THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?

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For years we have maintained a running tally of features that our users would like to see added to the software. And the community has offered some excellent suggestions, many of which have been implemented as the software developers further. The list has gotten more than a little cumbersome, though, as it is now 40 pages long. So, we decided to close that discussion, and move the actual list over to this new thread. The entire list from the old thread is here, so all the ideas are still compiled into the list, which will hopefully make things easier to find. And you can post any new ideas you have here, and carry on with the discussion.

Please note that a wishlist feature being on the list does not mean it is being worked on, or that we even agree it is a good idea. :) We do carefully consider all suggestions, though! As always, implemented features will be removed from the list.

Media Import

    • Compatibility with layered .psd files. (Grisby)
    • Additional formats for motion tracking data. (thkaufm)
    • Add Xvid support. (GreenUser)
    • Add greater control for Image Streams, with ability to select the start image, rather than just the folder. (DreamArchitect)
    • Support for Velocity passes, so motion blur can be applied to 3D renders. (pscamm)
    • Resource tab with hard links to specific folders where stock clips of video or audio could be stored. (DiggerDave 1968)
    • Compatibility with SonicFire Pro plug-in for soundtrack creation.
    • Option to disable downsampling on large images (Robin)
    • Ability to capture a live video stream directly into HitFilm. (The Digital Media)
    • XML import/export. (NFPdigital)
    • Support still images in Vegas Integration. (RedHat)
    • Support for .aiff files. (Cos)
    • Animated GIF support. (Joshua Bowers)
    • Add a "Deselect all" option to the Import Composite Shot dialog box. (rgbii)
    • Tool for recording voiceovers. (ZedFable)
    • DPX support (JimmyChristensen)
    • Pluraleyes Support. (TheDigitalMedia)
    • Raw video support. (JediRAMA)
    • .R3D support. (WhiteCranePhoto)
    • Support for 4:2:2 AVC video. (NormanPCN)

3D Effects

    • 3D Lightning. (firelight Movies)
    • Add rotation handles to position controls of Lights in the Viewer. (firelight Movies)
    • Water presets, or dedicated water effects. (Hitfilmer106434)
    • Add field in Target controls for emitter, so a layer can be selected as a target. (rtrowbridge)
    • Spherical deflectors for particles. (rtrowbridge)
    • Create a 3D Muzzle Smoke effect. (kirathekiller214)
    • Improve particle explosions. (kiratheiller214)
    • Option to automatically set all seeds to unique. (rgbii)
    • Multiple layers of mobile emitters. (Robin)
    • Ability to set up 3D models as deflectors. (Orange Pekoe)
    • Collision detection that factors in the actual texture size. (Orange Pekoe)
    • Liquid simulation and volumetric effects. (Azulon'sAssassin)
    • Smoke simulator (xzarbonx)
    • Perspective Match tool. (Toonman)
    • Rigid Physics simulation for collisions. (Masqutti)
    • DOF controls per 3D layer. (Arek)

3D Models

    • Rigging of components within a single 3D object layer. (Thelurkerish)
    • Integrated physics engine into animation controls. (luxgud)
    • Support for more map types. (rtrowbridge)
      • Transparency (rtrowbridge)
      • Illumination (rtrowbridge)
    • Subdivision controls for surfaces. (gregcopin)
    • Support for Allegorithmic Substances. (Toonman)
    • Editable Shaders. (DrJBN)
    • Option to save renamed groups or materials separate from importing the model, so they don't need to be renamed every time. (Rowby)
    • Option to zoom into selected group in the model import window (Rowby)
    • Options for deforming the mesh. (chibi)
    • More control over lighting in 3D model import window. (PelzaK)
    • "Apply" button in 3D model import, to save materials settings without closing the window. (NormanPCN)
    • Copy/Paste settings from one material to another. (NormanPCN)
    • Option to select default illumination model. (NormanPCN)
    • .max support for importing 3D scenes. (BChappell)

2D Effects

    • Integrated screen capture for creating tutorials. (Nesrual)
    • High Pass filter for sharpening. (jc4d)
    • More 2D generators.
      • Plasma (Majahr Pictures)

