Applying 2 or more effects into a single OBJ.

I finished modeling this test obj. The idea is based on Tron bikes as clearly shows.
However, I am not sure how to approach to achieve what I'm after and would love to hear your tips/ expertise.
When I import the single OBJ, apply glow effect in Hitfilm and the bike gets all glow.
But what I really want are only the rims (blue circle) gets glow effect and the body of the bike gets another color.
What should I do to achieve that isolated effect ? Should I import two separated objs ? Or is there another way for single objs?
Thank you.


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    There is an excellent tutorial on exactly that matter over on the HitFilm YouTube channel:
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    Thank you Robin,
    That's precisely what I needed. Appreciated buddy.
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    Looking at this video, I'm intrigued by this method as I'm trying to apply the same technique on my bike........
    My issue is more related on centering the pivot point onto the wheels, making them as the center.
    Let me further explain, I basically need the front wheel to rotate with one color and back wheels with another color at different speeds. So basically I will have to duplicate 2 times the same bike. While the UFO video shows the center pivot point is in the center of the object after duplicating, how can I change the object pivot center point and move it to the wheel? So when I animate, the back and front wheels can have independent rotation giving me more control.
    Or should I separate the faces that makes up the blue light rim from the bike, save it as an obj and import it into Hitfilm and parent it to the bike body? 
    Please correct me if I'm wrong. Any advise for this approach is much appreciated. Thank you.
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    What you're looking for is the anchor point - you can shift the anchor point from the middle of the model to the wheels by using the transform controls of the model.