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  • Palacono
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    Auto generate RAM preview frames when idle, or when they've already been displayed.

    When playing more complicated composites, Hitfilm stutters because it drops frames to try and keep the speed correct. But what does it do with the ones it draws after you've seen them? They're gone, but why not keep them?

    If you have a segment of RAM set aside, you can keep track of a dynamic list of frames (all the same size), which last for n seconds, and which are filled in as you scrub through the timeline.

    The frames are already generated, so rather than throw them away, store them in RAM.

    That way, by sliding the timeline indicator back and forth (or trying to play through something complicated), you can fill in a segment of the clip - which can be indicated by the same vertical bars as it does now, only they'd be one pixel wide for each frame, or whatever fits - and you don't have to specifically do a RAM preview.

    Or, if you do need to do one because it keeps skipping over a few individual, CPU/GPU heavy frames, then it'll be  a lot quicker to just fill in those few blanks, because 90% of the frames will already be done.

    The frame list would initially be a random FIFO list, but the frame order's linked list could be dynamically reordered once a second or so - something that would be done in an eyeblink - so that they stayed in frame order. That way the blanks would be filled in in order, which would look better when you actually selected RAM preview to do that.

    But, more usefully, when you scrubbed past the end of the preview section - in either direction, if all your allocated frames were used up in the amount of RAM you set aside, then it would start to cull them from the other end of the list in the right order. So, with a 50 frame  cache (should be able to do hundreds with enough RAM and half-quality etc.), if frames 50-100 were stored and you scrubbed on up up to 110, then frames 50-60 would be culled. Similarly, if you went back to frame 40 and scrubbed forward to 60, then frames 90-110 would be culled, or if you went to 60 and went back to 40, then frames 110-90 would be culled in that order.

    If it also took the opportunity to fill in any blanks in the list between the two ends in the idle moments when you weren't doing anything significant - probably 90% of the time - then it could have a RAM previewed version available nearly all the time.

    And it could also try and be useful and look ahead. If in a 200 frame clip you'd only played up to frame 100, but then didn't touch the keyboard for a few seconds, and it had already filled in the blanks in frames 1-100, it could just keep on rendering the rest of the frames up to 200, just in case you wanted to see them too. Pressing a key would pause that process and let you continue with whatever you were doing. Of course when you make an actual change, the list is wiped, but it wouldn't take long to build it back up again.

    It should also be intelligent enough to know that if you did something like changed the parameters in a layer that was either not visible, or completely obscured by the layers above (because it should have been not visible, but you forgot to turn it off, or it's only a Point) then it won't take that as a 'RAM Preview wiping event'.

    You could obviously decide how much RAM to set aside if you needed a lot for some Effects, like lots of particles, as you might want to allow less sometimes. Or have it dynamic? And on final Render: everything would be wiped to allow the full RAM amount for complicated Effects.

    I know playing .MP4 file backwards is a pain in the butt, so you might only want to generate frames by playing forwards, but even that limitation could still be a massive improvement. :D

    TL;DR version: doing what it sort of does with the proxy files in the background, only for RAM Preview frames and all the time. ;)

    I've got some ideas about Proxy files too. :)  When you've clicked away from an embedded Composite for a while and are fiddling with another one, then start to slowly proxy the other Composite in the background, if the user hasn't already selected it themselves, because it'll probably be useful and they'll be grateful that you did that for them. :D

  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,448 Enthusiast
    edited September 2016

    Get the authors of the FayIn plugins to make a version that would work in Hitfilm because it looks like it knocks spots off mocha for 3D camera solves. :)

    Fayin Matchmoving Tracker

    Auto orienting the generated frame to the surface it tracked when using the paint option is something mocha should have been doing since v1.1.  It should be able to do a solve for a plane that runs through multiple tracked points on many surfaces, but mocha still expects you to mess about with aligning the grid yourself. :(

  • Palacono
    Palacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,448 Enthusiast
    edited September 2016

    Negative Values Effect to invert selected Transform values.

    When you Stabilise something the Transform Movement is the reverse of what you would get if you tracked a point.

    E.g. image moves +5 pixels left, Stabilise will put -5 in the Transform values to keep it steady. A point tracking the image will have the original +5 pixels left in its transform properties. To see this in action: to cancel out the stabilisation, Parent the image to a tracked point. :)

    Sometimes I'd like to be able to choose how to stabilise by having the point do all the work and also if I want to attach other things to the stabilised video - like text - you have to parent them directly to the video, rather than to a point, which is slightly against the Hitfilm ethos of using points for things like that.

    So, with a Negative Values Effect, you could Transform the point, apply the Effect (activate a Position fields selection tick box) then parent the video to it to get it stabilised. You could then also parent other things to the point.

    If you were also negating other fields, like Scale and Rotate, then you'd also select the tick boxes for those fields.

    If applied to a Point, there would be no Opacity tick box available, but for other things, like a plane, there would be. Doh! That's silly, you can't have negative Opacity.