      • Turbulence (Majahr Pictures)
      • Glass wear, random scratches and scuff to simulate windows. (Null Unit)
    • A Transparency option in the "Set Matte" tool. (FingerPeopleMovies)
    • Lens flares with full control. (RodyPolis)
    • Ability to parent masks to a point or layer. (appearinpublic)
    • Vector Blur. (Majahr Pictures)
    • Puppet Tool. (Merix)
    • Animated Stroke effect, to animate a shape being drawn. (FergusS)
    • Animated Fill effect, to animate a shape being filled. (FergusS)
    • Rotobrush tool. (Spielberg)
    • De-flicker effect, to remove flicker from footage. (Robin)
    • Preview images for lens flares. (Robin)
    • Liquefy Tool. (CharlieB)
    • Control over more settings of the Timecode effect. (FergusS)
    • Add a Roughen Edges effect. (Pzue)
    • Frame interpolation for super-slow-motion. (NFPdigital)
    • Lightning that can follow a specified curve. (Robin)
    • Increase Speed on Lightning controls (Robin)
    • Color Bars Generator. (Toonman)
    • Vector painting tools. (Toonman)
    • Track-based effects for the editor. 
    • More pattern options in the Fractal noise generator. (AxelWilkinson)
    • Morphing. (Virchow)
    • Warp Stabilizer for smoothing motion in moving shots. (GuysOnLongBoards)
    • Improved workflow for color grading, perhaps involving Technicolor Color Assist or DaVinci Resolve. (Ian Nicholson and MichaelJames)
    • Keyboard shortcuts for Track Forward/Backward 1 frame. (rgbii)
    • Power Windows. (MichaelJames)
    • Kaleidoscope. (MrCosmic jumamu)
    • Histograms for Input levels and Output Levels. (MichaelJames)
    • Add Color Picker to Hue and Saturation effect. (SRS Studios)
    • Bring back the button to clear the search box in the Effects panel. (aarondc)
    • Droste Effect (HitFilmer222903)
    • Seed control for Atomic Particles fractal. (NormanPCN)
    • Fade transitions with curves, for slow in, etc. Video and audio, (NormanPCN)
    • Swish pan transition. (NormanPCN)
    • New "Add Preset" effect that works as a style sheet, so a preset can be applied to multiple videos, and all instances can be edited at once. (NormanPCN)


    • Bevel and Emboss for text. (BP Films) (in BorisFX 3D Objects)
    • Keyframeable Leading and Kerning controls. (RodyPolis)
    • Dynamic text box, which will resize to fit typing. (Majahr Pictures)
    • Support for Asian fonts. (Chun-mu)
    • Text and Title presets. (Heckler) (in BorisFX 3D Objects)
    • Text layers rename based on contents. (Robin)
    • Easier way to select a single text layer from an area where multiple text layers overlap. (StormyKnight)
    • A way to animate individual letters or words within a text layer. (MrCosmic jumamu)
    • Counter/ Timer option which animates continually scrolling numbers. (MrCosmic jumamu)
    • Font preview in the font list. (jma)


    • Ability to create folders from within the "New 3D Preset" window. (Majahr)
    • Online preset library. (Orituredaobi)


    • Link the scroll wheel of the mouse to Control panel values, so they can be changed with the wheel. (jc4d)
    • Link the color values in the Gamma filter, so you can change all three at once. (jc4d)
    • Add modifier key (such as CTRL) to allow 0.1 incremental adjustments to Control values. (Majahr)
    • Allow mouse wheel to scroll through contents of a combobox, to preview options. (Majahr)
    • More Keyboard shortcuts
      • S - split selected clip at playhead (SBFilms) (SHIFT+CTRL+D)
      • L - Unlink Audio/video (JacobSchwartz)
      • P - select position property (Jernau)
      • R - select rotation property (NormanPCN)
      • Select Opacity property (Majahr Pictures)
      • Open Masks controls
      • Expand All control tree nodes (NormanPCN)
      • Contract All control tree nodes (NormanPCN)
      • Contract current control tree (NormanPCN)
      • Move playhead to In point (NormanPCN)
      • Build RAM preview of work area (NormanPCN)
      • Start RAM Preview rendering (NormanPCN) [ALT+L]
      • Increase/decrease audio level (NormanPCN)
    • Scripting support. (dauid)
    • Expressions, for automated randomizing or animation. Possibly related to the Scripting. (Messen)
    • Ability to parent the value of one property to the value of a property from another layer. (Majahr Pictures)
    • A way to use a mask or matte shape as a path for other objects to follow. (Esteves HUN)
    • Add fixed-interval Rate-of-fire control to Gunfire effect, for consistent automatic fire. (RodyPolis)
    • Drop-down menu at top of Controls panel, listing all layers in the project. (Toonman)
    • Real-world readouts for camera settings, using f/stops and fractional shutter speeds. (Toonman)
    • Ability to have multiple Control panels open concurrently, for different comps. (Robin)
    • History panel per timeline. (rgbii)
    • Controls panels should remember their state throughout project, so when you come back to them, they are always opened to where you left them. (Toonman)
    • Zero marker on sliders that have zero at center (StormyKnight)
    • Reset a slider to its default by double-clicking. (aarondc)
    • Support for entering math into value boxes. 371.44 -180, for example, to rotate an object 180 from its current value of 371.44. (BigDaz)
    • Search box in the Controls tab. (Pete)
    • Euler Rotation options. (Triem23)
    • Lifetime Alpha value entry field. (NormanPCN)


