Blender 3D tracking for hitfilm

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I'd like to know if there are anyone that actually managed to pull this off. Accurately. Is it possible to use blender 3D tracking data to be exported in hitfilm ultimate? I've tried a couple of plugins in blender, but they don't work as they should.
Anyone who could provide a small example project including the footage, blender-file of the track, and even hitfilm composite file for comparing and testing out, would receive my infinite gratitude! :)
Why this is important, I think blender is one of the main 3D softwares used by indie people, because it's free. Hitfilm is Aimed for the same people, so co-operation between these softwares would offer dramatic possibilities.
I don't know if it's possible for hitfilm crew to do something about this? Ofc they can't affect blender. Is the .ma-importer complete? Or does it miss something like focal length attribute..?

It is important to me, because it's a possible way to actually get blockbuster-quality footage when done right. There's no limitation in software that denies it. It's the talent of the user! Hitfilm alone cannot yet do that. With aid from blender, it can. ;)
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