CG Space scene

Hey. I'm trying to make a CG space scene for one of my projects. I'll attach a link to what I have so far. The background is a image I made in photo shop and the earth I modeled in blender. It still feels like a video game to me.
I was hoping you could help me out.


  • Robin
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    I think that is already a quite impressive scene! What makes it feel like a video game to you? If you're talking about it not being photorealistic, you won't get much further with it in HitFilm, for photorealism of 3D models you'll have to go with a program like blender, C4D etc.
    I'd only have one suggestion for this scene, which would be that the planet feels way to small compared to the spaceship and the camera move. I'd make it bigger and place it further in the background.
  • fredclips
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    I know you were looking for help. But I just wanted to say I thought this looked pretty sweet right now.
  • Thanks for replying! I actually made the earth model in blender. I think the animation of the 3d model near the end gives it a video game feel. Any tips on animating 3d models? I'll try increasing the planet size. One problem with that though, when I move the camera up close you can begin to see some flat planes on the planet model. I think this is due to me not subdividing enough in blender. I might try and make another model.
    Thanks! I really appreciate the advise.
  • Hey Thanks for the feed back! Here's is the link to my finished video. It is entered into Film Riot's Monday Challenge HitFilm.
    I made it in the style of a teaser for a mock feature film called "Infected". The idea is behind it is that Humanity has left earth but it has been so long that they have forgotten why they left. Do to a mysterious calamity they must return but something won't let them go back. 
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!