    • More tools for alignment within compositions.
      • Snapping to borders of comp (jc4d)
      • Rulers to see distribute items evenly (jc4d)
    • Stereoscopic support. (dauid)
    • Add a Path Tool, where splines can be created for other objects to be parented to. (Majahr Pictures)
    • Compatibility with imported Vector paths, so a logo could be imported and the paths could be used within HitFilm. (Bob Eaton)
    • Magic Wand for masking. (Esteves HUN)
    • Add shift constraint to rotation, to lock to 45 degree increments. (Jernau)
    • Title Safe/Action Safe guides. (Nippermedia)
    • Customizable size for floor plane. (Toonman)
    • Tweak bezier handles of masks, so they can be seen against white. (seanoz)
    • Different controls for Viewer navigation. 
    • Keyboard shortcuts for various 3D views. (TheEvanM)
    • Drag constraints for vertical or horizontal movement. (aarondc)
    • Ability to keyframe the number of control points in a mask. (TheDigitalMedia)
    • Dedicated button for "Scale to Fit". (PaulHesh)
    • Constrain mask to layer aspect via modifier key. (NormanPCN)


    • Markers on the timeline, with the ability to add markers during playback without the playhead stopping. (jc4d)
    • Ability to hide audio layers to conserve screen space. (jc4d)
    • EDL support. (dauid)
    • Colors for timeline layers, to improve organizing. (DiscoTroll)
    • Ability to freely assign which layers are affected by a Grade layer, regardless of layer order.
    • Single control to enable/disable all effects on a layer. (RodyPolis)
    • Shortcuts to reveal specific properties, without opening entire tree.
      • View all keyframes in current layer (U perhaps?). (Jernau)
      • Shortcut for cycling through interpolation options (F9) (Jernau)
    • Controls for auto-keyframing areas of timeline, using 'Tweeners' with wavelength control.
      • Square waveform (pscamm)
      • Sine waveform (pscamm)
      • Sawtooth waveform (pscamm)
      • User-adjustable custom spline waveform (pscamm)
    • Use work area of composite shot to set duration when it is added to the editor, rather than the actual shot duration. (VikingFilm65)
    • Exponential Scale option for keyframes. (rtrowbridge)
    • Solo button, so any layer can be viewed independent of the composition. (Jernau)
    • Add option to right-click contextual menu to Trim Composition to Work Area. (Jernau)
    • Group layers, and name groups. (duffman)
    • Key command to nudge layers on timeline, to shift their position on the timeline, rather than their position in the viewer. (duffman)
    • Separate Stop and Pause buttons, where Stop returns playhead to where playback began. (StormyKnight/Robin)
    • Support for stereoscopic RealD 3D or Dolby 3D export.
    • Dialog asking if a comp should be extended to fit a clip, if the first clip you add is longer than the comp. (Toonman)
    • User definable playback speed, to watch things more slowly if desired. (Toonman)
    • Out of range animation curves. (Toonman)
    • Timecode support, or some way to sync multiple streams of video and audio. (Toonman)
    • Ability to adjust Controls during playback. 
    • New option in contextual menu to Cut, Copy, Paste Effects. (Toonman)
    • Audio waveforms in composite shot timelines. (Har)
    • Option to display bars and beats on timeline and define BPM. (Zuvuya)
    • Ability to Lock layers so they cannot be changed accidentally (BriRedd)
    • Interchangeable video and audio layers, without the two being divided. (MichaelJames)
    • Option to move keyframes on the timeline using keyboard. (aarondc)
    • Alignment lines when moving a keyframe, so you can see what time it is moving to. (aarondc)
    • Keyframe info when you mouseover, to ID the layer, property, and value. (aarondc)
    • Keyframe color indicator for all keyframes on selected layer. (aarondc)
