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Not sure if this had been talked about didn't find a discusssion but I had a chance to try element 3d this weekend and to be honest I prefer using hit film.  Although what  I did inm element rendered faster I was on a faster computer so that really has no real comparrison.  What I did notice  is the same model I imported in to hit film  was a lot more difficult to import  using element 3d. In hitfilm the model came in with all the textures in tact and it was a lot more usier friendly than element 3d. element 3d just brought the model in with out the textures so you have to hunt down the textures to add and then  they didn't always work exactly right.   What are your experinces between the 2 diffrent programs? I am by no means a 3d guy. I am more a video,editing and motion graphics guy.


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    There's a slightly different focus between the two, I think. Element3D angles more towards motion graphics, while we angle more towards VFX usage. I think the different interfaces reflect that bias.
    In terms of features, Element3D doesn't have any 3D shadowing at all, so that's one major advantage we have with shadow casting and self-shadowing.
    For example, doing the shadows in this is a piece of cake in HitFilm:
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    As a user of both Element and Hitfilm, each has their own pros and cons. One thing that I think Hitfilm blows Element out of the water in is the fact that 3D models are imported as actual models, rather than on a plane. If you turn to top-down view in Element, you don't see 3D representation. In Hitfilm, this makes animating in Z space and particle integration that much easier. (especially if you have to attach things like muzzle flashes to 3d objects). 
    That's not to say that Element is not a great plugin. there are some fantastic things that I've seen done with it. As always, it's up to the artist to figure out what you want to see, and know the software enough to be able to get what you want out of it. 
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    Hitfilm's 3d system is integrated much better than element 3d is in after effects, so I found it a bit easier to work with. You have just as much control for materials and all that, and you can get pretty much the same result out of both of the softwares.
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    Phil - interesting about the 3D views thing with Element. I hadn't realised that. No wonder they added that feature to add a null to a location within the main Element interface, as adding that within AE's UI would be a nightmare without it showing up in the ortho views.
    We went to quite a bit of effort to ensure 3D models showed up in all views, as without that it makes everything really fiddly.
  • PhilWessonPhilWesson Website User Posts: 241 Enthusiast
    Coming from a background in 3D animation, I super disappointed when Element went that route, and I definitely appreciate that Hitfilm has 3D models in ortho views. It helps with the spatial relationships so much. 
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    From what I read, Element 3D can also work with rigged models. Can HF2U also do that?
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    When importing models you can seperate different meshes to different groups for animating wheels, propellers, rotors, but I don't think Hitfilm supports full rigs and IK yet.
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