THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    @ToddGroves you're welcome! Oh, make the plane you're masking larger than the footage. You want extra edge room since the roto plane will be moving. 

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    @ToddGroves that is so cool, I'm currently studying animation in college, my end goal is to work with the vfx industry 

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    @Andersen01498 Good luck. There's a lot of outsourcing in vfx these days. If you're lucky, you can get on staff at a vfx house or boutique   If not, you have to constantly network with fellow vfx artists to keep working. The vfx industry has no agents to find work for you. By the same token, there's a lot of need for animators out there. So give it your best. In vfx animation you will be most successful if you're strong in particular areas like character animation, particle animation or 3D modeling and texturing, lighting, etc 

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    @ToddGroves  Impressive resume.  Happy to say I have seen a lot of your work without knowing it.

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    @tddavis Thanks! A lot of sleepless nights and stressful days putting that work out. But, it was always fascinating. One of the reasons I'm a big fan of the behind-the-scenes sections of DVDs.

    Now, I'm at IMAX where we clean and sharpen the image in movies, as well as remix the sound. We've sold many directors on making IMAX versions of their films. Being a fan of IMAX and working for them is quite a blessing, I must say.

    Now the fun is in finding ways to create my own projects using the same skills. I'm writing a post apoc short film at the moment. I can't wait to use Hitfilm to edit and comp my own short. 

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    Support for BMD hardware output (Decklink and others). That would be very nice......

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    Sorry - Not sure who mentioned it .. but I cannot find the audio edit bar cursor in the audio trimmer, ether.. It would be useful; i.e. .. If you have 5mins. of audio and just need 1.5 seconds,  this edit can only be done on the time-line; as far as I can tell?

    The Cut Tool icon, reverts to the Arrow Cursor when not on the time-line clip, and if you forget and just see the Arrow Cursor, when off the clip,  you (I) can forget it's in the Cut Icon (mode) and click, back on the clip .. making lots cuts in odd places before, I relies my error(s)... if could it show Cut Icon until I change it back to an Arrow Cursor, that would be good.

    The '3d view' effects, of the output, if on  the second screen, does not show up, it's blank, freezes on fixed view or turns off?

    Particle Effects - it would be good to have coloured labels to see which particle effects, we are changing?  

    I was a user of Adobe Pp and Ae (now that Ransom Ware) for 12 years.. I'm liking Hitfilm2017 Pro. 



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    Maybe I am asking for something that is already there and I just could not find it...

    In complex composites scrubbing in the timeline is really slow (even on my i7-6700K PC with GTX 1060 and 32 GBbyte RAM). It would be really helpful if the preview would automatically reduce the quality (lower resultion, no textures, maybe even wireframes). As soon as you stop scrubbing the usual preview comes back. I know this behaviour from a 3D CAD viewer (you set a minimum fps rate and as soon the preview drops below it uses wireframes) and it works great.

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    If you are looking at a Composite Shot, look above the timeline, under the viewport of the shot and you will see a white circle with a black triangle next to the Play button. Clicking that will cache the shot into memory so that, after its done caching, you can watch the shot in real time. 

    Also, above the viewport, you see a dropdown list that says "FULL".  That's the current viewing resolution of your shot. Click on that and change it to "Half" or "Quarter", if you just want to see the shot play through and the quality isn't important at the moment. Then when you cache in the shot, it will save the shot to memory a little faster before playing it back at full speed (i.e. 24fps).

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    Import AE templates/files ???

    a huge world of predone files would open up to part-time users like me


  • inScapeDigitalinScapeDigital Website User Posts: 715 Just Starting Out

    @Dan70 After Effects is a completely different software.

  • Dan70Dan70 Website User Posts: 3

     @inScapeDigital Hey, thx

    sure, but an import tool should be no bad idea




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    @Dan70 yes, but there are fundamental differences in the the way Ae works compared to Hitfilm. There's honestly no way to do it. Two examples. How could an Ae template using Puppet Warp transfer to Hitfilm that has no puppet warp? How can an Ae template using a Track Matte work when Hitfilm's Set Matte effect works in a totally different way? 

    For templates--and I'm surprised he didn't mention it--you can try the Hitfilm Preset Marketplace on 

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    I think the key to learning any app/software is to find its strengths and exploit those strengths. Sometimes asking for a new button/ feature is just me not bothering to discover how that particular app works.

    When asking for a new feature I try to think of ways that can speed up production speed and not just ways to do less work. I am constantly searching for new tutorials for Hitfilm online. So, I'm always pleased when I find a tutorial that involves a technique I haven't tried before. Even if I don't think I'll use it in the near future, I try it. Because it's moments like that when I discover how I can apply that technique in new ways. 

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    Kind of bummed that AE has companies that can make plugins for them but HitFilm is closed. You should make it so that anyone can create plugins for the software.