    • Have Home and End work regardless of what panel is selected. (aarondc)
    • Timeline playhead should stop when it reaches the end of the content area. (aarondc)
    • When a child object (mask, effect, etc.) is deleted, the selection should revert to the layer that object belongs to, rather than deselecting everything. (aarondc)
    • Option to lock a Track, so it stays on top while other tracks scroll. (ZedFable)
    • Right-click file on timeline and find the source clip in the Media panel. Also the inverse, to select timeline clips from Media panel.(chibi/NormanPCN)
    • Independent X,Y,Z keyframes for position. (PelzaK)
    • Multi-cam editing support. (TheDigitalMedia)
    • Convert multiple editor shots into a single comp. (TheDigitalMedia)
    • Page Up/Down should auto-scroll to stay in view. (NormanPCN)
    • More scale increments for timeline zoom. (NormanPCN)
    • Fit work area to view, via keyboard shortcut or right-click option. (NormanPCN)
    • Place playhead at In point via key command or mouse, without resizing work area. (NormanPCN)
    • Snapping to clip edges in Editor when scrubbing playhead. (NormanPCN)
    • Edit transition length symmetrically, via modifier key. (NormanPCN)
    • Display audio level value when editing the envelope. (NormanPCN)
    • J and L edits with modifier key to override link. (NormanPCN)
    • Disable all media links with button or key command. (NormanPCN)
    • Text in the Editor. (NormanPCN)
    • Auto-shorten Editor to fit, when media is removed. (NormanPCN)
    • Envelope points on editor use right-click option to enter specific value. (NormanPCN)
    • Multiple Editor sequences. (NormanPCN)
    • Option for creating comps to include audio or not. (NormanPCN)
    • Auto-scroll to selected property in Controls when it is double-clicked in the Editor. (NormanPCN)
    • Remove [Layer Type] from layer names with toggle option. Or abbreviate. (NormanPCN)
    • When creating new comp, add option to include any child layers linked to selected layers. (Triem23)


    • Audio recording for voiceover. (Russell)
    • Add support for VST audio plugins. (Spielberg)
    • 5.1 Surround support. (Grzegorz Jakobik)
    • Audio mixer. With faders, EQ, routing and automation.(TheDigitalMedia/Sarasota)
    • Right-click option to convert to Mono. (TheDigitalMedia)
    • Crossfade audio transition. (NormanPCN)
    • Swap Channels effect, to flip stereo image. (NormanPCN)
    • MIDI Sequencing. (Sarasota)
    • MIDI timecode support. (Sarasota)
    • SMPTE I/O Support. (Sarasota)


    • A way to save Render presets. (dauid)
    • Add a Compile Resources option, to copy all necessary files for a project into a single folder, so they can be easily found or shared. (tron_808)
    • Additional codecs for AVI. (rtrowbridge)
    • Multi-pass export for alpha rendering of individual layers.
    • Add Xvid support. (GreenUser)
    • Embed video properties in Exported files. (VikingFilm65)
    • Add options for exporting to multiple formats at the same time. (Bob Eaton)
    • Render Queue. (Axel Wilkinson)
    • Render Farm support. (TonyG1983)
    • Add confirmation button to cancel rendering. (Robin)
    • Avid DNxHD export support. (Tim Rice)
    • Ability to export camera movement to .fbx or .dae files. (ES Pictures)
    • Audio export to .mp3, .wav, AAF or MXf, or other formats. (SRSStudios)
    • Add ability to pause and resume renders. (CouncilOfEvil)
    • Option to auto-import the resulting image on the Export Frame command. (Toonman)
    • 2-pass Variable Bit Rate Encoding (MichaelJames)
    • When exporting to image sequence, provide option for defining starting frame number, either manually, or based on the frame number of the In point. (rgbii)
    • XAVC-Intra export. (NormanPCN)
    • 10-bit video export. (NormanPCN)


