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  • LarryPlaneLarryPlane Website User Posts: 70

    Feature Request:

    Larger area to assist in scrolling Timeline.

    When I want to scroll along the timeline, I place the mouse cursor over the bottom slider of the Timeline and use the mousewheel to scroll left or right through the Timeline. This is as designed and works great.

    However, if I miss the small slider area with the cursor, the timeline will scroll vertically, again this is as designed, and my fault for missing the correct area with the mouse, but, it is on the small side.

    I understand that making the slider bigger would imact the real estate are of the timeline (not great) so would it be possible to make the Timline Counter area (the bit that shows seconds and frames above the tracks) as a hot area for the timeline to scroll if the mouse is over it and the mousewheel is used?


  • ToddGrovesToddGroves Website User Posts: 227

    COLOR MATCHING (another approach)

    Here is a video about color matching in Nuke. If there is a way to create a similar workflow in Hitfilm, that  would be cool. In the case of Nuke, you use color pickers to sample from two different shots and use those captures to match colors from one shot to another.



  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,247 Staff

    @ToddGroves - the Grading Transfer effect lets you select the grading/colors from one clip and apply it to another clip.

  • ToddGrovesToddGroves Website User Posts: 227
    edited February 2017

    I noticed you can adjust the strength of the colors from another clip using the Chrominance Shift slider. Is there a way to choose specific colors from the other clip?

    Either way, the Grading Transfer effect is quite powerful. I think with practice it can become a great way of bringing consistency between shots filmed on different days with different cameras.

  • WhiteCranePhotoWhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 924 Enthusiast

    @AxelWilkinson I'm glad you mentioned that -- I didn't know about the grading transfer effect either. It sounds like it's going to be very useful though :)


  • LarryPlaneLarryPlane Website User Posts: 70

     Feature Request: Icon on a Timeline clip to indicate when effect is present.

    I'd like a small FX symbol of some kind to appear on a clip, either video or audio to indicate if an effect has been placed on that clip.

    For example: If I am using the EQ filter on all the audio clips on the Timeline, I will copy and paste the EQ filter from one clip to them all, but if I then add other clips to the middle of the Timline, I can't see which clips have the EQ filter without clicking on them and then selecting the Control Panel.


  • LarryPlaneLarryPlane Website User Posts: 70

     Feature Request: Trim to current Timeline Cursor and perform ripple delete

    Premiere Pro (sorry to swear) uses the keyboard short cut Q & W to perform a trim to the current timeline cursor from the in-point of the clip (Q) or the  out-point (W). A ripple delete is then performed closing up any gap that was created.

    I used this all the time when looking for a frame or two that could be trimmed away. Isn't there always a frame or two that could be trimmed? It's a great keyboard shortcut workflow for moving through the timeline and reducing the over running time, while making the movie a little more punchier.


  • LarryPlaneLarryPlane Website User Posts: 70

     Feature Request: A way to step through audio Keyframes in the Timeline. Either with a button in the controls panel, next to the Level control, or a keyboard short cut when the Control panel is active.

    For example: I create a keyframe on the audio track (Ctrl+Click) and then another a little further along so I can ramp a drop in audio level between those two keyframes. If I want to go back and alter the first keyframe, I need to be zoomed right into the timeline to make sure I don't end up creating a new one when I alter the level in the Control Panel.

    A way to step through each keyframe, possibly with a left and right arrow under the Levels text (these would appear as active once a key frame was created) or via a Keyboard shortcut.

    Apologies if this already exists, just couldn't find anything in the manual.


  • PhilipWainmanPhilipWainman Website User Posts: 17

    .WAV file export. Being able to export a sequence off as uncompressed 444 colour space .PNG files is excellent, but without being able to export the audio off in a none lossy format, it's not that useful.

    Would like generally better export options. Adding 2 pass encoding to H.264 would be great and an MPEG-2 encoder would be useful, even if it's the best open source encoder rather than MainConcept.

    For encoding files for Blu Ray and DVD authoring, it would be useful if there was an option to encode your progressive footage in an Interlaced file format (Progressive Segmented Frame). That way, 25p footage can be encoded for both DVD and Blu Ray and authored with something like DVD Architect Pro 6.

  • LarryPlaneLarryPlane Website User Posts: 70

     Feature Request: Selection follows Playhead - as the Timeline Cursor (playhead) is scrubbed along the Timeline, the clips directly below the cursor are selected.

    Example - If I am adding effects to the clips by copy and paste, and I need to do it on an individual basis, rather than a group selection/paste process, it would be handy if the clip could be selected just by placing the Timeline cursor over it.

    However, this is a Marmite feature, so it would have to be something that could be toggled off and on.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,687 Ambassador

    @PhillipWainman workaround for uncompressed audio: Export uncompressed AVI, but uncheck export video. You'll still have to use external software to extract the audio from the AVI, but you CAN get uncompressed PCM from Hitfilm. 

    Also, there's no MPEG-2 but there are legacy AVI codecs for DV PAL and DV NTSC. That would leave DVD Architect doing the final MPEG-2 conversion, but at least you'd get proper interlacing. Unfortunately I suppose FxHome probably won't pay for MPEG-2 since it's a rapidly dying format (although I still get contracted more for DVD than HD.)

  • ToddGrovesToddGroves Website User Posts: 227

    Feature Request: Working with 3D models: Snapping model part's Anchor/Center point to part's own center.

    After checking off parts of model to bring into project, I would like there to be a way to "snap" the anchor/axis of each model part to the part's own center. This would make animating each part easier, and speed up the process.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,687 Ambassador

    I'll +1 that anchor point snap.