  • TriFlixFilmsTriFlixFilms Website User Posts: 925 Just Starting Out

    Also, I refuse to upgrade until we get a "Roto-Brush" lol XD

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    @TriFlixFilms Hitfilm isn't "closed." Hitfilm is Open Fx and NewBlue, Red Giant, Re: Vision and Gen-Arts all have plug-ins that run in Hitfilm. Oh, and Twixtor. I do keep hoping Boris will make the rest of BCC Hitfilm compliant. 

    As a personal opinion the roto brush is overrated. It pretty much requires tracing every damn frame, which is slightly less tedious than the masking tool, but nowhere near as nice as Mocha. 

  • TriFlixFilmsTriFlixFilms Website User Posts: 925 Just Starting Out

    Thanks haha feel free to delete my...

    "Kind of bummed that AE has companies that can make plugins for them but HitFilm is closed. You should make it so that anyone can create plugins for the software."

    ...comment as well as this one, but keep the one about the roto. I very much so dislike mocha and am praying for the brush lol :)

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    @TriFlixFilms We'll leave it. Conversation and occasional corrections are good to inform others, yes? I know I make mistakes too. 

    I'll always +1 the roto brush cuz that feature would make others happy. 

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    AE amd Premiere are actually a lot less open than HitFilm... there's a reason that Baselight Editions had been available for Nuke and Media Composer for some time now, but not for Premiere. 


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    Thanks for the suggestion. The RAM preview is definitely useful but no replacement for what I was asking for. It takes quite a while to be redered and as soon as you chance something it is gone. So it does not speed up navigation...

  • ToddGrovesToddGroves Website User Posts: 227

    I agree about the rotobrush. I've used it, and it's quite tedious and annoying to get it to work as well as you'd want. In my years as a visual effects artist, I have taken the time to get a handle on rotoscope tools in many programs. Especially, Nuke and Mocha. As a result, I was called in many times in emergency situations to finish work on major television shows thanks to my rotoscope skills.

    I highly recommend taking the time to learn rotoscoping and not falling back on tools you hope will do it for you. As a result, I can pretty much run circles around "rotobrush" and give you a much tighter, more accurate masking of any object in less time. Seriously, you'll be happy you took the time when it comes crunch time and you only need to tweak a few points on a roto mask, instead of "painting" frame by frame. Rotobrush is a much more involved process than you think. It's not as user-friendly as people are making it out to be. 

  • TriFlixFilmsTriFlixFilms Website User Posts: 925 Just Starting Out

    Well right now I keyframe mask points so.... brush would be faster in my case lol

    But you're right. I should just suck it up and learn Mocha. @toddgroves

  • ToddGrovesToddGroves Website User Posts: 227

    I think you'll surprise yourself at how good you get at rotoscoping after practicing it for a while. 

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    I don't know, if it was before but I think it would be a good feature to change some values of the composite shot outside from a composite shot. I mean, you insert comp "A" to your comp "B" and you can change the color of the glow effect or a text in the inserted shot. It would be very powerful feature I think. You can create a styled text comp and you can use that single comp all over your project and you don't have to copy-paste it over and over just to change a little bit. If it works only for text layers I would be happy ;)

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    Voice over feature

  • gregcopingregcopin Website User Posts: 20


    • Dynamic Reflections are now enabled on 3D Planes, 3D Images, 3D Video & 3D Text.
    • The Export Queue now persists when closing & reopening HitFilm, so you can add render items from multiple projects, and export them all at once.

    Thank you!

    FYI, In Windows if you want to save an export list to use later, copy and rename this file after the exports are set up and then close HitFilm: "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro 2017\ExportQueue.hfeq"


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    Like the new AE option: the ability for Hitfilm to 'auto flatten' layers containing effects, so they can be referenced from other layers without the need to point to either a) a Grade Layer above them, which acts as a flattener, or b) moving the layer(s) into a separate composite, which makes adjusting them and seeing the changes in realtime impossible.

    tl;dr: AE now has a Source: Layer+Effects dropdown option to make compositing less juggly to get things to work 'as expected/desired'

    Me like same in Hitfilm. Ug! :)

  • ToddGrovesToddGroves Website User Posts: 227


    Are you seeking an "auto-flatten" solution in hopes the flattened effects will improve render times? Or saving space in the timeline? Or something else?

    I think the Grade Layer link is especially powerful, because it allows you to go back and adjust effects if needed.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User Posts: 3,437 Enthusiast
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    @ToddGroves Fewer layers, fewer composites -especially those created just to make things flatter- and the ability to combine multiple versions of this feature in a single composite.

    Currently a Grade Layer effects all the layers below it, which means you can only use the 'Grade Layer-as-flattener' trick once per Composite shot (at the bottom too) and any other Layers+Effects (as well as multiple layered effects) need to go in separate composites to have them flattened there.

    Ultimately, it's just fewer layers in total and things to manage. Might also very, very slightly speed things up in general (editing and rendering) with fewer external file references for Hitfilm to worry about per Composite shot.

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