    • Add published movies to a person's profile on the website. (VikingFilm65)
    • A Community screen at the top of the interface, which gives alerts (while online) for PM's, responses to threads, currently online users, etc. (VikingFilm65, Kahveh Robinett)
    • Auto-shut down option, after rendering. (HitFilmer211976)
    • Support for external jog/shuttle controls. (duffman)
    • Node-based representation of effect chains. (Toonman)
    • Customizable colors for interface. (luxgud)
    • Touch mode. (MichaelJames)
    • Media dependency tree. (rgbii)
    • Add color scopes for use with color correction tools. (MichaelJames, Toonman)
    • ESC key to stop current process and revert to previous setting. (Toonman)
    • History detecting when the last step is undone, and remove it from History, rather than logging each toggle of the changed setting. (Robin)
    • Linear color space, displaying at a gamma of 2.2 while processing at a gamma of 1.0 behind the scenes. (InTheFlesh)
    • Support for 3D Mouse. (HitFilmer255013)
    • Implement HitFilm proxies in Vegas Integration (rgbii)
    • Support for Snapping in Windows 10. (MichaelJames)
    • Have [Ctrl+Shift+N] and [Ctrl+Shift+A] work anywhere in the app, not just when Media panel is active. (aarondc)
    • Option to turn off "check for updates." (aarondc)
    • Automatic rendering of proxies for all footage, in the background. (alindsay55661)
    • More detailed explanations in crash messages. (PelzaK)


  • davide445
    davide445 Posts: 306 Just Starting Out
    edited January 2016

    So an emotion publishing in this list. My view as beginner (see some ideas already there!)

    - +1 for liquid/gas simulation

    - +1 particles simulation: allow any 3D object to became a deflector

    - particles simulation/general UI: use tabs for better separation of different options

    - general UI: use tagging for better control of relations between effects

    - effects: allow real 3d shatter of a shape

    - UI: put xyz arrows in a corner when in true 3d, so to better understand directions

  • NormanPCN
    NormanPCN Posts: 4,385 Expert
    edited January 2016

    I've got some more ideas.

    RAM preview for the NLE. I've mentioned this before but since it is not on the compilation list so I mention it again.

    Allow the Roll edit tool to work on a cut/edit with a transition while preserving the transition position. Right now we have to delete the transition, do the roll, and then re-create the transition.

    When you resize a transition duration, Hitfilm does not let us re-center the transition over the cut/edit. Probably because it thinks the transition is already centered. After a resize, it obviously is not centered. We have to drop the transition on the left/right event, and then we can pick it up and drop it centered. This just saves excess mouse fiddling.

    To save us some time, when rendering an Image sequence (PNG/EXR) and the folder chosen already has the destination file format in it (PNG/EXR), give us an option to delete the existing files before render. This is like saying yes to overwrite for MP4 and other single file video output, but for image sequences.

    Keyframe ability in the NLE. Sophisticated keyframing can be handled by the comp timeline. For all those times you just want to ramp an effect or start/stop it in the middle of an event just basic keyframing ability would be great. Even a popup dialog or something similar'ish the how the lifetime panel does things. Think music file on the NLE timeline, and many events spanning the music and events need some basic keyframes. Getting the proper bits of music into a respective comp because you need a simple keyframe is far from an easy task in Hitfilm.

    • "Page Up/Down should auto-scroll to stay in view."

    This previous request, and on the list, was implemented in HF4 Update 1 but I have issue with the implementation. It effectively does a Ctrl+Home after every PageUp/Down press. That is a quick and dirty fix and is inconsistent with how other keyboard playback cursor moves operate. It should do a Ctrl+Home, or some other scroll, only when the playback cursor goes off screen. This is like if a word processor always scrolled the screen when moving up/down a line with the text entry caret. Yuk.

  • FilmTech
    FilmTech Posts: 385 Enthusiast

    Grid Snapping would be great!

    LIFE_LEADERSHIP Posts: 259 Enthusiast
    edited January 2016

    I noticed in AE the other day while watching a Video co pilot tutorial on creating an Earth zoom in, that when creating a comp, where ever you are on the time line in the comp, the time line ends up in the exact same spot on the nle time line. . I may be off on this but this could come in handy..