  • ToddGrovesToddGroves Website User Posts: 227
    edited February 2017
  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 4,019 Enthusiast

    I don't know if making the Mainconcept 2-pass available in Hitfilm would be all that useful. That is the necessary mode to get good quality out of Mainconcept and lower bitrates.

    1. Hitfilm is pretty slow at exporting in general. Even simple timelines. Readback is a real problem here for Hitfilm or maybe OpenGL in general.
    2. More importantly, in Hitfilm we can do complex graphics and effects. In other words, slow to render the video frames, which are sent to the file encoder (export). 2-pass would require everything to be rendered twice.

    Much better would be to render an intermediate output, we have that these days, and then pass that file to something like Handbrake or ffmpeg to do a final AVC render. Since x264 is far and away a higher quality AVC encoder than Mainconcept this workflow is a win, win. Better performance and better quality.


  • RayenkiwiRayenkiwi Website User Posts: 1

    Dear Hitfilm Developers 

    I am currently an animator and graphic designer and I have had trouble finding a good animation software.

    Until I stumbled upon you guys :) Hitfilm has been my number one production software for a year now, and I would like to suggest a few features that hopefully you might take into consideration. :)

    the Puppet Tool is a tool which lets you quickly add natural motion to raster                                        images and vector graphics, including still images, shapes,                                            and text characters.

    also Shape layers, I do know that there is a masking tool in Hitfilm but it                                                      doesn't allow you to customize the shape enough. I                                                          suggest there was a separate tool to create shapes with a                                            customizable stroke, fill and path.

    Thank you     


  • AvalonAvalon Website User Posts: 96

    Tweak for "Day For Night" FX.

    Please add an option to completely remove the horizon gradient. Setting the "Horizon" slider to 0 will still leave a small band of the horizon gradient.

  • AvalonAvalon Website User Posts: 96

    Secondary Color Correction Plug-in

    I'd love to see a secondary color correction plug-in in HitFilm/Ignite. 
    Select a certain color by dragging a pipette and color correct only this selected color and - as an option - invert the mask and color correct everything except the selected color.

    See NewBlueFX ColorFast to get an idea how it could work (the disadvantage of ColorFast is that smoothening an inverted mask will also smoothen the frame bounderies).

    You certainly could do this in HitFilm by duplicating a track and using a key on the upper one while color grading the lower one. But especially when working on complex projects this is more of a complicated workaround for a straight secondary color correction.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,687 Ambassador

    +1 for secondary color correction, using Vegas as another example. 

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 4,019 Enthusiast
    edited February 2017

    I'll +1 the secondary color corrector effect and for the same reasons. Just because you can do something does not mean you would want to. (better) Workflow is everything.

  • Malik_PatzoldMalik_Patzold Website User Posts: 9

    Definitely 5.1 or even 7.1 surround sound editor and export  needed

  • ToddGrovesToddGroves Website User Posts: 227
    edited February 2017

    Feature Request: Masks:

    1. Switch to Point Selection mode where we can manipulate mask points without creating a new point. (If this already exists, let me know.)

    2. When in Mask Selection mode, allow the manipulation of an Anchor Point so that the mask as a whole can be rotated on that point. Allow user to set the position of Anchor Point at time of mask creation as well.

    3. Break the handle of a mask point with "ALT" button or some other key.

    4. Point by point feathering of mask.

    5. Ripple keyframing of mask points. Where you could turn on "ripple" and then you moved a mask point and the change would "ripple" across the whole shot. (Added)

    6. Marquee select multiple points of a mask and rotate, scale, and transform the group.

  • dgl_thrawndgl_thrawn Website User Posts: 5

    I'm a Pro user moving over from FCP7. I'd love to be able to add keyframes to the Balance & Channel Levels effects. Also being able to adjust the length/scale increments of the NLE timeline to fit the contents would be great. I currently have an eight and a half minute project that shows 25 minutes of timeline on the lowest level and 45 seconds on the next!! That's a bit bonkers, isn't it?

    In FCP7 you can adjust the scale of the timeline to fit, and also unpair left and right audio channels and keyframe them individually.

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 4,019 Enthusiast
    edited February 2017

    I agree the timeline zoom increments are bonkers. Hopefully it will be addressed at some point. In the NLE we really want to be able to zoom the timeline view to the region of the timeline we want to work on. No scrolling.

    With the default Hitfilm 5 minute scale, Pro 2017 has 20 total zoom levels and 10 zoom levels that go from ~3 seconds down to 1.5 seconds view. Is a sub 3 second timeline view really that important. It must be in some eyes given half the zoom scale increments are allocated to that zone. Above that are big jumps in zoom. 5 minutes directly to two minutes. At the low end many zoom scales only adjust zoom by two frames. 1sec 21 frames to 1sec 19 frames. In there really a different in those two views. I think not. Bonkers and not useful.


  • magstormmagstorm Website User Posts: 5

    A "Pack and Go" feature, where you can export all files that are in the current project into a zip file that can be unpacked on another computer.

  • DrFnordDrFnord Website User Posts: 110 Just Starting Out

    +1 on the "Pack and Go" feature.

  • Andersen01498Andersen01498 Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 967 Enthusiast

    @DrFnord  I agree after effects has the same thing 

  • imamanwithajobimamanwithajob Website User Posts: 2

    A better fire effect 


  • D1a1v1e1D1a1v1e1 Website User Posts: 107

    Keyframes for the speed.

  • WhiteCranePhotoWhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 924 Enthusiast

    Enable creating presets from effects applied on the editor timeline.


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