    There have been other times when I've need to invert a value, but that's the one I just got reminded about. I'm sure others will think of times when it would be useful, especially if you can keyframe it to turn on and off. :)

    Just not sure what the least confusing name would be. Invert Values, Negate Values?

  • hingo3
    hingo3 Website User Posts: 1

    This has probably already been stated, but it would be incredibly helpful to be able to create more normal timelines, not only multiple comps. This would be great for bigger and more complex projects where you could break up the edit into smaller pieces.

  • ucello
    ucello Website User Posts: 9

    Nothing else matters to me but the ability to edit footage from a smartphone (variable bitrate nonsense) and maintain audio/video sync.

    Accomplish this in HitFilm & I will pay twice the current price.

    Every day I edit hours of smartphone footage, and spend half the day attempting to sync audio, or Handbraking files to be able to properly edit them.  To get hours of my life back each day would be priceless!!!

  • Ziggy72
    Ziggy72 Website User Posts: 10 Just Starting Out
    edited June 2017

    I would really like a button next to the effect search box to clear the current search (so you can quickly get back to the full list). [Implemented HitFilm 2017]

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,561 Ambassador

    @Ziggy72 especially since Hitfilm 2 Ultimate had that...

  • 8ALTON8
    8ALTON8 Website User Posts: 56 Just Starting Out

    Maybe this is just me, but I really like some of the features that the Blender video editor has. For example the ability to smoothly zoom in and out with the scroll wheel while in the timeline. And you can move around on the timeline without waiting for it to buffer, and you can do other things while the video is playing back without it pausing. Overall the timeline on Blender just feels less claustrophobic. HF4E is a better editor, but there are still things from other programs I would appreciate.

  • Ziggy72
    Ziggy72 Website User Posts: 10 Just Starting Out

    Could we have an option to turn the **** ground plane OFF by default, rather than having it always on?  If I need it I know it's a click away, but always having to turn it off to see what I'm doing in every view is slowly driving me insane...

  • ppfflop
    ppfflop Website User Posts: 5

    I wish that you could add text without making a composite shot, so that doing subtitles can be easier

  • AngusHitfilm
    AngusHitfilm Website User Posts: 1

    An option to have more than one Editor so you can produce different cuts of the same film.

  • gregcopin
    gregcopin Website User Posts: 20
    edited October 2016

    1. Be able to reference layers from other comps.

    2. Add Emissive Map.

    3. Add ground plane\mirror surface reflections.

    4. Tile options for textures applied to UV maps with coordinates outside 0..1

    5. The environment map\mirror surface reflections should be modulated by the Normal and Bump maps.

  • tddavis
    tddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,791 Moderator

    I have never had anything to add to the wishlist until I was trying to play around with a problem someone else was having with a masking text effect and I recalled a tutorial for the effect in AE.  The ability to be able to to have an open ended spline mask would be great for doing handwriting text effects like this if it's not a proprietary bit of code or something:

    This is the original tutorial I remembered but wasn't able to find for the other post.  I figure that even without the stroke feature, if you could use the expansion feature to mask either side of a mask spline, you could always animate it deleting points along the spline to reveal the text.  Am I totally mis-thinking this here?


  • THX1139
    THX1139 Website User Posts: 545 Just Starting Out

    I would find it useful to be able to leave notes to myself on the timeline so I can more quickly recall what I need to do there when I come back after working on another part for an extended period of time.

  • JMcAllister
    JMcAllister Website User Posts: 599 Just Starting Out
    edited June 2017

    Ability to set levels for an entire audio track, rather than having to adjust each clip individually.

    That would've made my life much easier, earlier today :) [Implemented HitFilm 2017]

  • Deweak
    Deweak Website User Posts: 174 Enthusiast
    edited October 2016

    An "influence" variable on links between parameters would allow things like "layer 1 follows point 2's position, but just a bit". Would be cool :)


    I repeat myself, but i'd find really great to have real life values for camera settings : focal length, aperture. Associated with dimensions in cm / meters or inches / feet in the 3D space, it would allow a more precise work on depth of field and augmented reality.

  • ashguy1370
    ashguy1370 Website User Posts: 10 Just Starting Out
    edited October 2016

    Have the 4k project resolution be a buyable microtransaction in Hitfilm Express, have other exporting formats than mp4 and avi, and have the ability to mix audio in 5.1/7.1 surround sound. That would really help.

  • AkashGautam
    AkashGautam Website User Posts: 2

    Hi, I just brought BlackMagic camera and want to edit Raw file, which is DNG, I know we also need xml import and export, but will be even greater if we can support DNG file format, as Hitflim is just not editor,(for video editor it make sense to color grade the edited in external App with help of xml export/import) but mostly if we composite any shot, has particle or 3d objects and not using DNG then we are loosing a great quality even we have that at first place.

  • THX1139
    THX1139 Website User Posts: 545 Just Starting Out
    edited June 2017

    I'd also like to be able to group clips together to more easily move them around on the timeline. 

    And I'd like to be able to tag/label clips for easy identification. Sometimes I cut up a single file into several clips and it would be ideal to have a way to know which parts are which.

