How to auto orient a camera toward an object

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Hi, I found a thread on this, and the solution did not work. I have an item moving through 3d space, and I need the camera to be oriented toward it. Is that possible?



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    The easiest way I can think of is to set the Alignment of the camera in its layer properties to "Towards Target Position", and then copy and paste the keyframes of the object you're following into the Target property in the Transform controls of the camera. Neither elegant nor flexible, but I don't think there is another solution to this than manually moving the camera....
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    out of date.  i guess... 

  • DarkHawkDarkHawk Website User Posts: 8
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    @DarkHawk Two notes:

    First, this is an old thread from before when Hitfilm had auto orient features

    Second, What you describe works, but you don't actually need the points. You can just have the camera orient directly at the object layer.

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