.
    I have a gaming keyboard but unfortunately it only allows to key map the extra programmable keys. Nevertheless, nice tips!

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    In the NLE, support the Shift+click method of multiple selection of events. The bounding box selection method cannot work for a track in the middle of other tracks. Using Ctrl+click to add/select each event individually is tedious.

    Hitfilm uses the Shift+click multiple selection of items in most/all of the other parts of the UI, so why not the NLE timeline?

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    In HF4 You've moved preview render options into one button. It is not a good solution when working with heave scene, with thousands of 3D particles, lights, motion blur and shadows. I need these buttons on top, because each time I want to move current frame I have to disable effects to render scene faster. Then I want switch on only shadows for example, when I working on shadows. In HF4 I have to switch all effects on simultaneously, or digging into drop-down button menu. Inefficient.

    I've also found a strange render behaviour. Let's say, I've got 2.000 3D particles on screen, with shadows, motion blur enabled, etc.
    1. When I disable these effects in preview window, move cursor to other frame (frame rendering time - 2s), then enable effects - it took less than 3s to render lights, shadows and blurs.
    2. But when I leave effect enable and move cursor to another frame, the whole frame render time is about 30s....
    Why is that?

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    I could make use of a small Notes panel, to add reminders to myself for each project. I could open up Notepad or Stickies on my computer but I'd like something that stays with the project file after closing. I often want to remember things like "turn on motion blur", Transform data, or ideas that pop up that I might want to try. It would also be useful as a "to do" list for projects.

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    Maybe notes at the clip/layer level. An addition to the clip/layer properties of a simple text "notes" field/property. Other items could be a note text field in composite shot properties and notes at the project level.

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    @InScapeDigital @NormanPCN as I have noted many times before I open Hitfilm by double-clicking on one of the "Template" files I keep in a folder on my desktop. My templates basically have my workspace how I like it, my media  pool view options set up and a couple of minor things--but of relevance to the current discussion is my "Notes" Composite Shot, which is just a Comp Shot with a text object filling the entire comp set to Arial at the smallest point size I can read... A notepad function would be nice, but a comp shot with a text object works. I can add more text objects to the comp, if needed. Valbarr, I dunno if you have any more templates or presets in the works (school probably sucks most of your time), but the few templates/projects/presets I have uploaded for other users are saved in such a way that they initially open to the Notes comp--it's like embedding a readme file in the project! 

    One of you should have just *facepalmed*;-). 

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