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Hey, so I know there's lightning effect tutorials out there but I haven't seen one for what I'm trying to do and I was wondering if there is one. I'm trying to create electricity that jumps and wraps around a person's body. The attached video shows exactly the kind of effect I'm going for. Just skip to the 2:40 mark until about 2:54. If there are any tutorials can someone shoot me a link to them? That would be awesome. Thanks.


  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,244 Staff
    There's no special technique required for that effect, they just set up their lightning effects on the person's body.  Its not really wrapping around him, they have just made sure that the lightning generally sits in the same position as the character.  If you add a bunch of lightning effects, and make sure the start and end points are on your character, you should be good to go.  For that scene you'll probably need 30 to 50 lightning effects; I didn't count 'em but there are a fair few.  I'd probably create a black plane, set the blend mode to add, then set up 4 or 5 lightning effects on it with different settings, for variety.  Then you can trim the length of the plane and adjust the lightning points as needed.  Once that is good, I'd duplicate the plane several times, spread the duplicates out through the duration of the clip, then adjust the position of the individual lightning effects on each plane.
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    Worth noting that some lightning is required to go behind the person. To do that you'll either need to do a lot of roto, or shoot the person on green screen to make it easy. Which approach you take will depend on the specifics of the shot and how well you can pull off a green screen comp.
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