    I also think a more traditional forum would be better and could have a search function.

    And when uploading a video to YouTube, Hitfilm becomes unusable for any other purpose. It would have been quicker to upload it myself and then I could work on something else at the same time. [Implemented HitFilm 2017]

  • NormanPCN
    NormanPCN Website User Posts: 4,062 Enthusiast
    edited October 2016

    +1 on Palacono's idea for a already rendered/displayed frame cache. Much better than the ram preview we currently have which is "forgetful". Apps like Vegas and Adobe already do this. With a cache, a "build ram preview" function is just a preload the cache operation. With a cache you don't have to code a smarter ram preview. By definition it IS smart.

    Add a "center" property (X, Y) to the Iris transition. This would allow the Iris to be positioned over some object. e.g. like a face. Also one can put the center in the corner/edge and get a wipe transition with a non linear edge. e.g. the curved edge of a circle. One feature addition and multiple results...nice?

    Iris does not list Circle as one of it's supported shapes. By setting curvature to 1.0 we can get a circle but how many users out there that want a circle will try this. Or try anything. They will just look at the list of shapes and think, bummer no circle.

    Add a note to the documentation for Iris about using 1.0 for curvature to get a circle. Or possibly add Circle to the shape list even if that nulls the curvature property. e.g. how many really read the docs.

    Better yet, since people don't read docs, have tooltip like help on effect properties. Or a ? button an effect that brings up a dialog with text help. Kinda like where the + button is right now on the all Effects property group in the Controls panel.

  • WhiteCranePhoto
    WhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 928 Enthusiast
    edited June 2017

    R3D support, timecode syncing with audio, and round-tripping with color grading and audio post software (AAF, XML). 

    Or updates to the color grading tools to add scopes and LUT support... or both. ;) [Implemented HitFilm 2017]


  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,249 Staff

     @WhiteCranePHoto - LUTs are already supported, so there's one you can scratch off your list. :)

  • WhiteCranePhoto
    WhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 928 Enthusiast

    @AxelWilkinson Cool :)

    So, how about R3D and timecode sync? ;)



  • THX1139
    THX1139 Website User Posts: 545 Just Starting Out
    edited October 2016

    I'd like be able to cut and paste insert clip as opposed to cut and paste overlay.

    I'd also like to be able to search the timeline for clips of a particular name like I can in the media pool.

    Also I think that the text cursor in the compositor should flash so I can find it more easily and distinguish from lower case L and upper case I.

  • NormanPCN
    NormanPCN Website User Posts: 4,062 Enthusiast

    On the MP4 AVC export tab provide a check option for fast start, progressive download, whatever you want to call it. The MOOV box at the start of the file.

    I assume the Youtube export option probably does this. Youtube is only one service out there. There are others and the fast start option typically speeds up the service re-encode action (processing).

    Bottom line is that MP4 export is not just for file playback only.

  • Synoo
    Synoo Website User Posts: 1
    edited October 2016

    A feature that creates customisable shapes. 

    Very simple but very necessary.

    This feature would instantly make hitfilm the go-to budget product for 2d motion graphics. 

    Feature could contain ability to have full control over drawable shapes including being able to dot and dash and customise amount of vertices and much more.

    I think this would be a great feature as it would inevitably expand the uses for hitfilm and the users creativity.

    Please do make this a new feature

  • jdblanco17
    jdblanco17 Website User Posts: 1

    I would love to see implemented the ability to color grade (or other effects) the entire timeline, as opposed to having to drag and drop the effect to each individual clip in the timeline. This is easily done in Premiere and Final Cut by nesting clips, so it would be awesome to see this implemented in HitFilm as well!

  • AlreadyTaken
    AlreadyTaken Website User Posts: 71

    Keyboard shortcut (r maybe) for rate stretch tool - most needed feature ever. I would be excited if this wouldn't be added in Hitfilm 5.

  • Deweak
    Deweak Website User Posts: 174 Enthusiast
    edited October 2016

    As Hitfilm is an amazing tool for still images creation, too, due to its numerous filters and super-efficient keying options, it would be great to break the 4K limit for composites, so you can export higher resolution images in png. 

    The 4K limit break could be helpful, too, when you work on video mapping projects, since you often have to generate 6000 pixels wide or more animation. Associated with a comprehensive cropping function in the export process, this would turn Hitfilm into a killer tool for widescreen mapping projects like this one :

    For this animation, we were working on fourteen 1400x1050 projectors, with animations split into 4K wide parts, but in the creation process the graphist was animating his elements on an ultra wide canvas in AE. Impossible with Hitfilm because of the 4K limit...

    By the way, do you have a tip to create a contour tracing effect ? On architectural mapping we often outline real elements, I tried with a combination of contrast enhancement and "contour" effect but I couldn't have a precise outline animated creation... any tip, please ?


  • gregcopin
    gregcopin Website User Posts: 20

    1. Keyframe interpolation options for Mask Path animations.

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