  • Ireground
    Ireground Posts: 73 Just Starting Out*
    • Add modifier key (such as CTRL) to allow 0.1 incremental adjustments to Control values. (Majahr)

    To me that would be top priority.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,394 Power User

    A keyboard shortcut or right-click context menu option to collapse a Composite Shot duration and/or size to match currently selected media. 

  • SimonKJones
    SimonKJones Posts: 4,370 Enthusiast

     @LIFE_LEADERSHIP - can you clarify what you mean exactly (or link to the video?)? After Effects doesn't have an NLE aspect.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,394 Power User

    @SimonKJones I pointed Ben at the relevant tutorial. What he's noticing is that the AE playhead position in consistent when switching between compositions and precomps. 

  • SimonKJones
    SimonKJones Posts: 4,370 Enthusiast
    edited January 2016

    Ah, I see. I can't decide whether that would be useful or annoying. It's rather contextual. Does AE make it a user pref?

    I suppose in AE you're almost always working on a single shot, so the timeline being in the same place makes sense. In HitFilm projects are likely to be more complex or comprised of multiple shots, at which point it could be annoying.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,394 Power User

    Options menu toggle? 

  • Aladdin4d
    Aladdin4d Posts: 2,466 Enthusiast

    @SimonKJones I don't know if it's a user pref in AE or not but in Vegas it is whenever you're dealing with a keyframe timeline for an effect or pan/crop and yes it can be annoying when you forget to turn syncing off but luckily it's just a button in the window you're working in so it's quickly changed. 

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,394 Power User

    @Aladdin4d although Vegas's interface is fundamentally different from Hitfilm's. Vegas's "synch to timeline" button is a lifesaver, but, in Vegas you have one timeline open in the Project. In Hitfilm one could have multiple Composite Shot timelines and one Editor timeline. This is something that, if implemented, should be a toggle. For myself, I might be flipping between a 10 second embedded comp in a 30 second shot. Now, if my embedded comp starts at 0:0:15:0, obviously if I am at 0:0:17:0 and flip to the embed, the playhead can't go to 17 seconds on a 10 second clip, and I probably don't want the playhead on the last frame. 

  • Aladdin4d
    Aladdin4d Posts: 2,466 Enthusiast
    edited January 2016

    @Triem23 That was mostly a comment on how I get annoyed by my own stupidity when I forget to turn off sync to timeline but what you describe is pretty much the same annoyance. With sync enabled the playhead probably won't start out where you really want it to be a lot of the time.

    On the other hand there's just as many times when sync to timeline is a lifesaver so if implemented at all it needs to be a quick and easy toggle. And I'll still be an idiot that forgets to turn it off :)

  • efolve
    efolve Posts: 30 Just Starting Out
    • Add modifier key (such as CTRL) to allow 0.1 incremental adjustments to Control values. (Majahr)

    For me, this is a top priority. Having to enter small increments by typing numeric values on the keyboard is extremely tedious.

    As an alternative to using a modifier key, perhaps implement this like Adobe does, i.e., mouse drag left or right = full increments / mouse drag up or down = finer increments.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,394 Power User

    @Aladdin4d I hear ya! 

    As long as we're also listing "top priorities," I would argue for XML import/export and a greater range of output options. These aren't  actually important for my workflow, but changes to Hitfilm to help it "play well with others" will be vital to product growth. The number one complaint I see about Hitfilm on other sites and forums is lack of certain export formats. 

    My personal priorities would be for some kind of multicam (I edit events. That's my sole "deal-breaker" on the editing side of Hitfilm.), point of interest camera targeting, parenting particle deflectors, forces and targets to points, spherical forces, and collision detection with models. Just to keep the list to five things.  

  • efolve
    efolve Posts: 30 Just Starting Out

    Viewer Panel: Add a window control icon that toggles between normal size and full-screen size.

    I want to be able to quickly assess the sequence I'm working on from the viewpoint of an audience member, i.e., full screen, without the distraction of all the other panels. (Almost full-screen would be fine - keep the transport controls etc visible).

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,394 Power User

    Audio: increase range when dragging audio levels down from -60 dB to -90 dB to cover the entire dynamic range of 16-bit audio. 

  • WhiteCranePhoto
    WhiteCranePhoto Posts: 923 Enthusiast
    edited January 2016

    I'll put OMF export on the list, critical for collaborating with sound designers.

    I really would like to be able to integrate HitFilm and Scratch. Getting those two to play together would be wonderful.

    Regarding PBR, maybe instead of dedicating R&D to a rather large field of endeavor, enable integration with Cycles or TheaRender or Octane or something similar?

    Not that I wouldn't like to see PBR in HitFilm, but integrating an already existing and fully supported renderer might be a more efficient way to accomplish that and also to keep it up to date with future developments. :)


  • SteveKarstensen
    SteveKarstensen Posts: 330 Just Starting Out*

    The ability to copy/paste transitions from the Editor timeline would be fab.

    LIFE_LEADERSHIP Posts: 259 Enthusiast

    i know it's presented before so forgive me.....

    magic wand tool and or puppet tool

  • NormanPCN
    NormanPCN Posts: 4,385 Expert

    IMO, Just because something is already on the list does not mean you should not get your vote in on something.

    LIFE_LEADERSHIP Posts: 259 Enthusiast
    edited January 2016

    Thanks, I agree. I have mentioned that particular wishlist item a few times over the last 2 years... One can only hope, right?  

    I know the HF Crew has done an amazing job  by continuously improving the product over time.  I'm sure there are limitations on what's possible, based on the list above, but I would love to know, out of pure curiosity, what the HF staff's long term goals are?  Are you guys looking to take HF as far as possible,  or just looking to make more focused changes and improvements to the existing software,  that may not include a lot of the wishlist items people are begging for?  Just hopeful that the team is shooting for the moon.

    I admit,  I am such a big fan of HF and the customer experience, yet I get jealous of some of the features of After Effects and Vegas.  Since I refuse to pay for AE and never really cared for the steep learning curve of AE, my only hope is that HF will continue to improve and ultimately offer just about everything and anything AE or any of the other nle/compositors offer.  HF is awesome and getting better so I look forward to future updates and new features from the list. 

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,394 Power User

    @WhiteCranePhoto @AxelWilkinson I note that "PBR" (Physically Based Rendering) is a generic term. I also note that Cook-Torrance is considered a Physically Based Rendering solution. 

    So, that can technically be crossed off the list. 

    WhiteCrane, interesting idea about plugging into something like Cycles. 

  • WhiteCranePhoto
    WhiteCranePhoto Posts: 923 Enthusiast
    edited January 2016

    A full-featured renderer is a pretty big task... so I figured, why not take advantage and join forces with what's turning out to be a great open source renderer? :)

  • SimonKJones
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    @LIFE_LEADERSHIP - the moon? We're aiming for Mars.

  • Stargazer54
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    edited January 2016

    Maybe this is in the works, but I would like to see some sort of indicator flag on a Controls channel that indicates that there is a Value Graph curve (and or keyframes) associated with it. 

    Once you get several effects on a layer, but are only keyframing a few of them, it is hard to remember which ones have keyframes without selecting each channel one by one.  Very tedious.

    In addition when looking at a very long Controls channels list for a layer it would also be helpful to have an indicator that a channel has been moved off its default value.   Again this would help in finding channels that have been modified (but not keyframed over time) versus ones that are still at default.

    LIFE_LEADERSHIP Posts: 259 Enthusiast


    Shooting for Mars?  Now that's more lIke it. You guys already made it to the moon.  Darn, now I have it in my head to go watch Apollo 13... :)

    Keep up the good work.

  • Onixarts
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    Editor's timeline should have ability to add effect to whole track, not only for single footage or composite shot. I've made few movies entirely in hitfilm with many scenes and shots, and it is very hard to grade scenes, because we have to copy and paste the same effect many times. If we could add effects to the tracks it would be muuuuch easier and faster to tune effects on multiple footages at the same time. Now the editor is very poor and I put all my scenes in composite shots - but there are again another problem... if we have many shots, they're arranged vertically of course instead horizontally as in editor.

    It would be excelent, if editor also could have keyframes for animation.

  • Triem23
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    To add to "Track Level" effects, I wouldn't mind "Bin Level" effects. 

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    A Resolve/Scratch style gallery where you can save grades + effects and grab the one you want. Or maybe clip grouping, so that you can apply effects to all of the clips in a group at once?


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